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Yali Capkini Episode 60 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 60 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 60 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 60 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 60 New leaks

Everyone asks about the reason for the delay in the descent of the trailer episode 60 after the end of the episode.The reason is that the director and writer made big changes in the next episode episode 60 because of the descent of the rating, the scheme of the trailer was in which Seyran and Ferit divorced and separated, but after the big descent in the reating, they decided that there is no divorce.

Leaks from the source Episode 60 and episode 61 of the series Yali Capkini The escape of Ferit and Seyran to the House of the Mountain and Seyran You will be pregnant from Ferit and the scandal of Nevra and the expulsion of Pelin from the palace and the meeting of Pelin and Ferit .

Pelin will go to the palace and she will be expelled by Suna because Suna changes Ferit and she will hear words such as that she betrayed Ferit with Serter and that the son is not from Ferit .

Serter will cooperate with Zerrin and she will know from her sources that Ferit went to the mountain with Seyran and she will tell Serter where Ferit is and he will try to k-ill Ferit but Seyran will throw herself at Ferit and she will be injured

Seyran will be seriously injured and the cause is Serter while trying to take revenge on Ferit 🤯🔥. 

Orhan will increase his troubles in prison because the prison guard assigned by Aga Ziae was transferred from that prison because of his accusation of collaborating with Orhan.

Yali Capkini Episode 60 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 60 leaks

One of the most useless and disappointing scenes, from the determination of the character Serter to take revenge to the way the scene is written and executed, the motives and the push and pull in the scene are non-existent. Revenge is illogical, but if you decide to write the scene, at least write it appropriately and well, and we will act as if we are convinced.

📌 This scene could have come out in a dazzling and beautiful way about the relationship of Ferit and Seyran and especially the topic of the injury it could have created from this scene a dramatic psychological and romantic situation beautiful

📍 Dramatic

You would have let Serter raise the gun and Seyran stand in front of him

And she protects Ferit in an initiative from her love and that she has the same courage that Ferit has to sacrifice her life for him

📍 Psychological

You would relive the memories of injury, blood and pain.

And this affected Seyran and Ferit , and especially Seyran , because the psychological part of Ferit's injury was ignored too much for the two characters.

📍 Romance

We could have seen after that an attempt to calm Ferit to Seyran 

And that he is fine, nothing happened, and she is afraid of him

And look if there's an injury with some contact and hugs.

📍 And then she writes a walking scene telling Ferit that I am going to enter into a relationship with someone new and then Ferit doubts the topic how she is willing to sacrifice herself for me and stand in front of the weapon in a situation that has only been a few minutes and now she says I don't want you

📌 That's why I'm saying it's a disappointing scene.

And it was possible to come out in a more beautiful way, knowing whether it is stupidity and poverty of ideas from them, although my words did not take two minutes or there is laziness in composing.

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