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Yali Capkini Episode 72 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 72 New leaks

Yali Capkini 72 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 72 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 72 New leaks

In a strong leak

- Pelin will learn about Seyran's disease, and contrary to what we think, she will be the one who tells Ferit, and he will go to the airport and prevent her from traveling, and it will be parallel to the airport episode in the first part and he will kiss her at the airport😍🥰

I mean, by God, my eyes filled with tears of joy. I can't believe Pelin does this 😂🤣🤭

Even though I don't love you, Pelin, for the first time I thank you 🥰💖

- Tarik will call Seyran and ask her to meet him in the café because she promised him that she will meet him, and he will agree with the journalist and photograph them together in the café and the pictures will spread in the newspapers and there Ferit gets very angry at Seyran and shouts at her in front of Suna, but she could not control herself and shouted at Ferit and told him that Seyran will die, and that Tarik threatens her with this that he will tell you about Seyran's disease, there is Ferit will fall to the ground unconscious

- Gulgun will call Mazide and tell her that she is ready to help her kidnap Hatice, but Gulgun her goal is a meeting with Mazide, and she will hit her with a gun, and Mazide's role will end and also Gulgun will go to prison

- Halis will be very shocked and will lose speech and movement, due to remorse towards his son Orhan and also Fouad

Opening the life story of Halis The death of Fuat + the death of Amin will be similar to the same incident of Orhan

- Zerin will lose memory and will not admit anything because she does not remember anything

- Esme will ask for a divorce from Kazim, Seyran and Ferit will help her in the divorce, and she will live in the palace with her daughters

Ferit decides to leave the palace so that he and Halis won't be under the same roof because he caused the death of his brother and father.

- Tarik is the one who will ki-ll Tayar 

- Suna will receive psychotherapy from Syran doctor

- ifakat will return to prison because, as we know, she is the one who kil led her sister Fikrye and also caused the murder of Orhan's mother, she will go to prison while she is carrying the child, he is from Orhan and not Sehmuz

When she is born, she will have a daughter, whom both Seyran and Ferit will take care of as their daughter.

Kaya if he didn't finish the third season he will travel either with Pelin or after Pelin dies 

We go back to analyze the scene of Ferit and Pelin

I appreciate that the scene of Ferit hugging Pelin was provocative to some 

But for me it represents the difference between emotional thinking and practical thinking.

Emotional thinking is strange why Ferit is doing exactly like Seyran's thinking and her blame for him 

But the practical thinking that Ferit used 

It was a

My mother-in-law hit her mother and her mother can die, so I have to do my duty so that I can help my mother-in-law if she limits something to my wife, she will be affected.

(This is called practical thinking)

Guided (Room View)

When Seyran blamed Ferit for being with Pelin He replied to her and said because it is possible that this was for your own good. And that everything he did was for her own good.

This is exactly unique did with another evidence of what was in the park with Kazim after he reassured Zerin working normally with Pelin did not exchange hugs with her and the first thing that was confirmed that the subject possible infect and his presence in the presence of her uncle and reproach Seyran will cause a crisis decided to leave even when I contacted him at night did not care even if Seyran is not present not interested in her connection as well.

So reassure him that neither Ferit will be in charge of Pelin nor does she differentiate with him all his goal and his illusion is only Seyran and nothing else.

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