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Yali Capkini The True Story and Photos of Ferit and Seyran

Yali Capkini The True Story and Photos of Ferit and Seyran

Yali Capkini The True Story and Photos of Ferit and Seyran
Yali Capkini The True Story and Photos of Ferit and Seyran

Yali Capkini The True Story and Photos of Ferit and Seyran

The series of the kingfisher bird is causing a stir inside and outside Turkey its name in english is the kingfisher bird and in Turkish yali capkini

This series is shown on the Turkish channel Star TV

The episodes are also on the official YouTube channel, where they have exceeded millions of views.

This series stars the well-known actress Afra Saraçoğlu who played the role of "Seyran" and the handsome hero Mert Ramazan Demir "Ferit", and the list of names is long but the focus and spotlight is on Seyran and Ferit.

Many people do not know that the story of Yali Capkini is a true story and took place exactly in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul and Gaziantep, Istanbul located in the European and Asian parts and the city of Gaziantep is located in the southeast of Turkey bordering Syria.

Gaziantep is a conservative city, but Istanbul is a very open city like Europe and this difference between the two families will give us a conflict in the story.

This story happened about 30 years or more I mean a long time ago

You will ask me a question, how did you know the story, Nahla?

Most of you know that the story came from the psychiatrist Gulseran Bodaiji 

Very well known in Turkey, where she wrote the series Window Girl, and the series Red Room...

This doctor was known in Istanbul, people from the rich class come to her, I mean the rich people of Istanbul go to her to be psychologically treated for daily psychological pressures,

All the patients of this doctor tell her their story.

And any story she sees special write it down in her book,

I mean, Seyran and Ferit went to the psychiatrist and told her about their story and their psychological state.

She wrote it and showed it on Star TV and they liked it and gave the story the title of the yali capkini, which is currently showing and has wide fame.

But the doctor still did not offer the book of the yali capkini for sale so that we do not return to it and learn about the story and know its end.

The book is only with the scriptwriter, the director and the production company,

She did not offer it for sale so as not to burn on the viewer the episodes and suspense, unlike her book Window Girl in which the book was sold and then the series was shown and people went to read the end, 

The doctor was smart this time for the book yali capkini,

The questions in your mind now who went to the doctor? Who is the psychiatric patient who went to be treated, is Seyran? 

Or Ferit? 

Or Suna? 

The patient is Ferrriiit, guys, the patient is Ferit.

Ferit is the psychopath in the story, he is the son of a family from the rich class in Istanbul, of course, not the family of Korhan, the director changed the family name, and according to her statements that the one who told her the story was a man, and that because of him she got to know the whole family,

She treats patients as if they were friends or brothers.

Ferit is a handsome, rich, spoiled young man... He likes to go out and go out as his situation did not like his family, 

To get him out of this vortex, his grandfather decided to marry him to a conservative family from his hometown of Gaziantep, so that fate sent them to the family of Aga Kazim, a man who followed custom and tradition, where this situation was bothering Seyran.

Her father decided to marry her after Ferit Korhan's family came without a love story or acquaintance between them.

Where we will find that Seyran who used to live in Gaziantep and moved to Istanbul to live in the palace to live a different life and a different atmosphere and she does not love Ferit at all

On the other hand we will see Ferit starting to love her and get attached to her as he is the one who will be mentally ill

There is a rumor that Seyran will leave him and he will get psychologically worse and go to the doctor

Will the story in the end be sad or joyful?

According to the doctor, there have been few edits to the real story.

In a short period of time the Turkish press found the real Ferit and Seyran 

In fact, Seyran and Ferit are married and have a strong love and have children, a girl and a boy. 

The fans' questions were: will the series be like the real story or not? 

The answer is there will be changes in the story 

The story confused people whether inside Turkey or outside it

Wait for the rest of the story and also the real story of Pelin and the story of divorce after a while I will publish it for you here

Yali Capkini the true story of the end of Ferit and Seyran separated

Yali Capkini The True Story Suna her husband and children

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