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Yali Capkini Episode 61 Expectations and Analysis

Yali Capkini Episode 61 Expectations and Analysis

Yali Capkini 61 Expectations and Analysis
Yali Capkini Episode 61 Expectations and Analysis

Yali Capkini Episode 61 Analysis

The psychological analyzes of the characters in this account are intended to understand them and not to justify or stand next to one party from the other, and they are based on the distribution of the psychological side of the writer to the characters in each episode)) and imagine what? There is a new disclaimer !! (( The reactions in this account are intended to draw a smile on the faces of the followers, So that the scientific character does not prevail over it, and not for the purpose of stirring up controversy, or pouring gasoline on the fire)), and let's start the analysis, although some may not see this, but Ferit's reaction in this scene, indicates the development of his consciousness compared to the past ferit, 

Ferit in the past and in a similar situation was going to insult Pelin and whip herself and hold her wrong Many of the events that happened because of her behavior in the first episode of the first season, (including the death of his brother), because in life in general, events are nothing but a series of traces, (meaning an event that leads to an event that leads to another and so on) means the beginning of the transformation in Fuat's destiny is the behavior of Pelin that led to Ferit's marriage to Seyran Which led to Suna's relationship with Abidin, which in turn led to the decision to escape, which was the reason for Fuat's help to them, and this assistance ended with his death, do you understand the meaning of the traces? 

However, Ferit only mentioned the positive side of these traces, which was his interview with Seyran, in addition to his admission that she is not the only culprit in their story, but also him personally, and thus ends his role in her life as a test of her existential messages, because if you notice even in a moment her lack of self-esteem, Ferit was rejecting her behavior (of course in the hope that the writer will return to his senses in the future and end her path with Ferit ). And you will be surprised when I tell you that his final view of her was out of pity and not anger.

Some here do not understand why Suna remembers the words of the divination Fikriye, and this post to explain this, Suna now believes that her actions recently are on the right track, (his desire to separate from Kaya, and ask Ferit for help in that), and because of that the events of Seyran recently also became heading for the path of divorce, I mean Zee who sees that fate moves with her and based on her actions and decisions (the words of the fortuneteller in the idea that Suna on her started the first step) 

However, you can see her attempts to fight these ideas, but unfortunately she is still in relapse, I want to understand you something in the course of the existential messages test for Suna, if the writer was interested in the psychological aspect, he would focus on the impact of this test on the life of the character of Suna and her relationship with Kaya, but if he turned to the dramatic side, he would focus on achieving this idea already and thus it will return as a dramatic engine for the psychological aspects of seyfer, and personally I never wish it came back to this point.

Suna is like any child who wishes for a happy family life full of understanding and love, and the image of a happy family that she thought she would never see in her life, shocked her as soon as she entered their new home, in addition to preparing her father for her room himself, but the thing that caught my attention in this scene, that she believes that her inability to find true love and live a happy life, is because she did not get enough love in her childhood and in her life in general. With her family, (( and in terms of psychology this principle is true, because most children who have suffered from the loss of love and attention from their family, did not have the ability to love in a healthy and correct way in their lives, and often just to meet a feeling of inferiority within them.

Whether the desire for attention or a different experience with a new result, etc.), so Suna believes that her destiny was limited to her marriage to Ferit to achieve everyone's happiness, and not based on her personal feelings and her own desire, (being what carries any feelings for him), but Suna is not aware that this happy image is just an external frame, because Kazim's psychological situation is currently stable, because the circumstances surrounding him are good in addition to his personal desires Once these circumstances change and become against Kazim, the real picture will appear inside that frame, and a happy family is only a temporary illusion, and the ideal home is only a luxurious prison only, Suna's fear is the main engine in her life (her existential message), and therefore personally I see her as one of the characters who suffer the most in this story, (because feelings of fear are related to many different things).

Because of Suna's current situation, some may agree with Nukhet's words and others may disagree, but let me explain to you something important, given Suna's existential message, Nukhet's words are correct in principle but wrong in content, what does that mean, our analyst?? I mean, because of Suna's fear and the weakness of her personality, it is natural that as a result of achieving the message of getting out of the prison of fear, it is strong and visible, and not just a psychological feeling that she seeks to achieve when climbing on the back of others (do not forget that Suna's reason for her refusal to marry Kaya stemmed from the principle of compassion, 

but Kaya's attempts to gain her satisfaction again were under the principle of strength and support in her revenge on her father), existential messages and psychological status For man, although they are related but also separate, they differentiate between the psychological status of man when he is associated with his existential message, and his psychological status as a human being away from his existential message, Nukhet's talk is true with regard to Suna's message, but wrong with regard to its being.

