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Yali Capkini Episode 66 The beginning of the episode

Yali Capkini Episode 66 The beginning of the episode

Yali Capkini 66 The beginning of the episode
Yali Capkini Episode 66 The beginning of the episode

Sequel to the ending scene of episode 65

After the Korhan family enters the hospital and Kazim and Esme see Ferit collapsed on the ground and cry while holding in his hand Seyran's hair and smell it (Akin's mother cut Seyran's hair and sent it to the palace) and Gulgun comes and hugs Ferit /

Gulgun: How's Seyran / Ferit starts crying more / Ferit : Mom. Seyran is in a very serious condition, they burned her, cut her hair and beat her, I couldn't protect Seyran, I'm the reason I am, and he starts banging his head against the wall and Gulgun tries to calm him down and she cries too. The whole family is broken, without hilarious ifakat. And Suna is also crying 

Suna is a base with a seat and ifakat sits next to her and she works as she is consoling her suddenly ifakat's mobile rings and she sees Suna Meen calling, and she discovers that it is the name of the fortune teller Fekriye and ifakat responds and goes to the bathroom, and Suna follows her and hears their conversation and knows that the divination Fekriye was an uncle laughing at her and deceiving her, and that ifakat is the reason and Suna when she hears everything she starts crying and then returns to her place after minutes the doctor comes out and the whole family 

Ferit : Dr. Reassure me Seyran is fine, isn't it? Nothing to worry about, right?

Doctor: I apologize I wanted to say this but ...... 

Ferit : But... What are you saying 

Doctor: We tried a lot to save the fetus, but unfortunately we couldn't, and for Seyran, her condition is difficult, and we will do a difficult operation, meaning her life between your prayers and our efforts

Ferit : no, no, no, no, no, I can't lose my mother's Seyran , my grandfather's father, I can't live without Seyran .

I think Hatice. 

*She is the one who arranged for the marriage plan of Ferit and Seyran for the purpose of entering the Korhan family 

*She is the one who killed Fazila and Nukhet's mother...?!!! 

* A selfish personality who wants money and power, and do not expect that she loves anyone, not even Seyran , as some believe that she will hand over the palace to Seyran 

* The men of Gantep fell in love with her and threw them under her feet to play jealously Halis the same behavior Pelin plays with Serter and Kaya because Ferit changes but the difference Pelin is stupid and Ferit threw her brick but Hatice used her trick to kill everyone who approaches Halis 

* Do not forget that in a second she can expel anyone from the palace in an instant if he objects to her words or reproaches her after the story that she tells this means Ferit is the only one who has the audacity to answer the beep of her neck, whether she expelled him or insulted him, the rest is stuck in the palace humiliated or humiliated 

* I expect she lied for the second time in front of them and told the story incomplete. This woman is impassable and her problems are many 

* I provoked everyone and Mezide by making soup with the head of the ram, a movement of the beginning of the war between the two, Hatice in her brain is a need and she is confident and knows 100% that Mezide will not fight her in the face will fight her with her family 

* We say again Hatice is not comedian nor strong and raises the palace 

Hatice has smells of a lot of sickness but one plays from under the table and the other plays in the stadiums 

Hatice will respond to the behavior of Mezide in a provocative manner and will respond to the increase of torture in Seyran 

Hatice tells what she likes who she wants to tell to all and us. I mean she knows how to put the dots on the letters in a way that holds the hand of each one and who talks to his hand is broken i mean he has no letter 

* She is the one who heated Kazim on Seyran , Suna and Esme and ruined and destroyed the life of 3 because she enjoys torture and that they live their lives and she does not expect de grieve for Seyran I doubt that her sadness will be real de hypocrite 

* Look at her features, you will be shocked 

They say in psychology when you reveal the person for what he really is his features change in your eyes.

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