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Yali Capkini Episode 62 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 62 New leaks

Yali Capkini 62 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 62 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 62 New leaks

They all focused on Okkes' words to Akin, about his mother, there are big doubts about Akin's mother, was she Orhan's lover?For your information, Orhan was not released, he just went out on provisional release to be tried in prison, and this is Okkes' plan, he was released until Ferit is divorced from Seyran , and he destroys Ferit's life, and then Orhan will be sent back to prison on many charges, he will create quarrels abroad and send him back to prison after taking all the corporate documents from him for Halis korhan.

Turning to strong expectations, Akin's mother is highly likely to have had an affair with Orhan and that resulted in pregnancy, and their son is Abidin, only Sefika and Latif know this secret,

The most beautiful scene that everyone wishes I saw in episode 62 is Kaya kicking out Suna and throwing her in the palace door the same way she threw Kazim. She will return to her father's palace, and tell Kazim about it, and he will also kick her out in the same way🫡😈

Of course, the scene of the conclusion is considered dramatic in a large way, but nevertheless Akin's dissatisfaction with the current events caught my attention, even though the writer used a character pivot card, (having a strong reason for someone to change) means it is clear that he needs to leave a loophole that he can use in the future according to his need, and it is the idea of harming Akin's mother because of the korhan family, so the door was left open for the possibilities, either Akin the Avenger or Akin the logical conscious, because if you notice In the scene, Akin's body language through the movement of the hand fist, and the looks of sadness towards Seyran, indicate that he is internally dissatisfied with this plan, but being a secondary character, he will be a more dramatic driver in the psychological path of the Seyfer.

Although the episode had psychological aspects and much better than the previous episodes, but it is clear the impact of several factors on the decrease in viewership, first the continued impact of viewers from the two afflicted episodes, in addition to the presence of a football matches league, television is often under the control of men, and finally the approaching entry of the month of Ramadan, because I noticed that most of the series had a clear decrease in all categories, and therefore literally the fateful episode in determining the catastrophic decline to The ratio of four or the rise to the percentage of six or seven, will be the share of the next episode, although the first ad received a very large interaction on social networking sites, but the biggest and main reaction will be based on the second ad, I really hope they are careful in the content of the ad and the way it is promoted,

This episode has psychological aspects and I will address some of them today hopefully, and of course before starting the usual mention ((psychological analyzes of the characters in this account are intended to understand them and not to justify or stand next to one party from the other, and be based on the distribution of the psychological side of the writer of the characters)), and let's start today's analysis, there is something important to mention regarding the loop of repetition, now unique after failing in his previous tests, and of course After being freed from all restrictions, Beilene, the child and so on, he will return to the starting point of the investigation, meaning now his goal is clear, which is to meet with Seyran to achieve his existential mission (real stability). 

And so we will see Ferit who is angry, nervous, reckless, but in a slightly different version, I mean you will notice his actions from now on between wisdom and recklessness, between nervousness and calmness, and so on, I mean in short the thing and its limitation, because despite his failure in the previous testing stage, he entered the loop of repetition with a slight difference in consciousness, in addition to the development of the relationship itself, I mean in the past during the fulfillment of their messages, At that time, the emotional attachment was developing and they were not clearly aware of their feelings, but now the situation is different, on the other hand, Suna is now officially considered inside the hurricane, meaning that the test is close to completion and the answer sheet must be delivered, so we will notice throughout the episode the speed of events around it.

