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Man realizes the value of something when he loses it

Man realizes the value of something when he loses it

Man realizes the value of something when he loses it
Man realizes the value of something when he loses it

* I lost, for the first time in my life I accept my loss.

Ferit reached this stage as "the beginning of his realization of the value of things" that he lost because of his mistakes and helped him discover them in order to start the stage of taking responsibility and change on the ground.

If you don't feel for others, if you don't listen to them, if you don't take responsibility, you won't have the environment to acquire this skill.

1. Seyran / gave Ferit a very important lesson while she was facing him.

You want to have everything at the same moment "me and your son".

She didn't care about my feelings how she hid it from me all this time.

2• Gulgun / gave him the same lesson "Don't you want my happiness"!

Didn't you ask why I got to this state before the defense!

I mean Ferit regardless of he knew his father's betrayal but he was silent

He didn't appreciate his mother's feelings once "because his system doesn't corrupt."

He didn't experience the feeling of betrayal to feel hard to accept.

Part of Ferit's problems is summarized here.

he still sees that Seyran alone won't be able to

Without work, without a house, without money, life is hard.

His grandfather told him you are without possibilities and the nickname of Korhan is not worth anything 

You went but came back demanding your share of the inheritance.

* He needs to learn, take responsibility and depend on himself.

3. Seyran / "There's a Big Life, Ferit ."

• Seyran gives him the second lesson, which is taking responsibility.

The human being can be happy without the possibilities and nickname of Korhan

When he establishes his life by himself, becomes financially independent and establishes his happiness by his hand.

• Ferit has the nickname and capabilities without fatigue, but not happy!

4. Halis / Come to me when you stand on your feet by yourself.

Regardless of his mistakes, his words will wake up Ferit

He will learn to take responsibility >> "You have to make the decision yourself."

5. Latif "Don't look for work even as a servant".

The beginning of change on the ground is Ferit's independence from his grandfather's nickname and capabilities so that he takes responsibility and matures "intellectually".

• Seyran - Halis - Latif / Give Ferit the same lesson ✍🏻

Seyran was the first spark and now we're at the end 🌪️.

6. Orhan: "You don't like losing, Ferit."

Another lesson for Ferit > It's not you who interrogates my love for Seyran .

• Ferit's problem: "I wish they loved me instead of giving me what I want."

Did he need a long time to struggle or fight for something he wanted?

Did Ferit ever feel interested or experience feelings of loss!

Did he know the concept of dialogue and mutual understanding?

All these are feelings and situations that Ferit has never experienced in his life.

• Ferit's first loss in life "Seyran" 💔

Maybe because there is no solid foundation in the relationship,

Such as the pieces that he lost while erecting the tent in the forest.

⌛ "Do you realize the value of something after you lose it?"

• It will be a difficult but not impossible experience,

So the departure was important so that he stopped and faced himself .

Life lessons are free, you just have to absorb."

Although the price of some lessons is painful, it wakes up the mind.

• Ferit will not ignore signals he is currently accepting loss.

"Whoever plays this game on us, I'll find him and take him out in front of you."

"Bring Pelin to the palace" > went out in front of Seyran ✍🏻

"We'll charge him together" and then Game over 🗳️

Ferit took it out in front of Seyran and in front of everyone for the first time 🔥

I mean you will be held accountable for them in front of everyone + you will be exposed in Kaya's room 

She will return to the palace and share the solution with Ferit as we said

They will tie the strings together and the game will unfold soon it is all a matter of time.

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