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Yali Capkini Episode 61 Fictional scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 61 Fictional scenario

Yali Capkini 61 Fictional scenario
Yali Capkini Episode 61 Fictional scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 61 Fictional scenario

Leaks from the source and the announcement of episode 61 🥰 Ece gives Ferit pictures of Seyran and Akin’s engagement, and today the court will reveal Ece the truth to Ferit 🥰 Abidin and Suna are together again 🥰 Nivra is the one who sent people to shoot up stores and she will expose Ferit and it will be Nivra’s turn.

First, everyone is optimistic that the series will be rewritten from episode 61

Orhan's release from prison 🥰 There is no divorce between Ferit and Seyran 🥰 Seyran's friend Ece will tell Ferit the truth 🥰 Filming at the airport bidding farewell to Kaya 😍 Nevra ends her role soon 🥰 Seyran, will she be pregnant? Yes, soon 🥰

I have a point of view in the subject of Suna and the fortuneteller Fekriye or the impostor in a more correct sense 

Since there is a psychiatrist supervising the events of the series and since the series discusses real diseases and real events that exist in the society it is absurd to show the impostor as a person who takes his words or that she is really honest and her way is correct

And as a psychiatrist supervising the series I am sure she is aware that the Jugglers were never a solution for mental illnesses but the solution is psychiatry and sure she believes in her job That's why she used the character of Suna to show a sick case that turned to quackery and sorcery and superstition and that these things will increase her sickness and suffering more

But at the end of the story when you go to the doctor for psychological treatment this will be the best solution

And this way you give a point to psychiatry about quackery and sorcery and that as a psychiatric patient you go to the doctor and not to the charlatan

And it is supposed that all the words that the sorcerer will say will not be true

The solution is that they show that this impostor has a deal with ifakat and Assuman and this is the reason for Asuman's sentence that the impostor told her that you will stay alone in the end 

Or that he makes events that deny the words of the impostor and this happened because she is supposed to come to reduce the tension of the palace But the writer on the tongue of Assuman explained that the tension increases and does not benefit anything, also what she said to Suna is wrong And about the sentence that she said to Soman maybe in the end she relates to someone new and continues her life with a normal person 

This is in case the fortune teller is not broken from Nukhet and ifakat and Assuman 

Something else out of the topic of the post 

I didn't like the expectation and affection and sudden love between Serter and Akin and I felt that the writer is arranging their alliance against Ferit because Akin is not impassable

In another scenario, which is that Suna will enter on Ferit to his room while he is sitting on the balcony, and she will try to kiss him and he will push her to stay away from him, but she will fall from the balcony down, and she will lose memory and this is how we will get rid of Suna, because she will be treated and then she will forget those illusions and returns.

For God's sake, you must stop saying that Seyran put Orhan in prison out of revenge

This was not for revenge, but for the sake of her father

Ferit tried hard to protect his father

Seyran also fulfilled her duty towards her father

There is a difference

Seyran did justice, as did Ferit, who tried hard to protect his father

Seyran is a very moral girl, but she can deviate from her principles when it comes to those she loves

As she is currently doing, she is trying hard to help Ferit 

Seyran gives up her happiness for Ferit to help Orhan

She wants to help Ferit because she loves him and for no other reason

She does not want to cause harm to those around her, especially to the people she loves

Try to understand that🤲

Family is the most important thing in human life and we all strive to protect our families regardless of the circumstances

This is what is happening with Ferit and Seyran now

They both try to protect their families, this is their priority

Seyran did not have a family, even though she had one, and Ferit never felt the presence of his family beside him

Their families were neglected and did not give them importance

However, they try to protect their families

Both of them had a bad childhood and both of them never knew the taste of tenderness

They suffered a lot in their childhood, but that changed when they met each other

They became more complete

It's like a solar eclipse when the sun and moon unite together

Seyran does humanitarian work before it is good work. She tries to protect Ferit’s father, even though he hates her, but her pure heart does not allow her to do otherwise.

Ferit also tried to save Kazim and take him to the hospital

Ferit  and Seyran always sacrifice themselves to protect others and this time they do the same too

Ferit wakes himself up for the sake of his grandfather and father

Seyran sacrifices for Kazim and Orhan and to protect Ferit 

We can agree on a certain point:💥

📌The family either creates a human being or a pile of psychological complexes📌

Just like Ferit and Seyran

Everything they go through is because of their corrupt families

Be patient❤️give them some time to recover🤲❤️.

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