Kazim may actually have stopped physically abusing his daughters, but he practices violence of another kind and differently, which is psychological violence, and this type is worse than physical violence, because a person does not realize that he is psychologically abused, especially if he was previously subjected to physical violence, because he always believes that the situation is different from the previous and better, (( The person was not assaulted in situations that were In the past, he is assaulted)), and therefore he becomes absent from the fact of psychological violence, and this is the thing that Seyran was exposed to here, although she hesitated to sign divorce papers at first, and it was possible to look for a logical way to postpone the signing, but she was subjected to the pressure of psychological violence and surrendered to the circumstances, psychological violence is very many types, and the type that Kazim used here towards Seyran is manna

Come on, Kayson, we have a tremendous job in this episode, and it needs a very strong focus so that you understand, and I tried to shorten it as much as possible so that the talk would not be too much and difficult to understand, now we mentioned earlier that Suna's relapse can make Kaya's evil side dominate, as a kind of help to overcome her relapse, but the topic is complicated now because Kaya's emotional attachment interfered with the realization of his message, what does it mean? I mentioned earlier that at the time of a person's conflict of fields, existential messages are controlled, but imagine with me now if emotional attachment and fulfillment of messages revolves around one axis ?? 

Then the two fields will be dominant because they serve the same goal Now Kaya's evil side is related to two sensitive strings, one unique and the other renunciation, and the biggest threat currently due to his emotional attachment to Suna, is also Ferit, which could evolve into Suna's abandonment of Kaya, you know how now the two spheres revolve around one axis? So Kaya lives his relapse and at the same time tries to help Suna in her relapse, 

I mean, the scenes will be between Kaya the relapsed and Kaya, who helps overcome the relapse,, notice here when Kaya was shouting at Suna and telling her not to shut up, because Kaya the relapsed needs Suna to talk to him to find out the missing facts, and he needs to know why she suddenly cares about Ferit, while Kaya, who helps overcome the relapse, told her that he only asked her one thing, which is not to be alone with Ferit (meaning he needs to be with her) In order to monitor her actions and prevent her from making mistakes) and at the same time also the control of emotional attachment appeared in the idea of not sleeping separately (meaning physical communication between them), 

On the other hand, Suna being for the first time exposed to a clear attack from Kaya's evil side, remembered her father's violence because of her fear at this moment, but if you loot the violence that Suna remembered is based on Kazim's anger at a wrong behavior from her, (the coffee falling from her hand) although it was unintentional, but it indicates that it is an internal sauna somewhere, you see that she is now being punished for a wrong behavior, the continuation in the next post.

Therefore, her initial action was to escape from Kaya, and as I mentioned earlier that the message of getting out of the prison of fear is considered one of the difficult and complex messages, because the feelings of fear are related to many different aspects, and because Suna is now different from Suna, who was afraid and accepted abuse by men, because she was free from her father's fear with the help of Kaya ((They differentiated between Suna, who is afraid of bullying men, and Suna, who is afraid of talking). Divination and its words achieve the loss of lives, the principle means yes fear, 

but the two issues are different, you know how fear falls under various categories? So you will notice that her first reaction gradually faded during the scene, starting here with feelings of anger and the desire to rebel and confront even if she was behind a barrier, I looked at her scared picture in the mirror and rejected this fear, and began to respond to Kaya, and you were surprised when I tell you that her words are true and from her heart really, 

(I will address this point in another post of the scene), so I hinted to Kaya asking to separate from her if he sees her as a cheating woman, on the other side Suna's hint at the separation touched Kaya's emotional attachment and the relapsing evil side at the same time (renunciation), and here is the evil side He had to get rid of his energy by destroying the room so as not to harm Suna in one way or another, the continuation in the next post.

After the discharge of anger from the evil side inside Kaya is over, he waited helplessly in front of the door, if you noticed in the scene when she came out of the bathroom and was shocked by the shape of the room, Kaya automatically began to try to tidy up the room again, but Suna hinted to him that his anger at her appeared in the form of destroying the room (meaning that this beating was supposed to Leah but you showed him the room), Kaya, who helps Suna overcome the relapse, reminds her that he He asked her not to meet Ferit alone, but this time he hinted to her that he asked her to do so as her husband, 

as a justification for his request so that perhaps she would listen to him, and also hinted to her that it is possible for the evil side to lose control during the flops he goes through, between his setback and his help to her and his emotional attachment, but Suna now, even after seeing the evil side's anger towards her, she explained to him that she is no longer the one who is afraid of Suna From men's anger and violence, and her comparison to him with Kazim, the harm of Kaya's emotional attachment, and by virtue of the fact that he now controls the evil side, 

