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Yali Capkini Episode 55 Will Ferit go to prison

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Will Ferit go to prison?

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Will Ferit go to prison
Yali Capkini Episode 55 Will Ferit go to prison

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Will Ferit go to prison?

The episode was written with a literal trigger mentality without risking how nauseous it would be to betray the process, and it coveted the door of negative interaction, thus devaluing every point to be discussed. Again, the higher I was in the first half, the more I was in the second half, the more I said what I am watching right now.

The episode began with Ferit escaping from his inner Seyran and Seyran escaping from Ferit Ferit took refuge in masks and wore his mask so as not to admit that he had lost. Denial was unfortunately the best way to escape for both Seyran and Ferit . Two children who want to escape responsibility...  That's why they stubbornly want to ignore marriage, which is their own choice.

In this episode, it turned into an acceptance of 'I'm a bad husband, a bad father, and even a bad child'. For Farid, the only branch he can fight for right now is 'success'. Because he lost on all other battlefields. He talked about the weight of this responsibility placed on her, saying to Pelin, "I didn't want to have a child, I wanted to have a child with the woman I love." Yes, Ferit Seyran, who changed for Seyran, became an even worse person than before when he left...  And this child, whom he saw as his childhood that he tried to save at first, his brother's dreams and his grandfather's victory, became another one of the 'shackles' that bound him to the mansion.

Let's come to the Orhan Ferit scene, one of the ball scenes of the episode. For the third time, Ferit is shot in the face that he is in a worse condition than Orhan.  Although Ferit admits this, he does not make any effort to correct it. This is where the biggest problem begins. People choose their own value and the pattern they live in, but Ferit does not want to move away from the pattern of 'I am bad'. And Ferit is once again warned that 'even if you play a game, Halis is the owner of the game'. I mean, Ferit , I'm not controlled, your delusion is very nice, but you're a pawn.

'You're submissive' and 'you're alone'

Ferit is aware of Halis' ruling, but he is not aware of its evil. At the same time, he thinks that 'the consequences of his own choices make people unhappy', so he prefers to live his life with the guidance of others in order not to condemn people to unhappiness by living his own choices on the paths drawn. Seyran said, 'You are selfish, you love no one but yourself'; That's how I'm going to behave. 

My mother said, 'You are worthy of the people in that house, you have become Korhan'; okey I'm going to be just that... So I'm going to put on my mask of 'okay, you're right, this is who I am' to the people around me. It was very valuable that Orhan had gone to his father to look for a culprit and to face this with Orhan's defense that my grandfather was to blame for everything we went through. Because change begins when you find the blame in the mirror and confront it.

Let's talk about Seyran Şanlı, the daughter of Kazım Şanlı...

Seyran has outbursts of anger, but he puts the blame solely on Ferit. However, as he used to say, 'yes, I brought these things from my father's house, but now you are the one who brought them out';  You have to face it too. He can remember it in Ferit's words. Enjoying life is a difficult act for children who have grown up in empires of fear because you know and expect that everything you do has a price... Perhaps this is why Seyran has avoided emotions and pleasure to such an extent.

This is the biggest variability that separates Seyran and Ferit. Although Ferit knows that he will pay the price, he at least remembers the 'happy' parts and tries to continue, while Seyran misses the 'happy' parts for fear of paying the price, but he retains the experience. And while Ferit Korhan is a prisoner of the cursed loneliness, ignored selves and desires that are the price of his surname, Seyran says, "Let your surname that comes before my name sink, I exist only as me."

Let's come to our ultra-unnecessary shopping mall scenes, which are written completely to fill the section:

Seyran, of course, is caught up in the emotions he is running from, while Ferit sinks deeper into his masks. His every move, every smile is fake... Seyran may be the one who wears the clown costume physically, but Ferit is the one who wears it spiritually. He doesn't even realize what kind of royal jester he is. There is only one important dialogue on stage, and that is the part where Ferit talks about brand value. Here's our real story. 

Seyfer, who forces families writhing in the clutches of traditionalism to change with their post-modern perspectives, and their talismanic completion with the texture they find in each other. In other words, although he referred to it as my collection/brand, Ferit Efendi gave Latif as a spoiler that this completion and talisman would only be born with their unity. Unfortunately, you will fail, my dear Ferit, and the only branch you are holding on to will be broken. Your 'I made it, I'm strong' show that you want to show everyone, especially your grandfather and Seyran, will not be completed.

The cooperation between Kaya and Orhan is not in vain, this is very clear. They both took each other by surprise, and a new partnership was born. Let's see what happens there.

I think the dream sequence of my goose was ultra-well created. What if everything was as it should be? Killed a family...

As Seyran said in his interview; Both love and hate are passed down through generations. And yes, those unheld hands are exploding in the faces of innocent children.

Three people frightened by the voice of my goose's father...

What I want to talk about is not Kazim's innocence, but how one can turn into one's own monster. That's exactly what I saw in this episode: if a person doesn't realize the person he's becoming, he becomes his own monster.

Orhan said to Halis, 'I got my hands dirty for this family'...

Kazim said to his father, who was so afraid of him, who tormented him.

Ferit said to Orhan, 'You failed to love my mother and us'.

Seyran, on the other hand, is Kazıma, the owner of the anger he cannot make sense of...

By the way, another detail in the dream sequence was the detail of Seyran, who could not break the chains of Seyransiz Halis and could not break the chain of loneliness of Feritsiz Hattuç, like Ferit...

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