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The story of a girl who has become more mysterious about her and what she does Part 2

The story of a girl who has become more mysterious about her and what she does Part 2

The story of a girl who has become more mysterious about her and what she does Part 2
The story of a girl who has become more mysterious about her and what she does Part 2

The story of a girl who has become more mysterious about her and what she does Part 1 Here

And suddenly she started laughing hysterically and she cant control herself

While he was looking at her with great astonishment and unable to speak and he was asking himself in a low voice when she laughs is she really crazy like everyone said about her, And he started to get nervous and afraid of her but he is still holding on in front of her and after several minutes of continuous laughter she stopped laughing and returned to silence again he got angry and asked her wondering why she laughed

But she didn't answer him either so he became angry and got up from his place and stood in front of her saying to her I want an answer to my question, And here she gave up her silence and told him you want an answer I will answer you, And she breathed a deep breath and told him I laugh when I get upset or angry or bothered by something and I am now very upset and upset and you are the one who turned a blind eye when I asked my father to sit with you alone

I had a doubt and this request cut the doubt with certainty you didn't come to me because you want to get married while you came to know what will happen with you When you propose to my engagement, the whole town talks about him and accuses me of being crazy, and I don't know if you know this or not because you were outside the country. So I said to myself I will know the truth when he comes to us so if he asks to sit with me he will make sure of his complaint and if he does not ask he is really innocent

But I asked and I made sure that you really know everything and you are curious to know what happened with everyone who proposed to me so I laughed because I made sure of your intention So excuse me I will leave the place before you leave you are praying for him with a wife worthy of him but she for the first time refuses she is a young man who proposed to her engagement asking him to tell everyone that the rejection was from his side So that his chapter is not affected in front of the people and their talk becomes that a crazy girl rejected him

And she went out in a hurry but she quickly remembered the bag she was carrying so she came back eager and grabbed it and took it and went out of the room While he could not reply to him and he was very ashamed when he heard him and returned to his house and entered his room and closed the door on him and refused to talk to his mother to blame himself for what he did and what he heard of words from a girl who is said to be crazy but something strange happened to him

All his thinking became in this girl became her image while she is talking and putting her face in the ground does not leave him His mind was unable to forget her so how can she be crazy and talk these words and in this way she inhabited his mind before his heart so he quickly returned to her asking her to forgive him and accept him as a husband He made a mistake when he believed the words of people without talking to her and making sure of her innocence himself, and here the girl cried very much, and he was surprised, so she told him I cry when I rejoice, and I am now overwhelmed with great joy, but she has a condition...

She accepted him, she will marry him, she wants to sit with him alone and talk to him to tell him what was going on between her and any young man, so that he comes out after that and accuses her of insanity He refused and told him to accept crying like this and I don't want to know anything anymore my knowledge of you is enough for me and my confidence in myself and my choice is enough for me but the girl insisted to sit with him alone The young man agreed and went into the room, he and her, closed the door and asked him to sit down, and grabbed the bag that she always carried when any young man proposed to her, and took out what was inside to surprise the young man with what was inside the bag.

The young man was surprised with what is inside the bag that it is a Quran she sat down and put her eyes in the ground so he approached her quietly and sat next to her and asked her to look at him because from the day he proposed to her engagement she did not see his face she told him I used to do that with everyone who proposed to me I do not see their faces or their bodies

I don't care about that, but I want a heart to live inside it, and here she raised her face to be surprised by the innocence in her eyes like the innocence of children He looked at her in terrible silence as if he had never seen any girl before I grabbed his hand and put it on the Qur'an and asked him to swear that everything he hears he didn't tell anyone about it It will be a secret between her and him and God and will have the freedom of choice either to accept or reject and if he accepts will swear that he will carry out everything he heard this is what she was doing with everyone who submitted to her did not hesitate even for seconds and swore to save every word will be said to him said to him I want you to ask and pray istikhara prayer.

And if I marry you I want you to be in front of me in prayer in my house I want your hand to protect me and not hurt me Your eyes understand me your heart will be a dwelling for me your tongue does not hurt me with any bad word If you hate me, don't leave me. I will live with you and serve you because I will be in debt to you because you fed me and I waited for me to have a father who fears for me, a brother who protects me, a son who entertains me, and a friend to complain to. 

Be the son of my father and mother, and a brother to my brother and sister. Be a support for all of us. In return, I will be your mother again after your mother. I will protect you in your absence, I will protect you, I will cover you if I make a mistake, I will love you, and I will see no one but you, I will be your life, and I want you to be for me too Life He listened to the words while he was in the top of the amazement and unable to describe this girl.

How can a young man hear this talk and be accused of insanity? How and he asked her about the reaction of everyone who heard these words and she told him some of them told me sarcastically to be a father brother and a child and some of them said you are the strangest girl my eyes have ever seen and some of them said I can't understand you and a lot of bad words I heard and more sarcasm,  He breathed very deeply, thanking God that they called her crazy, so that he would know about that and propose to her engagement to win her, 

he is really the one who deserves her and who understands every word she said, then he goes out to the street shouting to everyone that he will marry her Because he is the one who deserves her and appreciates her and God loves him too Because her marriage was delayed to be his share He challenges everyone that if she was crazy from their point of view and just because they heard the words young people who have no morals or mind or religion will be crazy 

than her and win her And challenges them that he will complete the journey of his life with her in madness and held her hand and shouted her love, ignoring people, ignoring their words, there are minds of many people do not understand and accuse them of backwardness and madness, but it is a great thought for a few minds absent from a long time.

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