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Yali Capkini Episode 58 New and exclusive leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 58 New and exclusive leaks

Yali Capkini 58 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 58 New and exclusive leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 58 New and exclusive leaks

New and exclusive leaks

Ferit in front of a difficult choice either to choose Pelin or the child,

But with Ferit consulting with Seyran, Seyran will tell him to choose Pelin , so there will be no child and Ferit will not know the truth about the child, whether he is his son or the son of Serter.

In leaks it says that Akin is in the hospital with Seyran, and that Akin has large shares in that hospital, meaning that he is the owner of the hospital.

Akin is said to be kind to Pelin and marry her.

There is great revenge on the part of Nevera who will take revenge on Ferit through his family, especially Orhan who sent the men in prison so that Orhan remains imprisoned and Ferit returns begging her.

Warning Spoilers Where do I start.

Pelin, the only girl who can be the centre of attention, and only now that she's lying in the hospital bed and has everyone gathered around. she's not even aware.  The audience went through so much already, knowing the secret for so long and now it's over, what a let down.  That nasty girl ruined so many lives and what she put Seyran through is just now all forgotten. This should have been outed way back so that Ferit could have got what was coming to him.  Instead we have to watch Seyran hugging his neck while he's sniffing her hair and she's comforting and protecting Pelin from the very people seeking the truth.  I just can't with this BS.

The writing....

1. Why didn't Gulgan tell Ferit she knew.  What was the whole point of the maid going to her.  She's his Mother like...

2. Why was Seyran again used to help cushion the audiences hatred for this Pelin character.   The writer's really have humiliated Seyran and made her weaker than she was under her fathers control. She hasn't been able to tell Ferit she's seen him with Nezra and have that whole out pour that the audience were waiting for.  Ifikat and all who protected Pelin's secret just get away with their part in the lie... 🤬

3. Nezra or Akin's uncle is behind what's happening to Orhan in prison. I have no time for Orhan and no respect for Gulgan running around after that snivelling fool.🙄

4. So we now get rid of Pelin and we have to deal with Nezra's revenge, come on... 😒

5. Seamus locking Zerrin in her room like he's some lord.  Same with ould bag Halis..  Kazim is still dictating the lives of his daughters for his own gain.  Same old rehash.


6. The whole Suna story is beyond ridiculous.  What is that even about. I felt so bad for Abi.. 😔

What's next...🥴

Pelin or the baby die or she makes a recovery and her mother takes her... Nezra begins her revenge. Seyran starts dating Akın.. I really like this guy for her and I want her to be with him.. I don't care for Ferit.. He had the neck to ask Seyran if Kazim was making her do anything to save his father.. I mean pot, kettle..  He completely manipulated Seyran emotionally to get her to work on Kazim.. The whole series revolves around selfish people except Esme and Abi who at the end of the day will never be happy... There is so much more I want to say but I'm so dissatisfied with this Pelin ending... The audience was robbed.. 

Anyways, I welcome your thoughts.. 🥰

For some ridiculous reason I keep holding at least one of the women will show some backbone and self-respect. There may be one, Nezra. She looked like she could be trouble from the beginning. Ferit better watch his back.

 "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." Orhan leaves Gulgan on the street at night, without money or plastic, won't even let her have her suitcase and how does she repay him? She takes his snivelling snotty self in her arms, comforts him and goes to get him from jail. I have one last word for Pelin - Serter. Other than that, I have to give up on her for my own sanity. 

We've all heard her lies for far too long. Suna and Nurkhet belong in the same padded room together. Poor Ausuman, I'm sure she's a lovely lady and fine actress in real life, but what's her purpose on YC? Maybe she has pics of Halis and Ifficat doing the dirty deed. I just don't know. Seyran, Seyran, Seyran. I thought she gave Ferit an excellent explanation as to what happened to them.

Her loyalty from the beginning and his lies and cheating from the beginning. She doesn't trust him for good reason. He manipulated her again and again for his own selfish reasons to get his father out of prison. Pleading and pledging his forever love and then calling her for an explanation of why Kazem hasn't taken back his complaint. 

Rant over, for now. Grandsons had a sleepover last night and now they want pancakes for breakfast ❤️❤️❤️

I think to prolong the series they had to bring more characters. I still was kind of interested in looking how Serter was bringing the truth and how the storyline is opening with Akin. He is a character that I want to see more. The actor is so handsome 😍. But what made me 🤮was Suna. The writers destroyed her character because her love story with Kaya was getting more attention than Ferit and Seyran with no ending drama. And I guess someone didn’t like it and decided to ruin her character. 

In my opinion there are two scenarios in one where Pelin survives,  the baby dies,  and the true that it wasn’t Ferit’s son never see the light. Pelin’s character continues, Ferit feels sorry for her so he decides to stay with her because of her mental health. I think they might go yo this route if they want yo keep Akin’s character. But if they decide to keep the baby alive and eliminate Pelin. This is going to be hard to keep this character because for sure Seyran will take care of the baby 😓 well with this writters you never know at the end they write the craziest things you will never think of it.

My problem with the Pelin thing is if the baby dies they had better still reveal who the father is or Pelin will be able to get away with her lies still. Ferit will feel huge guilt so that will leave Pelin still in his friend zone. There needs to be an end so she can’t appear down the road again. Gulgun has dropped back to the bottom for me, she has already chose the Korhans over Seyran twice now and is keeping the Pelin secret still.

 I’m just assuming Zerrin would choose her daughter to live over her grandchild but anything is possible.       

I think Seyran and Akin will agree to pretend to date to keep Kazim and his uncle happy, Seyran will still secretly meet Ferit, but Akin will end up falling for Seyran of coarse. We could see it coming that Nevra was going to be angry with Ferit blowing her off now he has no idea what he will be in for with her. He will most likely be like Seyran and pretend to have a relationship with her just to keep her happy and doing business with him till he can come up with a way to get rid of her.

I have no words for Suna and all her insaneness. Ferit unknowingly playing into her fantasy of her thinking she should be with him. I have never been a Kaya fan but I have to say I’m feeling bad for him and I hope he leaves her when he realizes she is going to try to be with Ferit. I wish Abi had heard Ferit say he wasn’t right for Suna but I think he was to far away to hear, he was crying because he seen Suna was unhappy I think. 

Abi continues to support Ferit no matter what but Ferit doesn’t do the same for him. It’s time for Abi to get a new love. What was the point of the new maid ?    

I don’t even care about Orhan or what happens to him. He has learned nothing and if released will come out the same useless man he has always been.

This story line has no real route. Once again we see a glimpse of Ferit working and Seyran’s art to again go no where. We see Esma diagnosed with something and again it goes no where. Nevra’s character is now just another thorn in everyone’s side, no real point to her. Suna is a hot mess and really being portrayed as stupid. I rooted for her and Abidin, then her and Kaya, and every time she’s given the offer to run away from all the craziness to actually go and be happy she doesn’t do it. At this point she deserves whatever comes her way. 

And what happened to Seyran’s backbone? She has too much pride one minute and then none the next. To see her defend Pelin at all is just gross. Pelin is a sociopath, no sense of reality and no leg to stand on. I doubt she or the baby dies. This woman is a cockroach, always sneaks back in for more trouble. I really don’t even know what to hope for in this series anymore.

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