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Yali Capkini Episode 58 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 58 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini 58 English
Yali Capkini Episode 58 English Subtitles

Yalı Çapkını episode 58 summaries and frames;

Ferit, who does not want to believe in the possibility that the child is from Serter, tries to learn the truth from Pelin in order to eliminate the suspicion that falls into him. Seyran, who does not want Pelin, who is preparing to hold her child in her arms, to be subjected to such pressure, still tries to support her despite all that has happened. 

Forced to accept her father's terms in exchange for withdrawing her complaint, Seyran feels at an impasse. Orhan, who is waiting for good news from Kazım to regain his freedom, gets into great trouble in prison. Confused by what Fikriye says, Suna clings to a dream she has hidden deep in her heart. While Serter, who thinks that his child may be his, opens the issue to Halis Ağa, this development starts a critical process for Pelin and her baby.

Yali Capkini Episode 58 English

Although there were details to talk about, it was a very soulless episode. I think the balance that cannot be achieved in the parental addictions described affects even the performance of the actors.

The episode begins with the guilt psychology of our three injured children.

Just as Ferit blamed himself for his brother's death in the past, he finds the blame for Kazim's injury only on himself.  : 'If I could have brought it sooner, nothing would have happened.'

Seyran feels the weight of what he said in the interview: 'Is it all because of me?'

Suna, on the other hand, feels guilty about having him kicked out of the house, saying, "My reckoning with him is not over."

Let's come to Ferit's fears that come with the rain, which is one of the most striking scenes of the episode. Seriously, the fear of bad news and the remembrance of Seyran's support was one of the things that affected me most deeply in this soulless episode. Although Ferit tried very hard to deny it, he always blamed himself for his brother's death, and his fear of the possibility of the same thing happening again, 

and his effort to understand how Seyran would feel by remembering the support that came in his worst moment were also valuable points for our character, who lacked an empathetic side. In our next SeyFer scene, I think it was a scene with a soul. Knowing the gravity of this, which was accused of murder by everyone in his brother's death, Ferit gave his support to Seyran by saying, "You are not guilty of anything." But the most heartbreaking detail was Seyran's hope for the future...


Seyran's emphasis on the unmitigated anger within him in the previous chapters was resolved in this chapter. Seyran gets angry about what he can't experience and hides behind that anger in order not to break his bond. Sometimes anger is also a strong bond. Seyran strengthens her bond with her father with that anger and embellishes it with hope: He owes me.

Seyran takes refuge in the same feeling towards both Kazim and Ferit , anger.

"For most people, anger is the saving emotion because it's outward-looking; Blaming others in anger can sound pleasantly arrogant. But it's often just the tip of the iceberg, and if you look beneath the surface, you see emotions underwater that you're either not aware of or don't want to see: fear, helplessness, jealousy, loneliness, insecurity," said Lori Gottlieb.

The real reason for your anger is the expectations that fool you and are not met. Your feelings that you still cherish inside. Seyran does this by taking refuge in numbness at the same time, and in the same book, the following sentence appears:

"People often confuse numbness with 'nothingness,' but 'numbness' is not the absence of feelings, it's a reaction to being overwhelmed by too many feelings."

In other words, Seyran is so captive to the complex emotions within him, which is why these masking methods...


The narrative of God and the fallacy of God in this series always seems terrific to me.

It's a serious delusion of great ego and great power. Every pawn he can't manage is just a stumbling block for him...  Orhan, who is now ignoring Halis and making his move in order to show his own authority and power. If you observe well, you can see that the chess narrative is continued here. In this chess tournament, there is already a Ferit whose eyes are opened and he realizes his real rank.

As he once said, 'You enjoy playing us like a pawn.' For Halis, the biggest problem is that a single pawn in that house creates authority against authority. Whatever happens, he says, should be in my control and desire. But in that bubble of such error is a king who has been betrayed in some way by every pawn.... So when is the mat?

Let's talk about Ferit...

I understand Ferit's heroic impulse very well, and I have even written about it, but I can never make sense of his cheekiness. When he lies to Seyran, he lies so loudly and brazenly that you wish you were blushing. Yes, you may not be an angry, vindictive child, but you know that your family is very angry, how can your father say that we don't have as much anger in us as you do. I'm incredibly angry about this. Anyway, let's come to Ferit's love of rescue...

"A person who was traumatized by feeling alone and helpless while growing up tries to heal his childhood by coming to the aid of everyone. Because it disrupts the balance of giving and receiving in human relations, when he needs support, he will experience the loneliness of his childhood again."

This is exactly the sentence that describes Ferit most clearly. He has waited so long for a hero to save him and has never been able to reach that hero that he is now in a direct run for the person who needs help... Kazim, Orhan, Halis are all monsters who feed very good emotional manipulators. They know the bam strings of the children they are raising so well that they turn them into wind-up toys in five minutes. You may have seen many sons hugging their father's neck and saying "help", but if a father hugs his son's neck by saying "help me, save me", it is the biggest burden for his son. Orhan blames the fatherhood he couldn't do on Ferit's neck.

To Ferit , who said, "You failed to love us because you don't know what love is," it means that if you know love, save me.

The duty of father is not the same as the duty of son. As Orhan said, love flows from top to bottom under normal conditions, as well as responsibility.

I think Gülgün is my biggest disappointment. Gülgün, who threw her own son away without listening to him, immediately accepted Orhan. The fact that he doesn't know his own son, but he knows Orhan, really saddens me. He always registers the words he said to Orhan at the time, "I have not been able to deal with you all my life without dealing with my children." Gülgün was made the priority of Orhan and somehow always had three monkeys for her children.

I like the personality of Ferit, which is reflected through Orhan, that he will turn into if he does not get rid of that house. A good person will become such a bad father, husband, son if he cannot protect his essence and live what is imposed on him. It is very important to be able to protect one's essence, to be me and to find one's own value judgments. It's not the surname that comes before your name and the profile it puts on you, it's your core self that matters. Ferit will win the day he finds them.

Let's come to Suna, Suna explained both the department and herself very well in one sentence.

Yes, he summed up the first episode, three children who cry for what they can't live and want to save the odds. And Suna, who summed herself up, had expectations for everything she couldn't live up to, and scratched the itch. The life he couldn't live, the love, and the ambition I had to have... These are Suna's keys to evil. There is already pressure to choose your family...

Let's close with SeyFer,

Yes, Ferit does what he does straight, but every way is permissible while doing it. For example, saving his father is a straightforward act and it is permissible to lie along the way. Also, there's no code as normal as Seyran looking for something every time you do. You still can't look at what you've been through and say, 'I created walls of prejudice against this girl.' That's your biggest problem.

Seyran broke with Ferit twice more. With the wrong turn on the steps he took to be honest and seeing Nevra in the hospital. But these resentments overwhelmed their emotions and caused them to overflow from their hiding places. In the last scene, there was not hatred but resentment over them.  Theirs was not a price, it was a duty...

He did not blame Seyran Ferit for this.

One of the details I liked about the episode was the remembrance of the power of the Illustrious. We have repeatedly underlined the importance of the protagonist, his family and the main story, and if we go into much more fluent topics with a solid story instead of these unnecessary extensions, the old quality can only be achieved. At the moment, unfortunately, the topics are waxing and the audience, which is leagues away from the main story, is naturally tired. We hope to return to the old quality days by minimizing the damage.

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