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Yali Capkini Episode 56 The End of Pelin

Yali capkini episode 56 The End of Pelin

Yali Capkini Episode 56 The End of Pelin
Yali Capkini Episode 56 The End of Pelin

Yali capkini episode 56 The End of Pelin 

Unfortunately the whole episode is one thing and Orhan is another pile guys ..

Orhan never stood with Ferit 

 Never once did the one who got you say it, not once, always check Orhan against Ferit and treat him, and he was a competitor to him at Halis Orhan, and never once did Ferit's love ever, never, and I don't want to convince me of it....

Orhan when he saw himself reaching the abyss he asked Ferit for help because unfortunately and unfortunately and unfortunately Ferit is very very emotional and weak towards his feelings and if they are right or wrong he never thinks and unfortunately again also because Orhan knows this part well so he kept pressing and pressing and he knows that Ferit will give in to his feelings and emotions 💔💔

I never blame Ferit, and none of us can blame Ferit at all for what he did, because we are not in an imaginary world, and anyone who was enlightened by Ferit hands his father over to the police, he reviews himself well, because this is in the dream, nor does logic say that...

I will go back and say Orhan is a very, very selfish person who exploits his son and there is not a single shred of love towards him, and I pray to God that he is in life imprisonment and he will not be released...

I really cried with Ferit, his feeling when he was taking his father and he didn't know how to do anything, and one comes and says he deserves it because he didn't stand with Seyran ? Your situation is serious, and you think about how his father is in bold, unfortunately his father is upset, I mean, we don't always think about the relationship of the seyfer, but there are a million other💔 destructive relationships.

The post is a little long who doesn't want to read it enter this time I will give an opinion about Pelin and that many people see her as a victim of course from my point of view

Pelin is a victim of herself but if Ferit has an income he will not come in front of that she is the one who allowed what is happening to her and it will happen now 

Oao Tansu that she follows the involvement of Ferit with the girl and could have been imprisoned because of her and even married because of her, she went to Gaziantep without telling Ferit I mean, if we think a little if Hai did not go away, would we have seen a scene like the night of the warbler of course here Ferit. 

Not once did we see Ferit who asked for the room, she was the one who pushed herself every time from the balcony (not an excuse for Ferit, but really he has nothing to do with it)

She was the reason behind the pictures in episode 12 after she made a scandal for Ferit and he could have traveled (but for her own good she asked Seyran for help)

Even Serter in many say that Ferit is following her to continue with him, and this is really him, but we do not forget that Pelin entered Serter her life, but until Ferit turned a blind eye because she knows that Ferit will enter and prevent her from continuing with him. 

She was the reason behind their divorce twice, and when Ferit didn't marry her, she took the role of the victim more 

We come to the most important thing which is impossible that I sympathize with her no matter what happens, when Ferit took pictures and saw her in college how she enjoyed the torture of Seyran while she was crying and she did not forget her words literally when she said let her become worse and leave on Gaziantep 

Pelin from the first goal of separating Ferit and Seyran and took advantage of the child will say she did not tell Seyran ah because she does not want to lose Fred and as usual until she shows a victim and that she is loyal and woo. 

And in the end, I knew the child, not the son of Ferit , and what will happen to her is worthy because she deceived the one who trusts her the most, and the best marriage for her and she betrayed and played with a big one who gave her the respect that he did not give him his real accent, Seyran ,

In the end, Pelin's return was necessary in order to pay for her mistakes, and I think her end is like the words that follow in the picture (because I felt this leak to her end).

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