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Yali capkini episode 56 expectations and analysis

Yali capkini episode 56 expectations and analysis

Yali capkini episode 56 expectations and analysis
Yali capkini episode 56 expectations and analysis

Yali capkini episode 56 analysis

Good evening, I hope that you are all well and in the best condition, despite the diversity of psychological aspects in this episode and addressing some of the new aspects of it, but the dramatic aspect had the largest share, but it does not prevent the presence of beautiful analyzes and some of them will need a little focus from you, and do not forget of course the usual disclaimer, ((psychological analyzes of the characters in this account are intended to understand them and not justify or stand by a party about The other, and it is based on the distribution of the psychological side of the writer to the characters in each episode)) 

You are supposed to have memorized the disclaimer, and let's start analysis, the first thing I will clarify today, is that Orhan did not really deliberately kill Kazim (this is an important thing to keep in mind because it will make it easier for you to understand Ferit ) because if the person set a goal and waited for it to be achieved, his reaction would have been completely different from Orhan's reaction here (panic attack), and this means that the death of Kazim was not the desired result, on the other hand he drew My attention is a very important and beautiful thing, that the first person that came to Suna's mind was Seyran! From all her family, the first person she feared for was her sister, and this psychologically indicates that the most important member of her family for her is Seyran

And what was enough to ask him about it once, but three times, I mean, it is possible for a person in the normal situation to mention several important names from his family, for example, she says something happened to her? Nor my mother, or his uncle hattuc, (normal for a person to wonder about more than one member of his family in a situation similar to this) But all the fear was on Seyran, especially with the heartache that I felt in the car at the beginning of the episode, this thing touched me personally to a great extent and I felt how dear and precious it is, a quick analysis, they also noticed in this scene that it was Suna what I was surprised to know that Kazim was in a house Sehmuz, and this shows that he is literally Kaya telling her everything.

Although this hug has caused controversy since the time the advertisement was released, because most of the viewers focus only on the dramatic aspects, this is other than the trap of fortune teller who planted a certain idea inside them, but psychologically it means very beautiful and special, but I must tell you something important First, Suna's attraction to Ferit in the first season, it was a natural attraction and enthusiasm for any girl who is waiting for marriage greatly, 

I mean whatever the groom proposed to her, she was going to be attracted to him and She is excited by his presence, and as Kaya said, she builds fantasies and dreams, and this is the case with most girls who look forward to marriage without a previous love story (traditional marriage), and even kissing Ferit in the bar incident, was in her unnatural unconscious state,

So that the accumulation of sadness inside her in the unconscious came out through this kiss, as he was the person who was supposed to marry her and pull her out of her unhappy life, but she missed her waiting opportunity, and this page was completely folded for Suna after this incident and her regret, so internally you do not see Ferit originally as a man in which you can relate under any circumstances, 

therefore any intimate closeness from him in a moment of fear or collapse or happiness and so on will be purely brotherly Because Suna is more reserved than walking towards men, so you put men in a box that is forbidden to touch if you are a person who is not allowed to touch me, and being here hugged Ferit without any hesitation, the man means this is in the status of the family for her away from his situations and differences with Seyran

Suna's behavior is normal first because she is emotional like Ferit and therefore in situations like this emotion behaves away from logic and most importantly then she reassures her father and this is what happened When she first came to the hospital she asked Ferit about her father and his situation and she checked on him and hugged Ferit as a kind of gratitude for what she knew that he saved them and she also knows the savior always Ferit Unlike Seyran, anger was her engine when the priority came to ask about her father's condition only,  

But she always accused Ferit without knowing whether her father is still alive or not, and the length of the episode was the same attack as if she wished to confirm her suspicions about Ferit's involvement Even Suna told her stop comparing the boy to his father and grandfather before Kazim told them about Orhan And because Suna and Ferit always understand each other and this is the difference that the writer put throughout the episode was explaining the templates of the original characters Sir Ferit Suna from the many viewers saw they don't understand the composition of the characters

Fans Kaysun and they are revealing Kaya, of course I said it is impossible to leave it in your mind, because you my beloved ones are always on the position of double concentration, away from laughter, I liked Kaya's 🤭🤣 attitude here very much, although internally he knows and is sure that this hug is very innocent and has no other meaning to it, 

but he could not prevent his jealousy and tried to control her so that she does not appear and turned to his face to prevent himself from seeing her lap And here take care of something very nice, that Kaya is really overwhelmed with Suna's love, the natural of most jealous men in similar situations like this, only under the principle of jealousy, (meaning you are mine and you are not allowed to get close to any man other than me no matter what the situation is), 

But Kaya, despite his high awareness and seeing the picture correctly, but he is jealous and is fully aware that the situation is not worth jealousy, and because he is highly conscious, the only explanation left of this situation is his intense love for Suna, even when it was prolonged inside his lap and Ferit was holding on to it strongly, 

Kaya was forced to finish reaching this in a classy and conscious way and pulled her from Ferit's lap (I mean, I appreciate the situation, but enough is enough. Excuse me), another thing I would like to say, feelings are also unique for Suna she is a very close member of the family so any close intimate closeness is within the scope of brotherhood

I liked very much the discussion of new psychological aspects in this episode, and this scene is an example of this, which is the mechanism of trauma inside the human being (i.e. psychological trauma), most humans have a set of internal psychological traumas that have been buried and try to forget and ignore them for the purpose that the human being can continue his life normally again, 

but some situations with some external stimuli, dig inside the unconscious and awaken these shocks from their internal slumber, the situation here for Ferit It is the admission of a person close to him to the hospital struggling to survive because of his personal problems, but the catalyst here was the sound of thunder and rain, 

Therefore, the attitude and the catalyst took out a unique shock in the death of his brother Fouad with excerpts from his last moments with him (because the day he received the news of his brother's death, it was raining), psychological trauma always causes panic, because the person internally lives the situation again and was affected by his feelings again, and therefore exposed to a psychological collapse, Mert was very creative in communicating the image of the Truma mechanism, whether his looks, his body language, everything was closer to the truth, The continuation in the next post

Of course my followers here were upset and saying where is the spiritual connection Oh our analyst? Why didn't you run to Ferit , hug him and console him? Isn't its collapse considered external harm? And the shouting is still going on with me, I mentioned today that there are new aspects that were addressed in this episode, first of all they focused on the synchronization of the hand movement of Ferit and Seyran, and this indicates that the two are living an internal moment of collapse at the same time, each person and his personal reasons, we said that at the time of conflict of fields control is entirely for the spiritual connection when there is external harm, but now there is no conflict of areas But both live an internal collapse at the same moment, 

And yet I will shock you and tell you that the spiritual connection was also dominated by Seyran, ok how? Notice that he will walk because she is the one who saw the collapse of the other party,,, she forgot her personal pain as soon as she saw Ferit's collapse and started to suffer because of it (pay attention to her body language in the descent of her hand gradually and slowly), and she went to him to talk to him regardless of her inner feelings and collapse, even if you notice in their conversation she said I told you this during a moment of anger (because she previously accused Ferit of hurting her father), but now when she saw his collapse, 

she got rid of Her personal feelings, therefore the spiritual connection really existed, but what was clear to the viewers so that it would be an epic dramatic scene with hugs and consolation, because she was also living pain and internal collapse, personally because the scenes of spiritual attachment are very special to me, I was happy that they showed a new different picture.

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