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Yali Capkini Episode 60 Expectations

Yali capkini episode 60 expectations

Yali Capkini 60 Expectations
Yali Capkini Episode 60 Expectations

Yali capkini episode 60 expectations

Ferit will have something or an important event, but the sugar coma complex will be a partner and a second reason, and with it something bigger will happen because this time will be transitional and will be long and different from any time The moon is not complete this season, nor once the moon must be completed in order to start a new 📌 journey.

Attempted suicide using drugs that lead to a diabetic coma primarily as a result of disruption of pancreatic functions when Ferit originally + significant life-threatening liver damage as a result of drug poisoning + the need for an urgent operation to transplant a liver and a donor.

Halis can't donate.

Orhan is in prison 

Gulgun does not match.

Seyran is the only donor and unfortunately you will be pregnant and there is a threat to continue the pregnancy if you perform the operation

"Either Ferit's life or the child's life"

This issue that the writer alluded to at the birth of Pelin and it did not make sense

The result is that the operation succeeds and Ferit continues to be in a coma for a period of time Seyran  does not lose the baby, but the pregnancy is in danger.

This week's episode was somewhat absurd and the dramatic doses recently are constantly increasing, to the extent that I barely found some psychological analyzes that really deserve analysis, and I will talk about the reason in the last post hopefully, and of course before the usual mention begins ((The psychological analyzes of the characters in this account are intended to understand them and not to justify or stand next to one party from the other, 

and they are based on the distribution of the psychological side of the writer to the characters in each episode)), let's start the analysis, as it turned out to us that the character of Pelin is still continuing, That is, yes, its role in being a test of the existential messages of Ferit and Seyran is over, but the character itself is still ongoing, and often the purpose is to officially start the path of the loop of repetition of the characters, as I mentioned earlier when a person fails to achieve his message properly after repeated tests and is exposed to his relapse.

It begins to enter the loop of repetition, some characters enter the loop of repetition with different awareness and new experiences (such as Ferit and Seyran), and others are stuck in the loop of repetition catastrophically without developing at all to repeat the same previous suffering, as the character of Pelin here, we notice starting from the idea of losing her child and not having Ferit next to her, and knowing the truth about the pedigree of the fetus, 

However, her total obsession is still related to Ferit , and despite her awareness of her mistake and the punishment of her existential messages, she is still unable to appreciate herself and sees that her life without the existence of Ferit , is worthless and irrelevant, although I am personally happy that the character of Pelin is still alive, but it is internal curiosity in how it continues, will it only be attached to the dramatic side or will there also be a psychological aspect, or only her survival? For the purpose of ending its role in an acceptable manner.

Personally, I see, although the writer uses the character of Suna as a motor for dramatic events, but unfortunately this serves the psychological aspect of her path and Kaya's path completely correctly, and my use of the word" unfortunately", is because the dramatic events are of heavy caliber on the viewer, and I mean by heavy caliber that most viewers are unaware of the psychological aspects and existential messages of the characters, They will be dissatisfied with the dramatic path and increase the rate of aversion towards the series, 

and this is often a strong loophole that Parrish fell into, because he deviated from Laila's path completely and started a different path that is not desirable to the public instead of walking on some fixed basics, the important thing is that we do not move to analysis, of course as we agree that Suna's message is to get out of the prison of fear, and because the realization of her mission started quickly in her tests It also started faster and so did its setbacks.

And Suna unfortunately failed miserably in testing the path of divination, the loss of Pelin's child, it is natural falls under the principle of loss of life, and this thing increased the level of Suna's relapse, for fear of achieving more loss of life, and her sense that the solution to end the suffering of everyone and protect them is in her hand, by returning to her normal course in her first marriage and what she sees inside is that he was with Ferit 

Consequently, the lesson that I learned from the situation of the conscious and unconscious conflict of her in the scene of her imagination with Ferit , disappeared completely because of the realization of part of the divination talk, and therefore she returned to her again and later also still inside her a desire to continue going to her, notice Suna's body language throughout the scene all indicate her fear, try to focus on the psychological side of Suna's personality, it will be easier for you to accept the dramatic aspects of it.

Most of them here think that Suna's behavior in this scene stems from her jealousy towards Seyran, or the beginning of a step as the fortune teller asked her in the previous scene, but unfortunately I would like to shock you and tell you that it stems from her existential message, ok how, our analyst?? I mentioned earlier that the message of getting out of the prison of fear is considered one of the most difficult messages, because of the literal inclusion of feelings of fear in most situations and events, Notice here that Suna had no desire to trap or expose Seyran, she just felt a little happy at the idea that her father had not forgotten her and did not feel that her presence was undesirable.

