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Yali Capkini Episode 73 New leaks

Yali Capkini Ep 73 New leaks

Yali Capkini  73 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 73 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 73 New leaks

The new leaks say:

- Seyran is not sick, but she is pregnant, and Tarik is the one who threatened the doctors with their family, and they changed Seyran’s tests 

- Pelin will not continue like I said before because she has a new series, so be assured and they will make her a good personality until we say goodbye to her as 

A good personality goodbye and the heart is praying for you 🥰🤗

- The cause of Orhan's death is ifakat and Gulgun Mo Halis 🫢🫣

ifakat will tell Halis that she is pregnant with Orhan's son, and Halis will believe her, but Hatice will not believe her and she will be on the lookout for her 

ifakat can transfer everything in her name and the Orhan family goes bankrupt 🤫🫢

- The niece of ifakat is an ambitious personality like her aunt and the lover of power and will compete with ifakat 🫣

- Kaya won't be complete and his personality will say goodbye. 🥲

- As for Ferit and Seyran, until now they say they will stay together, there is no separation, so rest 🥰😍 assured

Seyran is pregnant, and this news is for sure 🥰.

How did Pelin know about Seyran's disease? 

The surprise Kaya came out to tell her 🫢🫣

I mean Kaya is still in touch with Pelin 🤡

35🔁72 -Tarik threatens Seyran with Ferit’s death if she doesn’t abandon him

Seyran would not abandon him and said, “If anything happens to him, I will ki-ll myself.”

36🔁73 - Seyfer They were going to run away, but Tarik caught up with them and Ferit took aim 

This time, it's the opposite: the swords will continue escaping, and Tarik will die

According to the leaks that came out, most of them are correct 

Seyran won't agree to Tarik's request

Ferit is a lesson Halis won't forget. 

¶ As a start to confront Ferit to his grandfather (with his actions) taught 

Ferit stands in front of his grandfather without fear + his confidence without tears + holding him without fear 

Ferit was able to overcome his weakness in front of Halis 

And as Halis character described to you 

He still blames his son even after death 

And he blames his daughter-in-law and holds her for his mistakes 

Ferit was able to keep it silent and he was able to get him a point( you lost me)  

The fear is that Halis is motivated by greed, either imprisons Ferit , or behaves selfishly with him for fear that he will leave voluntarily, because of this, Seyran's words are true (the palace is a curse, and if they stay in it, they will be met with many disturbances)  

Halis is still not confident in Ferit , not because I am stupid in some movements because it is possible for Ferit to guide the one who lived and built it in an instant!!  

Confronting his grandfather is an important step because he was able to break the barrier of dread towards 

Prevent Halis from speaking 

He couldn't answer him except with two words (tomorrow when you have children, you'll understand me)  

He replied and said but the power is over for you and you lost your family 

Sometimes power comes in the right way not in the wrong way 

that's why i'm telling you it's a unique generation and a generation of correction 

Gel Treatments 

A generation to the right path 

A psychologically correct generation 

Previous generations are wrong/selfish/greedy/abnormal

Their setback is part of their lives.  

They still haven't drank maturity in an integrated way, but their setback proved that they have the ability to live and build anew 

If Ferit hadn't changed, he wouldn't have taught his grandfather one of these strongest lessons. 

Or he would have stood in front of him with all his confidence unlike in the beginning his legs were shaking when he stood in front of him 

Even his tears!!  Everyone said about him crying 

The child inside him was kil-led, Halis ran over the child inside him made him his enemy there are no tears in front of him like before 

Ferit is currently in the stages of his anger 

His sadness this time wants to go out in a wrong way but Setran will have a role in preventing him from entering the dark world 

He wants to face his grandfather in the same world as him 

But sometimes the right way when it faces the wrong way it erases the mistake from the face of the world 

But wrong with wrong you erase the right from the face of the world.Yali Capkini Episode 73 English subtitle

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