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Yali Capkini Episode 58 The fate of Akin with Seyran

Yali Capkini Episode 58 What is the fate of Akin with Seyran

Yali Capkini Episode 58 The fate of Akin with Seyran
Yali Capkini Episode 58 The fate of Akin with Seyran

Yali Capkini Episode 58 What is the fate of Akin with Seyran

Suna + Ferit = Passionate 

Seyran + Akin = Sane 

Suna and Ferit their mind is the starting point for every war 

Emotion dominates the mind = the past is more dominant than the present 

Seyran and Akin 

The mind is in control of emotions = the present is more dominant than the past 

Suna and Ferit are not able to determine their goal and they are wasting their way and to understand themselves they need to face themselves and their fears not their enemies.

They will be able to determine their goal and the demands required towards themselves 

Why do I say that and why do I put them in comparison 

We still haven't seen Akin's personality what is it but it seems from the two episodes that their back is a person who has tact in speech, decorate, rational, civilized, calm, hears more than he talks I mean he looks like walking in the mind 

Why Parrish brought Akin?

Because it shows us a group picture 

Between the emotional & the sane.

Akin is not fit for Seyran 

And Ferit is not suitable for Suna  

Ferit needs a rational personality and Seyran needs a passionate personality because Seyran lacks emotion and Ferit lacks mentality. 

So when we put two similar to each other and say that they understand each other because they are like each other you broke logic and mathematics 😂

Abidin couldn't give Suna what she wanted, no emotions and no mind 

Kaya I don't know because it increases the tension in her thoughts 

Ferit has the same personality as her passionate .

But we can say that if Parish was creative to leave Akin with Suna , it would be an excellent treatment for her....! 

I hope that he is good and becomes a friend to them because he is a former person who worshipped and Kaya and came with a step that he has full awareness and understanding and quick intuition in things 

Another post in which I will talk to you about 3 characters that are said.



Will Seyran tell Akin the truth about her acceptance to go out with him just for Ferit ?

And will you let him know that she is still married and does not think about engagement?

On the other hand, what is the attitude of Akin who knows that he is dating a woman who is still married and at the same time sees how much she loves her husband and how much sacrifice she has made for him?

What if the opposite happens 

And he showed his desire to marry her despite knowing her love for Ferit / of course without forcing her to do so /

Will you see him as a normal and respectful person or will he disagree with him?

I don't think Nevra's revenge on Ferit will be bloody.

She wants to embarrass him by exposing his family because he wanted to use his relationship with them to clean up the family name 


1.Exposes the case of Pelin's child from Serter

2. Exposes the Orhan prison case 

3. The Sultan Case

4. Expose that Ferit's wife was engaged to another man before the divorce.

The most important person who should know the truth about Pelin's scam is Suna .

Suna still believes and believes that Ferit is her stolen destiny 

But she doesn't know that Ferit's marriage is all based on a lie and deception Pelin and Secida 

I mean, Ferit was never supposed to marry a girl from Gaziantep.

It was a punishment for Ferit for a mistake he didn't make.

Since Suna's disease has become so severe and you started to see hallucinations and things that don't exist

And maybe later you will not be able to differentiate between what is happening in reality and what you see of hallucinations and fantasies

Is it possible that she would believe that and claim that Ferit had an affair with her?

Or her slander of Seyran will be the result of her hallucinations.

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