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Leaks say Kaya is not Nukhet s son

Leaks say Kaya is not Nukhet's son

Yali capkini episode 51 Leaks say Kaya is not Nukhet's son
Yali capkini episode 51 Leaks say Kaya is not Nukhet's son

Yali capkini episode 51 Leaks say Kaya is not Nukhet's son

- The leak is still not confirmed, but the confirmed news is that the vans saw Afra today in the hospital. She had a filming there😭😭.

- When Ferit finds Seyran she'll be lying on the ground with bruises.، And you'll be in terrible shape. Ferit will pick it up and take her to the hospital, and the doctor there will say, "Sorry I lost your baby.".

Ferit will be shocked, and Seyran will never leave again and will take her to the mountain house..

- There is a leak but it is not confirmed yet 

There will be a parallel to episode 19 a shooting scene πŸ”₯ Or a st-ab to Ferit after finding a walk in the country house Kazim's men will come in and one of them will sho-otπŸ”₯on Ferit Or he will try to st-ab him but Seyran will stand in front of him and get injured it is like Ferit injury in episode 19

- πŸ“πŸ”₯ Leak Ferit will see in his dream that he is cheating on Seyran with Pelin And in his dream she will be a little girl and she will lose him And then Ferit finds her in the basement in Gaziantep The one in which Kazim was imprisoned before, Then Ferit will realize that this little girl is Seyran πŸ₯ΊπŸ’š

The leaker wrote that it is a very important dream Kazim kidnapped Seyran i mean Ferit needs this dream πŸ’”

- πŸ” 5 50 The words of a teacher who answers" "To know the value of something, you have to lose it...πŸ’””

Episode 50 on the tongue of Abidin" some things are not known except their value

Too late ... I think this is the situation that will wake Ferit up from his stubbornness 

The feeling of loss and appreciates the value of what he has 

I have a feeling that Kazim is really alive/ who walks physically, unfortunately 

And Ferit will feel for the first time that he might lose her for real πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

- Look at the writer throwing leaks between the words you should focus with her Pelin said the fake grandson And this is a point that we will go back to again (Kaya is not Halis's grandson and not the son of Nukhet) 

The second thing she said the words that Ferit says about Kaya" the fake grandson" Ferit and never once said this in front of her And Nukhet impossible to say this about her son, so who is it??? I feel that someone is sending her news from the palace the story has betrayal and from inside the palaceπŸ€”πŸ”₯

- At the same time that Ferit decided to depend on himself and work، Seyran started to give private lessons at home to teach French and she took her first salary from her tiredness، Look at her happiness with her achievement and the happiness of the rest with herπŸ‘€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€.

- πŸ“ŒπŸ’―The next episode will be leaked to episode 19 

When Ferit Pelin was brought to the palace in front of Seyran 

After being rescued from kidnapping, Seyran will attend the palace in front of Pelin 😍

- About Sagida don't be very happy Sagida will not expose Pelin She came to threaten her with money Or maybe Pelin pretends that she fainted until they wrap the topic and shut her up Sure the events have stretching until Pelin's trick is revealed 🀑🀑

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