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Yali Capkini Episode 66 The beginning of the scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 66 The beginning of the scenario

Yali Capkini 66 The beginning of the scenario
Yali Capkini Episode 66 The beginning of the scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 66 The beginning of the scenario and revealing the truth of the animal's head placement

Yali Capkini Episode 66 of the Traitor?

There are many reasons that make me doubt that Ece is the traitor 

1 - Ece was inside the palace all day and therefore the chances of her access to the room of Halis Agha are very large and since she is the owner of a walk no one will doubt her if she enters the room 

2- Ece is the only one present who has direct contact with Akin since she went out with him and Seyran , and therefore communication between them is possible 

3- When he comes, I called Seyran and asked her to come and take something from the taxi, after that we found Aggie in the taxi unconscious. Okay, how did you talk to her and how did she suddenly become unconscious and unconscious? 

4 - The writer is in his interest to end her relationship with Seyran so that the relationship between Seyran and Suna will return because Ece will be a third party in the relationship between them 

5- Ece's circumstances are not the best thing in life, and therefore if she was offered money, the probability of her approval will be great 

6- Parrish needs to close the role but he uses it for the last time strongly Because this way her role ended with the return of Seyran and Ferit and reconciled them with each other

7- Sehmuz is the one who put the head at the request of ifakat if you notice the scene Sehmuz and ifakat sleeping next to each other without introductions and everyone is surprised how this happened, the answer is that we will watch a flashback in the next episode in which we see that ifakat is annoyed by Hatice who took her place in the palace and took power from her, and Sehmuz will tell her I am ready for anything in exchange for seeing you happy, She will take advantage of the situation and ask him to do so, and of course he easily entered Halis' room by virtue of the fact that he was left alone in the palace, and he did what he did, and the opposite was what we saw in the episode while he was sleeping next to ifakat .

As for the rest of the defendants, we will hold them in turn. 

1 - Abidin :

All day long he was with Ferit and Seyran and at night he was standing at the gate with the guards and Ferit every little while he looked at him and looked at him, so when did he put his head in Halis' room? 

Okay, let's suppose that someone will say that it is easy for one of Akin's men to enter. Sorry, Esme and Gulgun were all the time on the hands of the people, if someone entered they would have noticed of course

2 - Suna :

It's impossible for her to cooperate with Akin knowing that he's going to hurt Seyran . That's in principle. 

The second thing that has no contact with him 

3. Ifakat and Assuman

All the time they were in the henna and at night ifakat was with Sehmuz , so where is the time when they entered the situation + Akin dont have contact with them.

4 - Latif

There is a percentage that doubts me because he knows the people from Gaziantep + that he doesn't want his marriage at all and Hatice + that he wants to get rid of Seyran because she knows his secret 

But the probability is less than Ece

5 - Sehmuz's probability of his situation, at the request of ifakat , and the opposite is what we saw in the ifakat room, and this is the strongest possibility and it can be certain, because Sehmuz loves ifakat and is ready to do anything in exchange for getting closer to her and gaining her satisfaction.

In general, let us see the brain of Parish and get us to where.

People ask who put the animal's head and the threatening message on the bed and the points of accusation were:

📌 Assuman Coach: 

I agree with you very much sweets and really doubtful and we did not understand why he entered the series and what is his story in the first place But if we pay attention to something, the coach came in the morning on the day of Henna I mean suppose he is the one who put the head down and threatened What about him guys? Halis originally went to sleep on the bed and got up on the second day on the occasion of the marriage contract and Jabou Hattuc from the house, meaning that the day of medicine passed this day Halis slept in it?. 

📌 The people who used to tidy up the house: 

Also, guys, it is very likely, especially since such a person used to enter Halis' situation and enter the palace in general, and the house was full, and it was possible that one of Akin's men entered the crowd, but also today this was the day of henna, and also Halis entered and slept in the room normally.

There are many possibilities, but what I want to tell you is that the head that Hatice found was degraded when Korhan was taking Hattuc from Kazim's house, focused, guys, at this time he was the one who landed the message and the head, and of course Ferit was putting people in front of the palace door and he took precautions, and everything is fine, and no one can go away, was Sehmuz with them or in the palace? 

The one who put the head and the message in the palace is someone from inside the palace if he was a servant or a family member and they doubted all the people Guys the people who doubted Asuman only or Latif only or Abidin no doubt them all because when Hatice and Halis were making the marriage contract It is easy that anyone walks like this comfortably and withdraws and enters the room to put the paper and head for them and then return again in his normal place. 

📌Conclusion: We cannot confirm that the one who did this is a certain limit because we can doubt such a limit and say that this is for sure and we all take the pile in the other! 

Many people we can doubt or in a more correct meaning all those in the palace now are doubtful 

(Latif - Abidin - ifakat - Sehmuz - Orhan - Suna -Asuman)

those are the suspicious members of the family 

And we may also doubt the servants or Shafika for example or Carlos 

Everything is possible, and I think the secret may not be revealed now except after a couple of episodes because of the excitement and excitement and so on, and I would like to tell you that the upcoming events will be action and something like that that is really very sweet because these are the events that we wish for from the first part (the subject of Tarik and his family).

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