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Seyran And Ferit Confrontation thread

Yali Capkini Seyran And Ferit Confrontation thread

Yali Capkini Episode 51 Seyran And Ferit Confrontation thread
Seyran And Ferit Confrontation thread

Yali Capkini Episode 51 Seyran And Ferit Confrontation thread

Seyran-Ferit Confrontation thread📌

This scene is very important for both of them. We listened from Seyran a lot and it is easy to sympathize with her. Butt understanding Ferit here is a must. Finally he got out the feelings that strangles him

Before I talk about the scene. We have to remember some things first the family Ferit was raised in. How he didn’t recieve any care or affection. How no one was there for him. How they got our the worst version of him.

When Ferit married Seyran, for the first time he knew the meaning of love, care and affection. He wanted to change for her not for himself and that was wrong.📌 He always saw himself less than her and that she is stronger and that she deserves better than him

He tried to change onlyy to make her love him. But he always had the insecurities that he will never be enough for her. And that she is better than hik in everything. He always think that anytime she will leave him. He was always afraid of that moment

In every moment he still asks her do you love me can you love anyone else and not me. Even when she trusted Kaya this insecurities were very apparent. Because he still feel that at the first mistake he does, she will leave

He is still traumatized by their first marraige that Seyran can turn everything upside down again and be away from him without listening. He still sees that Seyran is dealing with love as prize and punishment like season 1

Have you ever thought why Ferit was afraid from saying the truth of the pregnancy to Seyran? 

Because he knows Seyran is stonger than him and wont accept it. And that she wont listen and will always think rationally unlike him driven by emotions

Thats why when he felt danger and that might happen again. He was trying to fix it away from Seyran. Because of the fear he had. Ferit fears Seyran as his mother not his partner and that is a great problem in their relation📌

Now Ferit is experiencing his insecurities he is now passing through all what he felt and all what he was afraid of and trying to escape from. He accepted defeat and now he finally expressed all his hidden feelings that he kept and was strangling him

For the first time, Ferit is saying everything he wanted to say and he couldn’t. And the words arent related to P he knows that he made a mistake already and he tried to fix it but failed but the words he is saying here is on their relation as a whole 📌

“While I accepted you as you are, you never accepted the real me”

“While I was trying to change for you, you never tried to change for me”

“While I was trying to understand and listen to you, you never tried to understand and listen to me”

“But how you can accept this You are always the strong Seyran”

“If you alreadyy tried to listen for me once, I would have told you alreadyy everything and would have done everything for you”

I really loved how Ferit expressed this feelings he has in words. He exploded everything he was hiding from her. He already feel whatever the issue is or will be if he made anything wrong she will find excuse and leave without fighting 

Ferit always felt that Seyran love is conditional. And if sth happened unlike her will she wont fight for this love. And will chose the easiest option. He still feels that he isnot worthy in her eyes that he will never see her fighting for him

Like Ferit listened to Seyran, Seyran also must listen to Ferit and how he feel. In my opinion most of Ferit words are somehow right actually. Seyran always in every fight she accuse Ferit of being selfish and mean and other things far away from Ferit.

Having this convo is very important for their relation. Ferit finallyy expressed the feelings that stresses him and Seyran listened to things she didn’t think about it this way before. The two now expressed everything they feel and that is good for both❤️

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