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Yali capkini Episode 52 Summary and Frames

Yali capkini Episode 52 Summary and Frames

Yali capkini 52 English
Yali capkini Episode 52 English Subtitles

Yali capkini Episode 52 Summary and Frames:

Ferit claims here that Seyran doesn't really love him, that he likes to change him, not the real Ferit ? Right? It's not. Is he right? It's not that either.

Ferit is a child who has been unconditionally and inadequately loved by everyone in his life, or even not fully loved. As long as Ferit did not cause problems, he was not seen, and when he did, that problem was either ignored or covered up.

Halis covered up his mistakes with punishments such as rewards;

Orhan completely ignored Ferit;

No matter what she did, Gülgün ignored it so that the problem would not get bigger;

Pelin put up with all her mistakes and ignored them.

While the people around him offered such feedback, Ferit's love became an acceptance of his mistakes and a cover-up. There is a wrong mindset that says, 'He who loves me will excuse me, whatever I do will be with me.'

At this point, despite the mistake he made, it is wrong to expect Seyran to be by his side, but it is not surprising for Ferit . He made mistakes, but he must be forgiven. Reason? Because Seyran loves me. Those who love forgive, because they have always done that to Ferit 

At this point, Seyran's refusal to accept the betrayal done to him and abandon him directly leads Ferit to think that Seyran did not really love me. Because Ferit apologized in his own way, he even confronted Seyran with that girl, he exonerated himself according to himself.

Unfortunately, the part of what Ferit said that you liked to change me, not me, is true considering Seyran's character. Seyran's desire to fix others is evident. At this point, it is reasonable for Ferit to have this thought.

This questioning actually pushes us to question Seyran's love. Did Seyran like to correct Ferit ; did he like to unleash the gem in him with the instinct of a goldsmith; Or did she fall flat in love with the wounded and kind-hearted child inside Ferit , who was very similar to herself?

Ferit persistently refuses to realize the extent of his mistake and how much he hurt Seyran, and he looks at the incident from his own perspective in a completely selfish way. Because if he put himself in Seyran's place, I'm sure he wouldn't forgive himself either.Yali capkini Episode 52

The fact that he thinks he is not loved, that he stops striving for Seyran, that he gets angry and tries to hurt him is all because of his stupid belief that he is not loved by Seyran. He does not know what healthy love is, that some mistakes will not be forgiven. Because everything is forgiven in the mansion. Even the mistresses...

Here, I would like to open a parenthesis to the scene with that girl that comes after this scene. Everyone says that Seyran should have said the sentences that that girl said, that Seyran should have consoled Ferit , but here is that girl's manipulation of Ferit again!

How? That girl urges him to take refuge in Ferit's goodness and take care of herself and her child. "You are good, you will take care of it, if you don't come out, you are not good according to him", he hits the dilemma of being good and evil, which is Ferit's soft underbelly.

That girl doesn't care if Ferit is good, that he's a good father, that he doesn't look like his father or grandfather. All he cares about is keeping Ferit in this way. As a matter of fact, these words do not even affect Ferit . Because what motivates Ferit is the presence of Seyran. If he doesn't exist, there is no Ferit . It's almost a toxic bond.

After all; In this scene, both Seyran and Ferit are right in places. But Ferit's biggest mistake, infidelity, lies and the issue of children, prevent us from feeling sorry for his rightness and the helplessness of a child who actually begs for love. At the same time, he doesn't allow Seyran the luxury of making mistakes. Balance is a must.Yali capkini 52

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