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Yali Capkini Episode 63 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 63 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini 63 English
Yali Capkini Episode 63 English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 63 Trailer 1 English Subtitle

Both Seyran and Ferit have strong and rebellious personalities, Fire and Water.

And they are equal. ⚖️

Their relationship is not about dominance/submission, that can never work with them, but about balance.

If they want they can both of them storm at the same time and they will for sure destroy everything. 

No one can put a leash on Ferit and no one can stop him when he is angry, he will burn everything and everyone, same goes for Seyran and we have seen that.

Only them can stop each other, because they are strong enough to do it and they gave each other that power over each other - Love is the key.

They know each other enough, they feel safe to lower their guards and to give the other enough room to be and express themselves, they trust each other enough to know when to push back and when to give in, not out of weakness but because they see that their partner has reached his limits and it’s their turn to back off.

We all know that, Seyran, if she really wanted she could’ve left and if she resisted much Ferit will back off because he can never cross the limit of  really “forcing her” to anything.

But she let him, she trust him enough to let herself be “dominated” by him, she willingly gave him power over her because she saw his state and by backing off she was giving him room to breath and trying to decrease the tension, she knows he will never do anything to harm her and will never cross any lines with her.

She tried the “you scare me” excuse because she knows that’s one of the limits he won’t cross if he sees that he really scaring he will stop. But he didn’t buy it.

She cracks and confess only when she fears for his safety - that was her red line - she didn’t succeed to decrease the tension she saw that he didn’t only reach his limits but he will harm himself in the process too and she can’t risk that.

SeyFer love the power they have over each other and they both enjoy it, the powerful side in their partner is what made them fall for each other, the stubbornness, the fire.

There was a bit where Halis smiled when Ferit took control over the Yali and was finally able to make Seyran listen to what he says, Halis knows Seyran power he have seen it, and if Ferit is able to “dompt” Seyran then he is finally ready to rule.

Yali Capkini Episode 63 Do we see the return of the powerful seyfer

The details in this scene and Mert Ramazan acting👌🏻

Ferit picked up from where he left off, after everything he went through this seems too good to be true for him and it shows.

When he was asking Seyran for a second chance and she agreed his surprise saying " vallahi mı?" was real.

Lying next to her again, seems so unreal to him that he was watching her, touching and admiring her but having the same facial expression he had since he knew about Pelin pregnancy - fear of losing her.

He was afraid even to get too excited or too happy that it might not last, the smile on his face was hesitant and doubtful, every time a small smile is drawn on the corner of his lips, it quickly fades and his face tenses up again.

The fear and uncertainty were written all over his face when he asks her “you will stay now forever here right, you’re not going anywhere?” and when she confirms, a wide smile spread across his face, only then he was relieved.

Will Orhan return to work with Okkes and Akin, or will he change for the better?

This part…

Orhan had to face his fear to overcome it, Zia aga said “if you don’t do it now you won’t be able to look at your son’s face” - but the thing is his own son won’t be looking at him the same way after this and Zia aga saw it.

Ferit when he first saw Okkes he wanted to beat him himself, and even though violence is violence, in his mind what he would’ve done would’ve been controllable and moderate compared to what he just witnessed from his father.

Ferit was disturbed watching what has become of Orhan, how badly they broke him and how much anger he has inside of him and the way he was letting it out.

When he came home to Seyran he had somber expression he was not proud of what he witnessed…

Was the mission accomplished though? Did Orhan overcame his fears?

I think yes, and we will witness gradually the change to a darker and broken Orhan.

Remember when Ferit said my father can’t hire gunmen - I think in the future no one will underestimate him.

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