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Safir Episode 22 Summary and Frames

Safir Episode 22 Summary and Frames

Safir 22 English
Safir Episode 22 With English Subtitle

Safir Episode 22 Summary and Frames:

Feraye reacts strongly to Ateş's blackmail. No matter how much he wants to tell Yaman about the blackmail, he is forced to remain silent.

The foreclosure on the Gülsoys' mansion shakes everyone deeply. Although Ömer and Okan want to get help from Ateş, Yaman never agrees. How will the Gülsoys get rid of this big problem?

The fire increases the pressure on Feraye. He gives her until the next day to move in with him.

Feraye is in a great predicament. Yaman, on the other hand, can never make sense of Feraye's erratic attitude. Feraye realizes that she has no other choice to protect Yaman. He moves in with Fire. When Yaman learns this, he is devastated.

A new surprise awaits the Gülsoys. The great aunt Kamuran is now in Urgup. And it begins to change the balance of the host from the first moment it arrives. Ömer and Şermin's wedding celebration will be unforgettable for everyone...

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'A Hidden Love Story' tells the story of the Gülsoy Family getting lost on dangerous roads full of passion, passion, revenge and bullying tests that change overnight. What will be the step that Ateş, who says okay to this offer to protect Yaman in Safir episode 21, will take when he confronts Vural?

With its impressive story and strong cast, Safir, the popular series of Monday evenings, is coming to the screen with its new episode tonight. In the 21st episode of Safir, starring İlhan Şen, Özge Yağız, Burak Berkay Akgül and İpek Tuzcuoğlu, Ateş is stunned after Yaman's confession to murder. Bekir offers him a new deal...


Ateş is stunned after Yaman's confession to murder. Bekir offers him a new deal.

What will be the step that Ateş, who says yes to this offer to protect Yaman, will take when he confronts Vural?

Feraye thinks that Yaman has gone too far in recent days and takes a step back. The two have warm love-filled moments again. Yaman, who thinks that he will get rid of Aleyna thanks to the evidence he will receive from Bekir, hopes to reunite with Feraye.

While all this is going on, a name that comes to Feraye drags her into one of the biggest dilemmas of her life. Before Feraye could get over this shock, Ateş invited her to a meeting about the divorce case.

However, when Feraye goes there, she is shocked by the words she hears from Ateş. Will Yaman be aware of this sudden meeting?

Ateş expresses his feelings towards the Sun, but a surprise name who comes to the Sun will say words that will cause the Sun to question this relationship.

What is this person who upsets the entire balance of the Sun and the news he gives?

According to the December research of Digilup agency, Özge Yağız is in the second place in the list of the most talked about female actors on social media. The young actress, who is the female lead of the Safir series, which meets the audience on Monday evenings on the ATV screen, both gives a successful performance on the screen and is heavily supported by her fans on social media.

The 18th new episode of the Safir series, which met with the audience on the first day of 2024, increased in all audience groups in the ratings. While the decline in the ratings, which has been experienced for a while, started to increase with the episode broadcast on the first day of 2024, this situation was recorded as a very positive development for the series.

Of course, it was also a remarkable success that Özge Yağız, who played the leading role, ranked second after Sıla Türkoğlu among the most talked about actresses on social media in the last 1 month.

In the research conducted by Digilup, Özge Yağız came in second place with 1 million 100 thousand messages, while she attracted attention as the most important competitor of Sıla Türkoğlu.

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