However, Nukhet's talk here made his way into Kaya's unconscious and we will see its future result, in the natural situation Kaya because of his high consciousness, not all messages have the ability to penetrate into the unconscious, but because of Suna's actions and escape from confronting him, and his ignorance of the reasons for these actions, in addition to the decision to separate from him, it was very easy for her to enter the unconscious, (renunciation and Ferit are the sensitive strings that control the struggle of good and evil / his existential message) However, despite his anger at Suna's actions and the deterioration of their relationship, his mother's comment that she might be selling her sister for her own interests, was painted in the face of anger and disapproval (in his view of his mother), because in light of all these conflicts he is sure of the truth of Suna's interior.

A dedication to Absun who live a conflict between supporting this relationship and rejecting it, and in the end they concluded that their support for this relationship stems from future events that will serve Absun Cobble, I mean my loved ones turned around and returned to the starting 🤭😅 point, seyfer and kaysun are supposed to be a lesson to you, but nevertheless they are steadfast ,, Personally I am curious to know whether the path of the story of Abidin and Ishan will be myself, or only dramatic.

Most are upset with Seyran's decision that is not logical for them, since she chose to help Orhan personally and without resorting to other people or competent authorities such as the police and so on, regarding Orhan's help, knowing that it is related to her logic, as for the options for help, if you pay attention to the writer, he hinted at the weakness and helplessness of the rest of the options to make her action the only solution, let us draw a quick scenario for the other possibilities, if you go to Hallis, and tell him About Okkes and his revenge.

It will only increase Halis' helplessness and increase the chance of losing Orhan and a bloody war between the two families, the second possibility is if you go to the police, the writer explained that there is corruption in the police and people from the police are complicit with Okkes , so the result is also Orhan's loss, if you go to Kazim and tell him, I expect from Kazim's actions this episode, especially after he listened to Okkes's dialogue with Seyran and his threat to her in the previous episode, it became clear that it was impossible to help him and It's the worst option, if you go to Ferit personally, his reaction will be exactly as Suna told her, and the problem will get more complicated and the result will also be Orhan's loss, I mean, the writer simply closed all the doors, leaving only one door open.

A dedication to the angry Vans Seyfer of Suna, literally for them Suna has recently become at the level of Pelin, 🤭😅 but away from reaction, if you think calmly and without being drawn behind personal feelings, Suna's energy and body language all indicate unhappiness and satisfaction with her current situation, like a person forced to sacrifice for the sake of others, and walks against his own desires, and if you notice her actions This episode is a flop between what it is The real and between her setback from testing her existential messages, (the messages of the unconscious), I mean the viewers suffered in this episode from understanding whether this behavior stems from the natural Suna, or the relapsed Suna.

Another dedication to Vans Sefer who is looking for any loophole to launch an official war on Akin with a strong 😅🤭 argument and proof, but away from the reaction, Akin's personality is very beautiful and conscious, and it is possible to invest his character wonderfully in the story, because I personally see his addition beautiful and his presence as a strong actor and prestige, and I hope that Parrish uses his character in the right way, whether on the psychological or dramatic level.

Away from the principles, morals, values and the national constitution and that Seyran is a woman who is still officially married, and so, we are now talking from the psychological side, Seyran must try to convince Ferit , she will have to take actual measures and not just words and talk (due to Ferit's emotional personality that is affected by actions and not words), especially since she first tried to use persuasion with dialogue, but to no avail, and here is the goal of her actions and Her decisions in this scene,,, and with this I will have finished the analysis of this episode that is free of analysis basically, 

this week was a comfort for me honestly and I finished with record speed, and now we come to my personal comment, as a psychoanalyst, the episode was a big disappointment, for me the episode was literally only two scenes, Ferit with Pelin, and Suna at her father's house,, of course I expected a decrease in viewership from the first commercial and I made sure of that during the second announcement, so I was never shocked by it.

And I still repeat and repeat that the percentage will continue to fall, if Parrish continues to focus on the dramatic aspect and stir up controversy, but the thing that really surprises me, is Parrish's insistence on that!! You are your specialty in the psychological aspects, please focus on it, and you will be surprised by the high percentage, but if we say that this week's episode (especially with the very bad montage resulting from the deletion of many scenes due to the viewership of the previous week), it is only a point of change in the current tracks, and we will make sure that there is this hope or not in the Trailer of the next episode, 

because if he continues in these absurd events and focus only On the empty dramatic sides (i.e. do not serve the psychological aspects properly), I expect at that time Layla's return will be a public demand from most of the followers, and I am still on my words and my promise to you, to give a chance for three episodes, and then the decision will be to stop or continue analyzing the series, and always and forever I wish the best for the series Yali Capkini,, and I hope that I can continue to spread the benefit in one way or another, this week I did not put a test, because the episode was Catastrophically empty, but the possibility during this week I will do a light rapid test paragraph, (probability but not certainly), and in conclusion you have all my love and appreciation 🌹🩷.

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