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Yali Capkini Episode 51 release date

Yali Capkini Episode 51 English release date

Yali Capkini Episode 51 English Subtitles
Yali Capkini Episode 51 release date

Yali Capkini Episode 51 English Subtitles

- Ep 1 a stranger in Ferit’s room uninvited with the game over sign on.

- Ep 51 a stranger in Ferit’s room uninvited but Ferit is not there and the game is over.

- Ep 1 Kazim locked Seyran in to force her to marry - she is out she agrees to marriage.

- Ep 51 Kazim locks Seyran in to force her to divorce and slanders the family - Seyran is out she won’t divorce.

- Ep 1 Halis covered up about the minor in bed avoiding the press so he won’t marry her.

- Ep 51 Seyran is alerting the press.

- Halis, Kazim, Pelin, all of them their plans depends on Seyran leaving Ferit.

- Seyran is turning the table.๐Ÿ”ฅ

(The unexpected move ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Yali Capkini Episode 51 Summary and Frames:

Although Ferit is infuriated when he learns that Kazim has kidnapped Seyran, he tells the people in the house that he stands by his decision to leave, but he still does not hesitate to secretly go after Seyran.

Pelin is afraid that Sacide will tell her everything.

When Suna worries about Seyran, she cannot stay at home and takes action to find Seyran with Ferit.

Kaya hears what Ifakat says to Suna about Abidin.

Kazim asks Seyran to go on TV and talk about the Korhans.

Orhan, on the other hand, asks for help from ฤฐfakat to rule out Halis AฤŸa.

Ferit manages to kidnap Seyran from Kazim and the two settle scores again.

SeyFer know each others enough now to know that they are not saying those words to hurt each others but to speak the truth and point fingers to their real enemy - their own families.

They need to reach a point where they can talk with each other without walking on eggshells and even if what they are hearing and saying is harsh, the trust they have in each other and their love won’t blurry their judgement. 

It may hurt to hear the truth but they will know that was never the intention.

What Ferit said to Seyran and what Seyran said to him is hurtful but it’s still the truth and it’s fine, that’s how they grow from their pain.

I remind you that Halis once kidnapped Syran in his palace, her reaction is surrendered and Ferit's reaction is surrendered. 

Currently, Kazim kidnapped Seyran , but the reaction of Seyran and Ferit will be what???  

But my guess personally is that Seyran is not stupid to the extent that she falls into mistake 

But it has a pathological side that it deals with beating and hand and this is a psychological complex 

Ferit started to treat her like the same I mean I will treat you with your treatment 

Seyran said you will bu-rn your souls, you will bu-rn your soul, and you will not specify who you are Why did you assume that you are unique, what you can mean Kazim and Halis!!  

Even in the meeting, Kazim watched her shocked and the girl saw him shocked, meaning he got a need that he did not expect!!  

The second point is Suna and Seyran , how do you charge them, guys?  I am surprised by the reactions that came from Suna and Seyran in this scene 

The third point Pelin entered the Seyfer room in front of the word game over and said everything will be over if this woman talks 

Orhan and ifakat will make mistakes and expose each other In conclusion, the palace started a civil w-ar against each other 

We must understand that currently Parish is mysterious and does not clarify his pen. As a follower, you are forced to understand the events in order to understand what Parrish is doing, do not wait for Parish to clarify things for you or think that he is repeating the same events of the first season, you are wrong he makes parallels but the reactions will shock you 

And I told you many times the Seyfer one day will be one hand against their families 

The temporary separation of Seyfer made them know that their place is not with their families and not like them so they fig-ht their complexes to reach each other 

And no matter how much they insult each other, they understand each other, they don't know how to leave each other or stay together Their satisfactory relationship they know how to live with It's hard for us, but two people drink each other ๐Ÿ™‰

๐Ÿ“Œ This gave me same vibes, in a room full of people Ferit is still alone.

The way he sits at the very end of the table and his chair is slightly far from it and them. He is completely detached from all of them.

Pelin needs her whole village right and left to sit to that table and no room for Ferit to be beside her/support her.

Halis will never trade Ferit (his real and favourite grandson) for the new one, pelin is carrying, her and her whole village.

Halis brought her, Halis will get rid of her.

Yali Capkini Episode 51 English release date

New Episode Friday, December 22 at 20:00

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