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Yabani Episode 16 Summary and Frames

Yabani Episode 16 Summary and Frames

Yabani Episode 16 English
Yabani Episode 16 English

Yabani Episode 16 Summary and Frames & Analysis

When Yaman returns home with his family, Ece Soysalan, after the funeral of his brother Umut, Alaz welcomes them with a fact that will surprise everyone.  This fact is that Yaman Ali's father is the doctor Guven Aydin..  

Yaman Ali will not be the only one who will be shaken, at the same time, the building blocks of Ece Soysalan will be shaken, one by one..  As these building blocks shake, Sirhan, who plays the oppressed father and wife, is pressured by the fact that Metin will no longer leave Sebnem and her daughter Ruya..

Although Ruya is trying to understand what her father Metin and her mother Sebnem did، They returned home years later, but Metin is determined to win his daughter's heart.  No matter how much Sebnem tries to intimidate Metin, her motivation to get her daughter back will not deter Metin.

 While Yaman's father, Guven Aydin, tells the truth to everyone, it puts Neslihan in the position of a false mother who kept this secret for years..  Especially aLaz and Tchalla are very angry about this situation.  While the feeling of mourning hurts every inch of his body, Yaman Ali disappears, shaken by this fact..  The compass that Yaman Ali finds will be a vision again.  Yaman Ali feels like he doesn't belong anywhere after all this, and returns to his brothers Ece and cesur ..

New Year's Eve comes and goes; Aegean returns home with the bitterness of healing in Umut's heart, and while two chicks normalize a little, Yaman continues to live in his old neighborhood with his brothers cesur and Ece.  We see Alaz swollen from everything that happened and he can't digest it all.  So how far can Alaz go in this case?  Who will suffer from the feeling of not being able to grasp these facts? 

Where to Watch Yabani Episode 16 English

The episode is a timeless creativity 

We saw the collapsed brothers about Umot but the most one was Yaman

Yaman who cried for the loss of his brother especially the two scenes of the cemetery 

Serhan the malignant throughout the episode is teasing with Guven and getting close to Yaman against him 

Neslihan without talking her tenderness on Ali we don't talk about her 

Ece honestly I didn't like the scene of dancing and singing until she became without dignity Alaz twice and he kicks her out but she insists on running after him 

Cesur and his words to Yaman were hurtful But despite that, Serhan's words were heavy on him  

Ruya ... Without talking the first and only supporter of Yaman her love for him is different 

Guven is the most beautiful father who cares about Yaman somewhere else

Cagla could not talk to her brother or stop with him, but she went to Cesur, and this is what I liked, they would have at least given us a scene of her with Yaman. 

Alaz, nausea, son of nausea, selfish, I don't care about Yaman'S pain and tell him the truth.

Sebnem found her stranglehold I wish Metin would play with her and Serhan.Yabani Episode 16 

Episode 15 Summary 

Although the death of Umut who fell victim to Serhan's game، He will cause great mourning for Ececesur and Yaman Ali, but Umut will leave the world by giving hope to many people, especially Aegean, as befits his name.

Yaman Ali Wasi and cesur disperse in different directions in light of this feeling of sadness.  

While Asi is in the ghetto, he will have his partner Alaz with him, who will not leave him alone.  The Laz and Lacey duo will burn in Laz's hell this time too.  Alaz will see an unexpected action from Lacey, and Asi will see an unexpected action from Alaz.  On the other hand، Cesur deeply regrets Umut's death and will find himself in the dust.  

Although Cagla was by his side when he opened his eyes, Serhan will wake him up from this dream and add another stimulus, Cesur .، Even if unintentionally... This motivation will make Cesur take paths that hesitate to behave.  At the end of the day, when Asi and Cesur meet again at their home, Umot's absence will hit them like a slap in the face.

While all this happens, Yaman Ali is completely distracted, but Ruya will help him as his compass.  When Yaman takes the injured to Guven Aydin, Yaman will be included in Guven's plan، which pursues the killer of Umut, with the information he received from Metin .

After Serhan Metin is arrested in front of the hospital, he will confront Sebnem with evidence from the past and will take a big step towards motivating him to relive the years he lost with his daughter Ruya..  Metin 's presence and the evidence he brought from the past will pose a great danger to Sebnem and Serhan.Yabani Episode 16 english

As Serhan deals with the problems caused by the results of his game, he will intersect with the duo of Guven and Yaman.  Will Serhan be able to get away with it again?  Serhan is determined to exclude Guven Aydin from the game, and tries to get rid of the fact that Guven Aydin is Yaman Ali's father, to what extent will this fact be revealed by someone who never expected it to affect his game? 

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