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Yali Capkini Episode 72 Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini Episode 72 With Summary and Photos

Yali Capkini 72 English
Yali Capkini Episode 72 English Subtitles

Yali Capkini 72 English

Suna went to the psychiatrist with Seyran I hope the writer does the psychological session because Suna is really the one who needs to be treated psychologically from the first season and in the real story she is the first one who went to the doctor almost Originally the writer can make Seyran's disease the focus of the session for Suna Really,

something intolerant because Suna her life is already upside down Maybe the psychiatrist will help her to know what she will do in her life especially her marriage to Kaya and decide if she will continue with him or not because honestly I did not understand Their relationship is annoying from Kaya's betrayal and in a soul that she doesn't want to get divorced from she is not understandable and Kaya also couldn't understand her like he said

To be calm, ♡ 

Leave Pelin and Tarik from your thoughts 

Leave the word Seyran, will you travel or not? 

leave this Ferit Pelin lap 

Leave the word "where is love?"   

The episode is psychological for 80% 

And 20% dramatic 

As long as you have leaks in your mind you will destroy your nerves 

And you clarified and explain your dealing with the characters that they are sick and the last step is to reach a doctor 

This way you made it easier for yourself to understand the series ♡♡ 

Trust, lying, understanding and thinking, you are watching the series with an aggressive theory and you hurt your nerves on just a series but it is psychological and the psychological tension from your nerves Yali Capkini 72 English

I will explain everything in the episode

We need to understand the scene of the doctor and Seyran the first 

We can cut the word love now we take a break from it ❌

Because they are required to make mistakes and who falls into a setback has an appointment with the doctor  

They are required to bring the last point in their actions in order to clarify their true situation 

We can stop putting the word love in the sentence of the series 

And he saw that love originated in their crisis how and it exists 

We enter the second prize the second ♡ step 

A million questions for each one 

* Pelin will be a victim and if she dies, she will disgust us after her death 

Ferit Haram lives all these difficulties and his family is dying one after the other 

I don't want to burn the episode analysis for you 

But the Korhan family adopted a mistake and no emotions in the series Halis his punishment sees the power of destiny in kidnapping everything he lived for in wrong and forbidden 

Yali Capkini Episode 72 New leaksYali Capkini Episode 72 New leaks

If Orhan dies, it will remain a difficult episode. 

But I see them as events that are going right 

The scene of death and the second break for Ferit 

A walking scene while she sees death how hard for her and Ferit and learn to fight and be treated not give up 

And a scene of Gulgun that your husband died in a different way other than keeping him in the wrong way, so we do not treat the mistake by mistake!!  

And a scene for Halis, because what he did to people a long time ago and killing the worries of the world will not comfort him (as you condemn, you will be condemned)  Yali Capkini Episode 72

And the scene of possible deaths attributed to the child in the name of Orhan and there is no evidence that will prevent this!!  

I think there are events that will move a lot on this scene 

In case you really don't*, then we should be patient and not precede the event.  

All that I am waiting for is the scenes of the doctor because she entered into deeper points with Seyran🖤

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