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Yali Capkini Episode 64 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini Episode 64 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini 64 English
Yali Capkini Episode 64 English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 64 English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 64 Summary

Yali Capkini 63 English Subtitle Although the ice between Ferit and Seyran melts, Seyran says that they have problems to solve. While Halis Ağa's announcement that he will marry Hattuç creates a bombshell effect at home, the biggest support for him comes from his grandson Ferit. Thinking that if this marriage takes place, she will completely lose her power in the house, she evaluates the blood-curdling plans. 

Halis Ağa and Hattuç, who want to make up for the good days they could not live in the past, want everything to proceed without any deficiencies in the marriage process. Kazim, on the other hand, is surprised by what his aunt has come across with this decision. Ferit, who understands Seyran's value better, supports him in everything and becomes a propeller around him. Unexpected developments take place between Pelin and Kaya. On the day of the engagement, it is up to Ferit to ask Kazim for Hattuç, while what Hattuc wants as mahr shocks everyone.

It was an important point for Ferit, who continued on his way by either ignoring all negativities or blaming someone else, to remember the hand he raised. For Ferit , who has been devoid of empathy until now, his sudden recollection is a serious development. By holding that shielded hand, Seyran both saved himself from being a victim and prevented Ferit from becoming a perpetrator. This was perhaps the greatest favor Seyran did to Ferit and himself.

It is impossible for Seyran to forget that moment. It's an incredible wound that the man she loves has raised his hand. The fact that Seyran will not forget this shield hand for the rest of his life is also Ferit's punishment. It may be Ferit's only mistake that cannot be compensated.

I thought this line would come true from the moment it came out of Seyran's mouth. But when I saw Seyran saying 'I love Akin' in this episode, I realized that there was never a chance of this event happening. The girl was devastated even as she spoke. At the same time, Ferit , who was devastated when he first heard this word from Seyran, chose to trust the language of actions rather than words this time. That's what he should have done from the beginning. Because if he had looked at Seyran a little carefully, he would have seen all the facts.

In this scene, it is necessary to open a parenthesis for Afra's acting. The fact that she was so petty from the weight of what she had been through destroyed me again with her helplessness, her tone of voice, her trembling jaw, her sobs.

Both the audience and Seyran know this very well. It's no wonder that Ferit displays grand gestures and examples of courage when it comes to showing his love. But what Seyran needs is subtleties rather than heroic displays. Ferit now also needs to avoid behaviors and details that could upset Seyran. Which I think is more difficult and this will be Ferit's main test. It's easy to swerve randomly, the hard thing is to be able to walk in a straight line.

Both Seyran and Ferit are aware of the flaws of their own families and each other's families. But when it comes to expressing this to each other, they both get defensive and end up defending their families, who they know are wrong. Ferit's realization of Kazim's game woke up Seyran, who realized that he had fallen into Kazim's trap. Seyran also needs Ferit to be free. Neither of them can break the chain of their families alone. But not together, thanks to their love.

Seyran's wearing Ferit's hood and slippers, locking the door of the room without him, securing both their nest and himself, being the one who tidied up, and falling asleep on the sofa were beautiful details.

Orhan was one of the stars of the episode and very good words came out of his mouth again. Although Orhan seems to have decided to pour his love into Ferit and Seyran, I am not afraid of a potential disappointment

The lack of communication brought about by anger, the wounds that bleed again at the slightest blow that never closed, disappointment, stubbornness, fear of loss, what should have been talked about from the beginning was talked about, even if it was too late.

Ferit paid a high price for trusting the wrong person. Although Seyran says, "Why didn't you tell me?", he cannot clearly evaluate his own anger. If Ferit had told the events as they were from the beginning, Seyran would still have left Ferit . Because at that time they had not reached their current level of maturity.

The last scene was the moment when we saw most clearly that Seyran and Ferit were young, wounded and in love. Love and longing were at the forefront, and desire was at the background.

Ever since Seyran left Ferit , he had been dragged along like a ghost, angry, cold and delighted. Ferit is a calming and peaceful force for Seyran. Seyran is able to find his own color and light next to Ferit Ferit's bond with Seyran is a little different. It's more of an addictive way, supported by a fear of loss and a maternal texture. In this respect, the infrastructure of Seyran's love is incomplete, it should be supported!

The problem between them is that the love is too great and it wears it out and is not enough to heal. Otherwise, they don't doubt each other's love. Holding Ferit's outstretched hand for the last time, Seyran chooses to trust their love. Let's see what happens next...

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