By arranging a personal room for her in their house despite her marriage, but as soon as Kazim talked about his talk and interest in Seyran, she was afraid of repeating the same suffering she used to previously, which is the interest of family members in Seyran and ignoring Suna, and now with the start of Kazim's change, only members of the club interested in Seyran will increase, and therefore psychologically it occurred to her to reduce this interest by telling Kazim facts that increase his annoyance with Seyran, meaning noticing how he put Suna In the confusion between its existential mission and its psychological complex, it is very normal to notice a big change in behavior.

Recently, the writer repeated the use of the idea of their spiritual bonding in the phrase "Even if we cannot become husband and wife" in this episode, and in the previous episode the phrase "Even if we are separated", but despite that, their presence next to each other in time of need will remain something essential and continuous forever, and this is the principle of spiritual attachment literally, away from emotional attachment and away from the interdependence of their existential messages and achieving them or failing to do so, 

The spiritual connection will always be present and indifferent to all the painful events, conflicts, etc., and often the purpose of which is the writer's attempts to clarify this idea to viewers, because most are annoyed by the rapid fluctuations of the character of Ferit and Seyran, and see it contradictory and illogical, also you must know that the spiritual connection is like a balm on wounds in relationships in which there are multiple associations, And the thin steadfast thread that keeps these areas going, like Ferit and Seyran's situation here, because if their relationship was only based on an emotional connection, it was one of the least strong problems that ended their romantic relationship and was overcome, especially since the time period of their relationship was not so great that it reached the level of ten, and also that the fulfillment of their messages is interconnected and not only catalysts in the path of achieving their messages.

Some face difficulty in accepting Kazim's change, since the elderly are very difficult to change, and also from the principle of growing up on something young on him and so on (although his change is partial and not total), and some think that it is just a scheme or psychological blackmail from Kazim towards Seyran and so on, and in order to achieve the truth, in the aspect of psychology, the idea of the impossibility of changing the elderly is very true, because it is really the nature of the predominance of normalization. 

But as I mentioned in the analyses previously that approaching the experience of death has other dimensions (spiritual and not psychological) and this is the only case in which it is possible to change a person if he is from the category of old people, and Kazim the only thing that occupied his mind at death, was the image of a happy family that he did not have because he did not break the curse of karma, and therefore the only aspect related to his change is his attempt to actually in To be a different father, but Kazim as a human being has not changed and will not change, and even his attempt to be a better father, may fail, but currently he is really trying and really honest towards Seyran.

Of course Parrish said I swear I will not keep it in your mind and I will add Kaya to the party of global setbacks, I mean even if his awareness is high in the end he is exposed to psychological pressure and setbacks like the rest of the characters, if you notice recently Kaya was calm in a unique direction and does not make any differences, and he was considerate and understanding of his psychological conditions, but although the previous episode was steadfast to the last degree, However, it is clear on the character of Kaya in this episode of his external energy and personal form, that he is under psychological pressure, and the psychological pressure was in a state of accumulation from the episode of Suna's unwillingness to travel to start a new different life, and ended with Suna slapping him in the scene of his confrontation with her, which was certainly followed by a state of alienation and divergence in their relationship by Suna.

And because Suna is the motivating factor for Kaya, and therefore as it has a positive effect, it also has a negative impact, Kaya during the scene of the confrontation with Suna, was completely dependent on knowing the reason for Suna's suspicious actions during that confrontation, but unfortunately Suna her setback was too big to face herself and confess, and now Kaya needs to blame someone, as a help to him in his continuation and acceptance of these changes, 

And because the strong turning point in his relationship with Suna began after the Orhan incident and his imprisonment, and by virtue of being unique and had a hand in that transformation, in addition to Suna's suspicious interest in him, he was the perfect target for this thing, they also noticed that the evil side in this scene did not undergo Suna as usual, so I decided to put a quick test for the followers, and the smart ones are the ones who will answer why the evil side did not submit to Suna here, By the way the answer is very simple and easy and not complicated

Over time, I understood the writer's choice of Akin's personality style (logical and emotional) and also the hint that he is a highly conscious person, and the reason has become very clear in this episode, which is the course of current events, and the idea of Seyran's agreement with Akin, because this character must be similar to Seyran, for the purpose of facilitating communication and understanding between them quickly, imagine if Akin's personality was emotional, 

communication between them would have been complicated and Full of different points of view, notice here Seyran's quick conviction in Akin's words because he uses the language of logic with her to communicate his ideas, and you can notice his influence on Seyran's body language and her request to continue his speech, personally I still enjoy Seyran's scenes with another male character different from Ferit , especially because she is similar to her in character style, but our series remains psychological and all characters must have complex psychological aspects.

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