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Yali capkini episode 53 Events and expectations

Yali capkini episode 53 Events and expectations

Yali capkini episode 53
Yali capkini episode 53 Events and expectations

Yali capkini episode 53 Events and expectations

My thoughts are scattered, so excuse the chaos. 😂

I see that this episode clarified many needs. Ferit in the 50th episode, when he said my game will begin, he did not talk and salvation. 

But what happened in this episode?

Ferit was indeed angered by Seyran's remarks in the interview, but

He said, "I will leave you to God," and when he left his grandfather, the only thing he said was that I would not answer her biography again, and I swear to you that I will divorce her.

I mean, Ferit did not have in mind or planned to harm Seyran or take revenge on her. But when he saw evil and revenge in his grandfather's eyes and he knew that Halis could hurt Seyran, Ferit decided to play the role of a soldier while he was the king who founded the game. 

Ferit's plan against Halis began when he decided to enter the company as a jewelry designer after kind talk to him. Ferit told his grandfather, "Don't worry, I know very well what he's missing," he said about his new design, meaning he lacks a touch of Seyran

His plan was to announce the ring at the launch ceremony as a joint design between him and Seyran in order to avenge Seyran and himself from Halis . News like this could not harm the brand itself, but it was psychologically harmful to Halis, which was unique to him. But the news of the interview prevented that.

Interviewing Seyran, not only did Halis psychologically harm, but it destroyed the family's entire reputation and signed their company's shares, brand and entire history of the land. As we said, as many facts were said in the interview, it was a wrong decision. Assuman even I can't say it's a right decision, Gulgun thinks it's a wrong decision, but the ability of Seyran's motives because she went through the same circumstances and Seyran herself said she was defeated because of my anger and couldn't imagine all this happening.

Ferit prepared paid journalists, journalists or actors, and asked them to act as if they were interviewing him. While a driver or guard followed the palace with a picture from afar the unbroadcast meeting of Halis. 

Halis asked for what he asked of Ferit and they are alone. Neither the family knows a need, nor does Halis go ask his family about what Ferit's blackmail. And there will be a great need to distract him from the question "currently" about not going to the news to the newspapers or maybe they have a specific need to write.

Ferit did something called damage reduction. It became clear that in order to save Seyran from Halis' danger, he had to hurt her in some way, and in his opinion she deserves the pain even a little for the interview and the destruction she caused, and because there are no facts that would expose Seyran on air. There must have been fabrications, but they are fabrications that Seyran does not know that no one watches. 

She hurt him unconsciously because of her anger and he hurt her consciously to protect her from greater harm.

But Parish's letter, Seyran will feel how deceptive images and newspaper news can remain, she and Ferit are separated and yet arm by arm because of his leg, like Pelin separated by arm by arm because of a child.

Ferit 's original plan against Halis is still in place but has been modified due to developments. Ferit intentionally asked Seyran to put her touch on his new collection.

Ferit feels that he owes it to the family to return the company as it was, so he will present the new collection but in his own name and Seyran . After that, I think he will separate from the company and establish his own brand and compete with his grandfather and Kaya. But wait a little bit because the next episode will not happen immediately. There are needs that must occur first before Ferit implements this plan. 

It was leaked that there was an old one from Ferit life who would expose Pelin and walk away, and this is of course because Sagida only knows the issue of her daughter who sold her, especially when she told Zerin that they will kick her out as soon as she gives birth, I mean Sagida doesn't know the game of carrying Pelin and Taylosh already exists ...

Pelin's filth will come out and not gradually, all at once.  

I think when this happens, Pelin , Sahmuz, they will hurt Seyran , and they may find out at that time 

Is she pregnant or was pregnant? 💔 

It has two important surviving secrets, Yusuf and Video Sultan. 

Seyran when she said to Ferit Don't forget this moment, Ferit Korhan, you reminded me of episode 31 in the parking lot when Ferit said it I won't let you forget this parking lot. 

And then he went to make a calamity, will you try to make a calamity 😂? 

Almost sure. 

But I don't think it will publish Sultan's video. 

I still think that Seyran will be accused of publishing the video unjustly.

There is also a secret of compassion. I can't tell exactly what it is, but I think it has a direct relationship with Latif. Does Sefika know Latif's past and Halis? Is Latif the main designer of korhan Jewellery? 

Back to the Trailer of episode 50, who else with Halis was on Ferit's list? Kaya, Nukhet, ifakat and Kazim.

I think his revenge against ifakat will be through the issue of Sultan when it opens up + her relationship with Zerin, and that she is the one who revealed the secrets of the Seyran family to Zerin, not Ferit

Kaya and Nukhet are unclear. But Kazim and Sahmuz are now tied by one thread.

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