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Yali capkini episode 52 Forecasts and leaks

Yali capkini episode 52 Forecasts and leaks

Yali capkini episode 52 english
Yali capkini episode 52 Forecasts and leaks

Yali capkini episode 52 Forecasts and leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 52 English Subtitles

The post is a little long but I see that if this happens the series will be much nicer 

After what happened, the return of Ferit and Seyran became almost impossible, but imagine this scenario 

• They all return to the palace and Halis agrees with Orhan and ifakat that they are planning an accident for Seyran 

• Assuman hears them and decides to tell Ferit but he will not believe and he will refuse to hear anything about Seyran 

• Assuman tells Gulgun and tells her everything that happened and Gulgun tries with Seyran to come to the hotel where she is but Seyran refuses and says that she will focus on her studies and her work 

• Pelin tries to get closer to Ferit, but Ferit refuses and feels that she is the reason for everything that happens, and begins to fanaticize her and throw her a sentence such as, "Since you came in front of me, my life turned into hell, I was hoping for this child, but from Seyran " and makes her feel that she is not important to him and that no matter what happens Seyran , but what is in his brain 

• Golgun spoke to Ferit and told him what will happen, but Ferit refuses to hear anything related to Seyran and Gulgon shake him and tell him Seyran is not the only one who is at fault You are a married man and you have an illegitimate child and you tell him that he is not different from his father and grandfather

• Ferit decides to go to a nightclub as usual, but he meets Latif in his face and tells him you deserved this lesson, and then he tells him that they arranged for Seyran an accident to take revenge 

• Ferit then believes and knows that Seran was with her right "Halis and the pill" and decides to go home where he lives 

Ferit sits downstairs in the car with Abidin to watch if anything happens 

• Seyran goes down with her friend for any reason, and she sees Ferit and thinks that he is here to suffocate with her like every time and knows that she is in danger and he is here to protect her 

• Seyran does not believe what he says, but by glimpsing one of the car he pulls out a gun to hit him and she is shocked and torn apart and takes the shot "like what happened in Gaziantep"

• Ferit takes Seyran to the hospital and her friend with him 

• Abidin grabs the one who fired the shot, beats him, takes the phone from him, and locks him in the car bag so that he doesn't say anything about what happened 

• Gulgun knows from her friend what happened and tells Assuman and makes her not know anyone in the palace except Suna 

• Suna when she knows she is crazy and Kaya tries to guide her and they go to the hospital without anyone feeling that there is something suspicious  

• They know that Seran was pregnant but the fetus is in danger 

(Carrying Seyran will tip all the scales and will open many doors, especially after Ferit is sure of Seyran's words) 

• At the same time, Pelin decides to go to her uncle and tell him what happened, with a few events from her after she feels that Ferit can throw her at any moment 

• Their preoccupation makes Sagida run away and go to the palace and ask that she meet Ferit , and Nukhet sees her and remembers her face and knows that there is a need that will happen 

• You try to stop it, but Halis sees them from the window and he stays wanting to see Sagida 

Sagida tells everything that happened and Halis knows that the child is not Ferit's son 

• Halis keeps her in the palace to protect her and decides to avenge his grandson for what happened (Halis' revenge will remain against Sahmuz and Zerin, Ferit from Pelin) 

• The hospital events must change many things. 

1- Ferit will return to think about all that happened and know that Seyran was right in her words about his family, and the anger of Going when he knows that she was pregnant, especially since she took the shot despite their disagreement 

2 - Kaya will talk to Ferit and let him know that their goal is to take revenge on Halis and that they are much stronger together than they are against each other. 

3- Suna feels that her stand with Ifakat was a big mistake, especially since she tried to kill her sister, "Suna plays on Ifakat since she was with her, but this time she will take revenge on her intelligently" 

4- Assuman suggests that they return to the palace as if nothing had happened, and that the best thing they do is to behave normally because no one feels anything 

5- Ferit will refuse to leave Seyran and prefer with her and Gulgun

6- Gulgun talks to Ferit and tells him that there is only one person, but the beneficiary of all that is happening, which is that he separates him from Seyran and makes them hate each other 

7- Ferit , after her words, doubted Pelin and began to think about what happened and knew that this night did not have anything and that Pelin was playing on him and decided to take revenge on her first one

8- Seyran's exit from the hospital must be in a quiet place for her and Ferit and talk calmly and let her know that she is pregnant and their joy will make them instead of how to turn around each other to admit their mistakes and talk to each other 

9- Latif must stand in a unique row and be a guide for every need that happens in the palace and know the words that Sagida said

10- Hatuc knows what happened to Seyran from her friend and goes to wipe with dignity Halis the palace tiles 

and here the game starts 

Suna takes revenge on ifakat Yali Capkini Episode 52

Gulgun takes revenge on Orhan and exposes company secrets 

Ferit takes revenge on his grandfather and Pelin 

his revenge against Pelin is to bring the palace and this time she is pregnant and let her know that he knew everything and kick her out 

His revenge against his grandfather is that he stands against him, especially since Seyran is pregnant and continues his work, and this is how Halis was exposed after Seyran's words.

I also think that Ferit success and being a successful person will change many things in his personality and will encourage Seyran to study her especially after he saw her happiness when she gave a lesson and how happy she was.Yali Capkini Episode 52 English

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