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Aile Episode 26 Summary and Frames

Aile Episode 26 With English Subtitle

Aile 26 English
Aile Episode 26 With English Subtitle

Aile Episode 26 Summary and Frames:

Aile Episode 26 English Subtitle

Produced by Ay Yapım, Aile, which is screened on Show TV, stars Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya. In the series, the duo of Tatlıtuğ and Sarıkaya are accompanied by Nejat İşler, Canan Ergüder, Selin Şekerci, Umutcan Ütebay, Yüsra Geyik and master actors Musa Uzunlar, Ayda Aksel, Emel Göksu and Nur Sürme.

The family will be on the screen with its 26th episode. The truth that emerges on the family vacation and the events of the last night shake everyone to the core. While Aslan, who wants to get rid of the curse of Soykan, takes action to erase Yusuf Soykan's name from everywhere; He gives Hülya time to confess what happened in the past. Will Hülya bury the surname Soykan and become the mother of her children? Or will she continue her life as Hülya Soykan?

Devin, who supports Aslan in this process, receives the best news of his life: Devin is pregnant! While this news made Aslan very happy; It also fuels the anxieties that he tries to suppress. Far from it all, Leo accelerates his plans to build a new life with his family of three.

Cihan, on the other hand, takes action to let everyone hear about the experiences of the woman he loves. He corners her to reveal everything to Hülya.

When Elijah learns the truth about Mirage, his world collapses. İlyas, Yusuf Soykan's

He waits for the time when he will take action to make all the Soykans pay for their sins. During this time, he executes his secret plan.

The whole family gathers to celebrate New Year's Eve together. While everyone is happily counting down to the new year; Will Elijah succeed in his secret plan?

No one is born in the womb, good or bad, guilty or innocent. What we live in, the environment we are born into, our family and even our friends often determine who we will be, what kind of person we will be. We draw, shape and blend our own character, but I think the shaping of that character also depends on the events we experience. 

Of course, exceptions do not break the rule, but in general, we either act as we have experienced or what we have not experienced, or we draw a path according to the opposite. Aslan, Devin, Cihan, Serap are all adults who are wounded by their families and resentful of their past. The traumas inflicted on them by their families and the people around them have brought them to the point where their lives can be taken away from them. Unfortunately, they are now experiencing the process one by one, and the most visible example of this is Cihan and Serap in my opinion.

In my opinion, Cihan is one of the most cruel people in life in the family universe. His life was shattered by a bullet in the head of Yusuf Soykan, whom he knew as his father. He lost both his father and his family. He suffered from remorse for years, he wanted to die, he wanted to die every second of every day, is that why this man exists? 

Then his family found out that they were actually the killers of his family, he lost his baby, and perhaps for the first time, thanks to him, the woman he wanted to live thanks to will die in his arms. Is there anything heavier than that? Moreover, because of the Soykans, who had a family again and again, but in fact only caused him pain and ruined his every happiness.

Yusuf, İbrahim and Hülya Soykan I think the word bad is not enough to describe them anymore. They are devils and it is their innocent children who are punished for their deeds. They are fiends of hell in my eyes, who hurt not only their children but also everyone around them, may their fire be abundant. But perhaps they did the most damage to Cihan.

The only thing Cihan wanted from this life was to have a family that he would love and be loved unconditionally. With Serap, he was becoming a better person, so to speak. The pessimism in him, the desire to die, was almost disappearing, perhaps for the first time, Cihan felt that he belonged somewhere. He was also aware that Mirage was in a whirlpool, but perhaps it was too late to reach out and save him. Because disgusting hands had already reached out to Serap before her, and unfortunately Sarah was not strong enough to explain it.

Although I have already known what happened to Serap for weeks, it was completely different for me to listen to it from her mouth and to witness the helplessness and loneliness she experienced. It hurt me even more to know that this happens to millions of women in real life. It was as if there was a wounded girl in front of Devin in those moments, even though she wanted to take her pain out of her soul with tears, she couldn't. 

Unfortunately, there are so many women in the world and in our country who experience what Serap said. They remain silent just because they are intimidated, they are afraid, they think they will not be believed. Unfortunately, when the wounds in their souls begin to weigh heavily on their bodies, they find the solution by dying, or when they express courage, they are killed. 

Maybe if she had a father who saw her, loved her, and was not afraid, Serap would be in a completely different mood today, and I think this is true for most people as well. "My father didn't listen to me again, he didn't see me again, he didn't hear me, he didn't hear me again." For this reason, individuals who grow up in an environment where they are loved, caressed, and trusted can only raise their voices in the face of these events. 

However, it is almost impossible for individuals who have grown up with fear and have not received love to tell their families about this and ask for help, and I saw the same thing in Serap's eyes. Even with a question asked by Devin, Serap "How are you" Serap feels so lonely, helpless and invisible that even a question we just ask in daily life is very precious to her.

That's why it's so important to him that someone asks him really unconditionally, just because he's curious. Because there is such a deep wound inside him that he can neither ignore nor destroy. As he feels lonely and loveless, he becomes more vicious and attacks his surroundings for no reason, and then withdraws into himself. Because Mirage is in the midst of learned helplessness, the hands that reach for her body involuntarily, then make her feel like they are stuck in her throat. 

He imprisoned the storms he lived in because he thought that he would not be heard, seen, or believed. In fact, she hit a reality of the woman so well that I wanted to walk into the screen and hug her tightly. As if it is not enough for a little girl, who is perhaps not even a minor, to be abused by a disgusting creature, unfortunately, she is also put in the position of a liar in these cases.

They have to live with this wound for years because they think they are defenseless, they feel guilty and ashamed even though they are not guilty of what happened. Child abuse, rape and rape are unfortunately one of the most cruel realities of our country, and the victim is exposed to so much pressure, questions, accusations and slander that keeping silent is a much better option for him than talking and telling.

When Serap gathers her courage and decides to speak, as if she can understand what she is going through, hundreds of questions such as "Why did you keep silent, why did you hide it until now, what is your purpose in saying it now" are addressed as if she is the one who is guilty, who committed this disgusting act. His life is scrutinized and his deficit is sought, even if he smiles and rejoices, these things are seen a lot to him. All this causes a woman to not be able to express herself, to express what has been done to her.

Unfortunately, Serap is a woman who was abused by Yusuf, silenced by Ibrahim, and declared a "Liar" by Hülya and her soul was killed. Even though I am madly disgusted by all three of them, what I feel for Hülya is even more than disgusted. As Leyla said, "Evil is always bad", I don't normally wish such a thing for anyone, but I hope that Ibrahim will experience his end. 

I tried to understand him and not judge him, despite all he had done all this time. I wanted him to recover and be happy with his family, but now all I want for him is for him to pay the penalty for what he did one by one, never to be happy again, to die longing for his son and everyone he loves. Of course, if there is anyone he really loves.

Aile Episode 26 English release date

Aile 'Family' will be on Show TV with its new episode on Tuesday, December 26 at 20.00

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