She had to be harmed in the sentence, "Did you accompany men so easily at your father's house?" and the message between these lines of the sentence is that I am different from your father to the extent that you easily have the ability to go out with other men while you are married,,, you must understand an important thing,, Suna is really upset with Kaya's thinking and his hints to her, because she really does not see herself as a traitor and until now she did not do any unique behavior for the purpose of Physical and erotic communication, 

because she simply does not carry any feelings, and the lack of feelings and the desire for physical communication is equal to not betrayal for her, she is just trying to take steps to achieve her destiny because of her fear of harming other parties (testing her message and Aljwaidi) by helping in the separation of Ferit and Seyran , and for the purpose of preventing the loss of life and the happiness of all, all her actions are what stemmed from because she is a cheating wife or a bad woman, and therefore She is really sad and angry from her husband's accusations against her, the continuation in the next post

Here something caught my attention and I wanted to share it, I noticed that when Suna turned to Kaya wondering about his accusations that caused his anger and destroyed the room, and because Suna's energy is real and strong, you will notice the fear and decline of Kaya's evil side, to the point that his submission at this moment returned, and the amount of depth of the psychological aspects of Kaysun is terrible, to the point that within these conflicts Suna is still a catalyst in achieving Kaya's existential message, And it gave him a lesson that power is not in evil, anger and destruction, and because the control is still currently on the side of evil, the expression of emotional attachment is always closer to sadism.

A dedication to the Kaysun who did not realize his desire to watch a kiss in this shot, the Kaysun my lovers are walking in all of it, with the side of evil walking with the side of good walking It's a little romantic and that's it 😂🤭, away from the reaction, it caught my attention that Suna didn't back down although the possibility that he would accept it was very likely and clear, and no one asks to explain the idea of sadism more, because I wrote it in the previous post after Reluctance..

And with this, officially Beilen's weekly favorite segment returns to the followers, but it will evolve from mockery to gloating 😂🤭, the writer literally swore not to develop it even by an atom.

The first distinctive situations are always different for a person, and their impact lasts a lifetime, as the first love confession, the first help from someone, the first achievement of the person, and so on, and the human feelings are multiplied towards these situations, when they touch a missing psychological need, for Seyran , the first person who broke the rule of not eating as a family at the same table, was unique, and so it doesn't matter how many times Seyran feels happy. To change the situation, it will be total gratitude to Ferit , and he will remain an essential party to complete this happiness, so even with the change of her situation, her happiness is absent due to the loss of Ferit , and this is the reason that made her remember the first moment she gathered for her family on the dining table, and because this moment is also shared by Suna (being one of the parties that suffered from the same problem), she missed her presence after Ferit , meaning her family without Ferit and Suna, she is considered incomplete But it is complete, I helped her without them.

A little convincing is necessary Suna 🤭😂, but away from the reaction, honestly I don't know how people don't see how much Suna is absent in this relapse, literally as if she is hypnotized magnetically, and there is no happiness in her face or cunning or planning, literally a feeling of loss and sadness only, I mean this scene provoked a lot but I personally saw it as a hint from the writer to put Suna

OK the question that arises here, why did Kaya now feel that he must confess his feelings to Suna again? In fact they are two reasons, the first in the idea of the development of his feelings, notice the difference between the first and second confession in terms of content, the first was I fell in love with you, the second I fell in love with you (I fell in love with you), love is a higher degree of love and has a greater attachment, I mean the reason is the development of his feelings towards Suna more than before, the second reason is another attempt to protect Suna as well, in the idea of having a husband who not only loves you but He adores you, therefore while you have a guaranteed paper in your hand, why are you looking for a paper that is not yours, in addition to offering the option of a new start different away from revenge and etc., 

But what caught my attention was Kaya's assurance of living a happy life in sharing, but what he has is the ability to be the unhappy person who loves from one side only, yet even in his desire to separate from the room was based on respect for her feelings (as she does not carry feelings of love towards Kaya and therefore the difficulty of sharing one bed with their current conditions), and showed her his continued presence and support in the thought that it is possible to be with her in the same room, but he Under one roof (meaning the same roof as the house).

