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Hayat Hirsizi Episode 1 Story and actors

Hayat Hirsizi Episode 1 Story and actors

Hayat Hirsizi Episode 1 Story and actors
Hayat Hirsizi Episode 1 Story and actors

Hayat Hirsizi Story and actors

Very excited for Laila's revenge on her stepmother, obviously

The revenge will be strong! The second picture is the confirmed cast

Currently there are negotiations with Khalil Ibrahim and Yaghit

To join the series ❤️ 🔥! Give me your opinion? 🤙🏻💥

🔸 The story of the series:

The action tells a complex vindictive dramatic story about a girl

A little girl whose life was shattered by a greedy woman who returns

To take revenge on her after she became a woman with a new identity.

🔸 Definition of characters:

🔹 Jamiri will play Layla, the orphan girl who was killed

Her father and her childhood was stolen from her, and now she is a cook

Famous and returns to take revenge on her stepmother (Nour).

🔹 Nour "Laila's stepmother": She is a woman married by Laila's father

But when he dies, she and her lover kick Laila out.

To the garbage dump and its use to work in the streets

🔹 Jevan: Laila met him on the streets and he became

Her best friend and became the love of her life, after that he enters

The orphanage with Laila comes a family to adopt Layla, and Laila's stepmother

With her lover they adopt "Jevan" (Alberan Duimaz)!

🔹 Cengiz Bozkurt as Salman, the father of the footballer

The famous flood, negotiations with Khalil Ibrahim Jilan

To join the series as a flood of football player

🔹 Negotiations with Yegit Kirazgi to embody Mali's role

Nour's lover( Layla's stepmother ) secret

🔹 Zeno Aragar as Mother Joseda, orphanage director

Hayat Hirsizi  1 Story and actors
Hayat Hirsizi Episode 1 Story and actors

According to Birsen Altuntaş's news, Halil İbrahim Ceyhan has joined the cast of the #HayatHırsızı series, which will come to the screens in the new season. The popular actress will give life to the character of football player Tufo, whom Leyla's (Cemre Baysel) stepmother Nur (Gonca Vuslateri) will marry.

Biography about actor Halil İbrahim Ceyhan Biography: 

Halil İbrahim Ceyhan He was born December 13, 1982 in Sivas In 2007, he won the Most Promising Model Award in the Best Model competition in Turkey After that he started his musical career and worked with Swat Aydogan He released his first single titled Kaybettim (My Craftsman I Lost) in 2007 and his music KendiniBanaBirak (Artisan Leave Yourself to Me) has achieved two million views on YouTube Halil İbrahim Ceyhan writes lyrics ( He gave his songs to Sardar Ortak and Oghuz Berkay Fidan) Halil İbrahim Ceyhan started his acting career in 2019 after receiving acting lessons.

Halil İbrahim Ceyhan Series & Films 2019 - Hayman Donierez (film). 2020 - 2022 Heritage (Imanit) (as in Yemen). 2023 Dirty Basket series.

Alperen Duymaz (born 3 November 1992) is a Turkish actor and model. He was interested in music and fashion shows during his high school years. He later graduated from Hacettepe University in Ankara Faculty of Theater. Alperen made his television debut in the series False Little Sweets. He continued his career with later roles in The Bitter Love and The Tale of Bodrum.    In 2018, he made his film debut and portrayed the character of Kotai in the film Karatai Resistance.  In the same year, he had a recurring role in the series The Pit as Emre. 

Actor Alperen Duymaz and his life story

Alperen Duymaz is famous for his handsome and gorgeous style, which is why he is overwhelmed by fashion shows and advertising,Alperen Duymaz is a boxing fan, he has won a thin, athletic body and a harmonious body, his length is 183 Alperen Duymaz , thick and smooth black hair, brown eyes and white skin.

The artist Alperen Duymaz was born on the third day of November 1992 in the city November of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, he is a child loved and loved by teachers, loves to play music and learn to play guitar and piano, and after finishing his middle school, Biran attended the School of Performing Arts, Hacettepe University, Ankara.

He also studied the acting department at Hajitaba University, began to advertise models and models, and because of his attractiveness attracted the arrival of offers from companies, and because of his handsomeness, behavior and talent, he became famous in the fashion industry.

Alperen Duymaz did not perform in the first place, nor did he think about his professionalism, but his interest in music and theater was all due to his service by his brother who was a music teacher at the time but then he took acting lessons and moved to Istanbul to start his artistic career.

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