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Kızıl Goncalar Episode 5 Summary and Frames

Kızıl Goncalar Episode 5 Summary and Frames

Kizil Goncalar 5 English
Kizil Goncalar Episode 5 With English Subtitle

Kızıl Goncalar Episode 5 Summary and Frames:

While Levent and Meryem's efforts to take Zeynep abroad continue, Suavi's accident turns everything upside down.

Cüneyd's depressed state, Sadi Hudayi finds a way to go on a picnic together. At the picnic, events take place between Cüneyd and Zeynep that neither of them expected. 

Levent and his brother Hande engage in an internal reckoning with their father Suavi in the hospital. Mira, on the other hand, is about to get into big trouble with Can.  

Meryem may be turning Levent's house into a warm home, but those who cannot tolerate this have their eyes on them.

Kizil Goncalar Episode 5 With English Subtitle

Starring Özgün Namal and Özcan Deniz, broadcast on FOX TV and signed by GOLD Production, "Kızıl Goncalar" has been at the center of controversy since the day it started with its scenes about conservative lifestyles and cults, although only 3 episodes were broadcast. The broadcast of the series was stopped twice by RTÜK on the grounds of "contrary to the national and spiritual values of the society". 

Although it was interrupted by fines and cancellation of venue permits, the set was moved from Fatih to Beykoz Kundura Factory and managed to top the ratings on Monday, the highest rated episode with its last aired episode. The bans and backlash have heightened the curiosity surrounding the Redbuds, admittedly. However, let's examine 'What is the real secret of the success of the Red Buds?'

Watch Kizil Goncalar Episode 5 English

First of all, Red Buds is a project that excites me after a long time. The story of Meryem (Özgün Namal) and Doctor Levent (Özcan Deniz), who come from a conservative family, aims to make people feel different emotions while holding a mirror to the sociology of Turkey.

There are many factors that have contributed to the success of the series. A strong cast consisting of well-known actors such as Özgün Namal and Özcan Deniz, as well as talented names such as Erkan Avcı and Mert Yazıcıoğlu, increases the quality of the series. Faruk Turgut's casting talent is already very good; It takes care to bring together believable and realistic people. It is a great pleasure to see Özgün Namal on the screens after a long time. Özcan Deniz also had intense stage work. They're both players with no plans to do national business, so I was very glad they agreed. Especially the young players and the whole squad are chosen correctly. I also like the director Ömür Atay.

As for the screenwriter Necati Şahin, he is a very well-equipped and special writer. He is the author of very special works such as 'My Motherland is You', 'Atatürk' and 'Club' with huge budgets, groundbreaking in their fields. I've heard that he's not in favor of doing national business lately. Because now digital projects are a great advantage for the screenwriter and director, the actor. The presence of the screenwriter in this series is very clearly felt. I also read that he had a great command of the world he described in the story. In short, what Faruk Turgut calls the struggle for honor is actually a very risky business, so the players and the whole team carry out this job by making great sacrifices.

One of the most important factors behind the success of Redbuds is undoubtedly the bold subject that the series tackles. The Redbuds managed to capture the audience with their first two episodes and achieved high ratings. From the very first episode, it was clear that it would make a lot of noise, sit on the agenda of the country and create controversy.

The plot of Red Buds: Meryem, Naim and their daughter Zeynep migrated to Istanbul after the earthquake in their hometown, and when they came to the city, they took refuge in the sect called "Mornis". On the other hand, Levent, a secular Kemalist, is an idealistic psychiatrist who preferred to work in a state hospital. During his compulsory service, he met "mortals". His father was Suavi, a professor of physics, one of the influential academics of the February 28 period. In other words, Levent is someone who grew up under this influence. Our story begins with the crossing of the paths of Levent and Meryem.

Let's get to part 3. When New Year's Eve and 2 weeks took a mandatory break, the audience locked the screen with the new episode summary. It was an episode that the audience was eagerly waiting for, as there was a possible marriage scene in the trailers.

The episode began with Isaac Newton's quote, "For every action in the universe, there is an equally large and opposite reaction." At the last point we left, Levent learned from his aunt Birgül, who had been expelled from the sect, that Zeynep would be forced to marry, and he did what he thought was the right thing to do, and took legal action and put the police and social services at the door of the house.

In my opinion, the most effective part of the scene was that everyone in Levent's house, especially his assistant Esra, was strange and accused Meryem without understanding the subject. The words "You don't know us" and "When did you help us" point to the division in society that has been emphasized since the beginning of the series. The series deals with a sociological reality of Turkey, where people living different lives have limited contact with each other. It gives the message of solving problems by touching people's conscience and heart, regardless of what they are wearing. In the continuation of the scene, Esra apologizes when she understands the difficulty Meryem is experiencing.

From here, Meryem and Zeynep have to go to the police. Mary was married at a young age, taught herself to read and write, and her only ideal is that her daughter does not have to go through the difficulties she has experienced. Police and social services mean separation from her daughter for her. Faced with this risk, she doesn't even care about the possibility of her husband getting angry. He had already just learned about the mortals' and Naim's plans to marry his daughter. On the one hand, he is worried, on the other hand, he thinks that he can fight this issue alone. She doesn't want her daughter to hear it either, and really, Özgün Namal, her dilemma and helplessness made us feel very good.

Zeynep's biggest fear is: 'Will she ever see her grandfather again?' Zeynep is a gifted 15-year-old girl who is very fond of her mother, very afraid of her father, has not gone to school, does not even have a pen. Realizing this, Levent's father made her work, and it was such an exciting event for Zeynep that her biggest fear was losing this excitement she had just met. 

He went through the whole chapter with paper in his hand, where he tried to calculate the radius and the area covered by the line segment drawn from the center to the circle, which was the question that the grandfather gave him. In fact, later in the episode, Meryem was about to tear up the paper so that Zeynep would not hope in vain, but she could not bear her daughter. That paper came in handy after that, though. For Mary, the desire for her daughter to study and save herself is so strong that she can overcome all difficulties for this.

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