Despite the torrent of insults and insults from Seyran in this scene is a unique direction, but at this moment she was really expressing her feelings, and that she is in a really difficult position and cannot tell the truth, if you also notice her view of Kazim, (meaning that I said the words that comfort you), but Seyran forgot that between her and Ferit is a spiritual connection, and easily possible to know the truth from the look of her eyes, and aware that her actions are the opposite of what In her heart, but he only does not know the reason for these behaviors, 

however, if you pay attention, Ferit mentioned during the conversation the possibility of being threatened by her father, because it is very difficult to predict the person who is actually threatening Seyran , and therefore she could not communicate with him with the eye when confronted with her, the former Ferit could have really been affected by Seyran's actions and believed that it was her real desire and the separation cycle lasts longer, and this is one of the cases of developing Ferit's consciousness, Even in the idea of him going to talk face to face with Kazim as well.

The situation of Kaysun and he expects the best from Suna but every time he is disappointed 🤭😂, of course officially you entered the bright future and divided into parties between supporters of Kaya and those who understand the situation of Suna, although I doubt that the minority of the Suna 😅 party

Of course, Kaya's high consciousness is too smart to be fooled by a person with low awareness, so the lie of her going to meet Assuman, especially with her presence at the dining table, was not strong enough to convince Kaya (despite the stability of Suna's body language and her balance while lying), so the result of this was her observation, which led to seeing her hug Ferit , and most of Suna's physical contacts with Ferit were returned for the millionth time, it is really for the purpose of consolation, etc., I mean, there are no carnal desires inside her, and therefore he accuses her again, with the real purpose of her actions, which is her marriage to Ferit after his divorce from Seyran (they noticed because of Kaya's high awareness that he was destined to reach her inner desire without even knowing her visit to divination) 

These things were for her the watershed in the decision to ask for separation, it is clear that she was looking for an argument all the time to ask for a divorce from Kaya officially and clearly, now regarding the experience of Suna's existential messages in the path of divination, and during her setback, the first answer was to help differentiate between Ferit and Seyran, and the second answer was to ask for divorce from Kaya, and based on the experience of fear and emotion from the words of the divination. Under the name of fate, Suna's answers are catastrophically wrong, and therefore she is currently at risk of losing the catalyst in achieving her existential mission (entanglement of course with Kaya) and may be subject to very heavy punishment for failing the test.

I want you to notice the amount of hints and aids from the existential messages of Suna in this episode, and always the abundance of hints and aids indicates the approaching date of the end of the test and waiting for a final answer to it, let me mention some of them, first the positions of Ferit infinity in clarifying its place for him in the word of his son Hamai, and in explaining the importance of Seyran and his love for her, and repeating the sentence that their happiness lies next to each other (Ferit and Seyran ), in addition to his endless attempts In trying to regain Seyran 

even after being saddened by their last situation, he also wants to share his happiness with her, on the other side attempts to help Kaya her, their previous disagreement position, his recognition of his feelings, Offering the option of a new different beginning, confronting her with the unconscious thoughts inside her that she continues to deny, his agreement to divorce while warning her that what will happen to her in the future will be based on her actions, all these hints in a very short period, personally afraid of the punishment that Suna will receive if she officially fails her test, with curiosity in the fact that she will start the loop of repetition for her again or not.

A dedication to the Seyfer who are still under the influence of Akin's 😂🤭 kiss, and on this occasion I would like to tell you that in Turkish culture it is very normal for a man to kiss a woman's cheek and a woman to a man's cheek, when meeting as a kind of peace.

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