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Analysis of episode 51 of Yali capkini

Analysis of episode 51 of Yali capkini

Analysis of Yali capkini episode 51
Analysis of episode 51 of Yali capkini

Yali capkini episode 51 Analysis sorry if long 

The episode can't be understood by our point of view in order to understand it I understand it by the points of view of the characters 

In general the characters confessed on the tongues of some of them 

Each one described the other directly 

Seyran really is still in the Kazim box and her fears of men 

Ferit is really his biggest enemy himself 

Halis is the most selfish and controlling personality who plays chess with everyone

Seyfer was summed up by Abidin in two words (both understand each other's language)  

No matter how much they hurt each other they know how to heal each other they have a union of souls with each other 

The last scene her reaction was not on his words it was on her feelings that were exposed He was able to take the guarantee of her love so that he can move So he had to deal in her way both are wrong but this is the way they love them unfortunately That's why we are always in pain, but gradually until they understand marriage, sacrifice, and responsibility. 

Both of them are still in the zoom of their fears walking when she said what is inside her she relaxed a little and started to calm down and listen to him 

When Ferit started to talk about what is inside him he started to realize his consciousness and understand his way 

Seyran really hates the truth and that someone guides her on her fears 

Ferit didn't play on Seyran he started on his family 

And really he turned the situation around and he became the king and all of them have the game in his hand 

He started working with Halis not because he is still attached to him no Halis fell into a unique trap and for the first time Halis is stupid 

Ferit will struggle and know the secrets of Halis and be shocked by the truth of his grandfather 

From the time the mirrors broke I knew that Halis had secrets that would be revealed in a shameful way 

Latif's advice to Ferit was in its place guide him on the right way and this proves that the person needs someone to guide him even a step 

that's why Ferit when he cries he is still a child i still don't understand what he is doing he misses the right life and the right raising and tenderness crying shows that he is a person from inside who refuses the disease that is controlled, Ferit lives on two cases 

Consciousness and subconscious 

If we focus on his scene with Pelin he was conscious when he attacked her because he is a character that reminds him of his black past and this is horror for him but she was able to evade his attack by playing on his emotions with the child And this proves that the child is not his son and she has the ability to play with Ferit so he entered a state of unconsciousness unaware of the truth of himself And she pulled his hand on her stomach all this is not conscious and he felt suffocated and the bout started attacking him so he was able to pull gradually and stay away from her until he woke up and continued the attack on her 

Like Seyran fears Kazim 

Ferit fears Pelin and Halis  

Ferit knew the tone of his grandfather and father and understood their conversation about his mother so he attacked Orhan in front of them and told him to divorce my mother I will divorce my wife 

he's pressuring halis 

I am not your grandson who you love, and I returned to you the obedient person, so I threw the ball in your court, what will you do?  

As this is my mother if I go out I will go out with her and lose your grandson 

If she stayed I will stay with her and therefore my wife is with me 

The conclusion is that Ferit will not divorce and even when he told Seyran I said they both know each other and comfort each other with words but the action will not be done + The kidnapping will make Ferit feel guilty by talking to her but the kidnapping step is her return with Ferit to the palace in front of Pelin inside holding his wife's hand 

And I already said that Pelin entered the palace at the end of it and the red color room is a real expose, 

The story starts from the beginning, everything will become clear 

"And Ferit said, ""I know the shortcomings and I will not give up and fix them."" I mean, he is currently on his way to reform himself before anything else" 

latif and Sefika have the strongest secret that belongs to Halis that will break it,

Halis is a personality that everyone will turn against and this time w-ar is a loser

Currently the palace is in a phase of civil w-ar against each other 

Assuman is the real guide of Seyfer and she will reveal facts because she is the voice of logic and truth 


Pelin How do you know Kaya's fake name?  

And Pelin and Kaya knowingly relationship some of London we doubt?  yes we doubt 

Currently, the situation is clear. 

Clarify each character that indicates what 

Leaving doubts in some ,

make it clear that what is coming things will work out how 

The most important conversations that were said 

This time he will lose the war 

Don't be fooled by it 

* I draw in secret without anyone knowing 

* I feel that you are responsible of me 

* For the first time I feel that my mistakes brought happiness 

* You are your own enemy 

* For the sake of my family, I smeared my hand. 

* I'm not what it looks like 

The episode was a leak for the next episodes 🤎 I still expect Kaya son Sehmuz As long as he remembers that Nukhet liked Sehmuz I mean it was a copy of Pelin in that she followed a married man 

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