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Yali Capkini Episode 62 Exclusive Leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 62 Exclusive Leaks

Yali Capkini 62 Exclusive Leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 62 Exclusive Leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 62 Latest leaks

The scene of Ferit at Halis and Sehmuz after he knew that Okkes was behind the plan, and the scene of the kidnapping of Hattuc after him on the length, then at night Ziya a friend of Halis catches Okkes and beats him, and in the meantime Seyran is in the palace 

Confirmed leak: Orhan and Gulgun try with Seyran to go down with them at a dining table 

⛔As for the leaks of minor details about Latif, and I also said why Latif was present and Halis protected him because of his involvement in a case at that time and Halis hid him in the palace... 

😂💥Seyran's return to the palace💥Halis's apology from Seyran💥Seyran💥carried the life of the past for Latif 💥Orhan's revenge on Halis💥and the presence of Nevra in the palace💥Suna's hatred Sona💥made up Orhan and Seyran and Halis💥Halis protection for Seyran and everyone's hatred against her of course ifakat and Suna 💥Nukhet's travel, her divorce, and Kaya's💥non-return Confrontations between Halis, Hattuc, Okkes and Ferit 💥, Nevra's 💥revenge, Serter and Pelin's revenge.... 

What is new to be honest is linked to Latif's past with simple details😊And I would have said it, by God. And at the end of the episode until I 😂said it to the 62nd and I told you widespread words and it is possible that there will be a transformation of the character of Akin🌙Afkro all da you said with a combined video and also old videos here and on the channel because you were saying leaks of events that will still happen in upcoming episodes. ❤️🌹❤️

Spoiler Yali Capkini Episode 62

Today’s commentary, I decided to put up the ratings for yesterday, which for me as an avid viewer from day one are dismal!  I am really sad that this did not maintain the viewership or the momentum that it had in season one. And I do not blame the lead characters for any of this. They are given a script and they do the best they can with the written word. Who I do blame is the producers and the writers because honestly they’re the reason for these ratings.

Tell me that the writers and the producers do not read social media do not see the dissatisfaction do not listen to the loyal viewers who week. after week express their dissatisfaction with the direction you choosing to take!

 The storylines have basically taken on insanity at its best. Who came up with the Suna and Kaya storyline should be fired because if they read social media today they would get an earful. What a stupid idea it was to take a woman who basically was happily married, and turn her in to a raving lunatic, who is after her sister husband because she somehow believes that her was her destiny? Whaaaaat? 

She was becoming a strong  woman, the minute she did not allow her father through the door of the mansion and then you made her into a bubbling idiot. Like a puppy dog, she follows her brother-in-law around, thinking all the while that this is her destiny. In the meantime, her husband, let’s not forget him is starting to see a pattern, let’s give it to Kaya for yesterday’s performance. He was the best of the lot.

They ruined her character! 

ATKIN seriously your the nephew of of a psycho and yet one would think they would have invested in boxing lessons for you? Can’t fight to save your behind!

Kazim’s beaten to a pulp and saved by Ferit and yet you are quick to forget that gesture that saved your life because you’re willing to run to the money and sell the child you claim to love because you don’t abuse her anymore but yet you’re willing to marry her to the highest bidder we have already been down this road it’s getting old! This young woman is 20 and she’ll has been divorced twice and married three times once to the same man twice. And all for what the almighty dollar! Ferit 👏👏kudos for reminding everyone you and Seyran are still married! No one seems to be listening!

Orhan is out of the slammer, but at what price what has he agreed to in order to gain his freedom my thought he’s going to go after his own father for the revenge of someone else. I think those were the conditions ..should be interesting.

Esme it’s not enough to sit there and watch the torment of your own child I mean honestly three episodes ago you were on your deathbed all of a sudden you’re miraculous recovery has done nothing to prove that your mother of the year! Your another character whose growth the writers chose to dismiss!

Serter one minute he’s the grieving father the next he’s a psycho not that Pelin isn’t deserving but are they going to turn this into a story where she escapes and runs to Ferit!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Will Kaya reconcile with Suna?

Kaya run run run jump on a plane go to London and leave these people behind! Apparently spoilers say he will go back to London? Will Suna wake up and stop him or follow him? She is too busy with a witch with bad makeup who reads your coffee grinds in a cup? Another beyond stupid storyline!

Seyran you got on Tv spouting about women and what they deserve and yet you think that you can save everyone by your silence see had you opened your mouth and told Ferit what was happening maybe you wouldn’t be carried out over Ferit’s shoulder with a gun in his hand threatening anyone not to get in his way!

Honesty is the best policy! Another dumb move on the writers!

Do you know what the common theme is on social media? They want to see these two people together and happy and moving on they want to see the cast of characters and they are back stories. They don’t need mafia input in every damn episode. This is the one series that absolutely has no joy, no one laughs. No one cracks a joke. No one thinks anything is funny except maybe Ferit when he skipping around like an overgrown child!

 Why do I continue to watch? I’ve said it time and time again I think the acting of these two main characters is so good and I keep tuning in hoping praying, wishing that they will turn it around but right now from what I’ve read in an interview is that if the ratings will go up in April and May There may be a third season right now that’s iffy.

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