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Seyfer relation needs to go through tests to get stronger

Seyfer relation needs to go through tests to get stronger

Seyfer relation needs to go through tests to get stronger
Seyfer relation needs to go through tests to get stronger

Seyfer relation needs to go through tests to get stronger

• From my point of view, Ferit and Seyran confrontations with their mistakes to each other are useful in the development of their relationship "no divorce" ، Latif's words to Ferit "literally stand out" And it is considered one of the most powerful scenes in the series ، Gulgun and Seyran collaboration, Ferit rival to his grandfather strong ✍🏻

The pregnancy must unfold/ entering Sagida must finish the game ..

stretching is silly i know but it doesn't work for belin to continue ×

There is no logic in its existence to begin with. Its scenes are provocative 

+ pregnancy must be revealed because the topic is really very bad I mean

I don't know what Anouar is betting on but he is stupid and losing.

"Revealing the facts"""confrontation"""admitting mistake ⬅️"""reward or punishment"" ⬅️ ⬅️

This episode had one voice and it is the truth

To put every person in his place and every person and the sin he committed

Who will confess and bear the result of his actions = reward

And who denies the sin he committed = punishment


"Your ability to find love is different from your ability to maintain it"

The Seyfer in the first season were able to reach love and in return = their second marriage

Ok what is the reason that their marriage is not happy is the text of the second sentence that keeping love requires different abilities And the reason why they didn't reach the point of preservation I remember on the tongues of the characters and their tongues

Gulgun an unhappy person does not become a good husband/wife or a good father/ mother

Ferit Seyran they have always been miserable because of the violence of Halis and Kazim which are the main reason for their arrival to these characters،Victims to the extent that the language between them is defamation and throwing poisons in each other's faces 

And this is on the lips of Gulgun / Abidin / Suna more than 3 people who know their relationship, the writer sent Seyfer a letter

You're different.

Seyran is different from Suna / Esme

And Ferit is different from Fuat/ Orhan

But their problem is that they don't continue and give up,

Ferit was giving Seyran a space that would stay alone.

And Seyran was not judging except when she heard from Ferit but when there was a problem🐡they gave up

no Ferit wants to give space for a walk to think

Or Seyran heard from Ferit to judge

So that the voice of truth comes on the tongue of Latif/ the story of Orhan and Gulgun

Latif was the voice of truth that wakes Ferit up for the last time be a man and appreciate yourself so that people appreciate you And Ferit responded and said, "Try to fix this because the voice of truth comes to me in the story of his family, and he says to him, ""I lead to a space, you hurt her like this, so he responds and says "I will release it," "Give it a space."

And in return for this, Seyran was kidnapped so that Ferit would be punished for his actions And so that they can listen to him and then take her decision because in the end fate will lead them to the most important point which is maintaining love "marriage" And he started a white page without secrets without a past but with a present and planning for the future "Palace rulers" 🤴🏻

"The pain of separation is stronger than the right and the unright"

Because it hits the human in his weak point

The voice of truth was on the tongue of Ferit and his words are facing them

Love doesn't change as long as the person himself doesn't want each one drew a picture of the other and forces the other unconsciously to keep this picture and when it doesn't happen Each one of them blames the other.

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