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Gaddar Episode 2 Summary and Frames

Gaddar Episode 2 Summary and Frames

Gaddar Episode 2 English
Gaddar Episode 2 With English Subtitles

Gaddar Episode 2 Summary and Frames

Dağhan decides to do the job given by the Principal to protect Samet's family and comes to Yüksel's house, but encounters someone he never expected, his girlfriend Aydan, whom he broke up with. While trying to get over his disappointment, sinister types raid the house, and Aydan and Dağhan find themselves in the middle of danger. While trying to get out of this danger, they desperately try to repair their shattered love. On the other hand, Daghan is busy gathering his scattered family. He gets into trouble and takes Wind, who is a police officer, home and tries to reconcile with his father. 

While he also wants to find his sister Yağmur, who is said to have run away with a man, the new target given by the Principal draws him into another predicament. Daghan makes new and stronger enemies. Gürkan is almost certain that Dağhan has a connection with the incident in Samet's death and does not let go of the matter. While dealing with the new task given by the Director, Dağhan learns that Zafer, whose brother he killed, escaped from the hospital and went after him. Victory takes his breath in Dağhan's house to take his revenge.

GADDAR – Do You Know What Is The Most Beautiful Feature Of Guys Like You?

Gaddar was a job that had been on my radar since the first news of the project. Then the news came out that Çağatay Ulusoy had signed with the series as the lead role, and I started to look forward to the series with great impatience. My close circle knows that Çağatay Ulusoy is one of my two favorite male actors, and it is great to meet him after 7 years that he is working on television and in the mainstream. Although he has been involved in many digital projects in these 7 years, the taste of television work is also different. Of course, the cast and crew of the series are another reason why I watch it.

The first episode of Vicious was quite fluid, I was not bored at all for 2 hours. The pace was bumpy, we weren't overwhelmed with constant action or drama. There was even comedy in places. Sinan Öztürk is a name whose direction I have admired for many years. Again, I found it to be a unique world and the shootings were very successful. I watched and loved some of the works written by screenwriter Hürer Ebeoğlu before. Toygar Işıklı is a name that I fell in love with the music of many TV series, although I found the generic music to be a medium decision, I liked the other music in the series.

The plot of Gaddar is as follows: The life of Dağhan (Çağatay Ulusoy), who came home from his long military service, is no longer as he left it. The girl he loved, Aydan (Sümeyye Aydoğan), walked away without telling him, while his brother Rüzgar (Fatih Berk Şahin) fell into a dark world. It is about the story of Dağhan's transformation into a brutal in his life, which is turned upside down in an instant.

First of all, I have a reproach for FOX TV for starting the episode early. Everyone should have been able to see the Daghan scenes on the train and on the ship in the first 5 minutes, there were those who missed it. Dağhan's inner journey was very well reflected and quite impressive. Both the psychological wounds and traumas he received in the military and his unforgettable love were reflected to us quickly and impressively.

In the role of Dağhan, Çağatay Ulusoy has fully adapted to his role and makes you say, "He played Dağhan best." I like his image of Daghan. In fact, it seemed to me that it had never aged. There have been those who have compared the role and image to the character in his last job on television, but this is not a problem for me after the different roles and images in movies and TV series on digital. After all, the man is a soldier on leave right now, what kind of image could he be? His image before he enlisted in the military was also quite pleasant.

Throughout the episode, we saw that Dağhan's biggest weakness is his loved ones. In fact, he is a truly angelic man who does not get involved in evil, illegal activities. But when his loved ones are harmed, that angelic man's eyes turn and a tyrant comes out of him. I can't count how many times he hit the man who killed Samet with a radiator. For a moment, I thought it would never stop. 

Even if he doesn't admit it, it's downright criminal. His anger is very burning, even towards those he loves the most. When he's angry, he doesn't see anything. Just like he angrily abandons Aydan, whom he falls in love with like crazy, and leaves him on top of him and joins the special operation.

It made me very sad that Dağhan described himself as a cursed person because he lost everyone around him one by one, and someone who infects everyone around him with bad luck. However, none of this is exactly Dağhan's fault. They parted with Aydan, but here they were both at fault. What if he had accepted the Principal's offer and Samet had not been involved? He was always by Samet's side, and even if his friend made a mistake, he took part in this with him. Did his friend die because of him in the military? Probably not. I think Daghan is taking too much of the burden on him.

The villain of the series, Principal, is a villain according to Onur Saylak's acting style. I find such roles very suitable for him. The manager is a kind of mafia, but more like an intermediary. The man is ruthless, pure evil, downright psychopathic. And he's an extremely laid-back guy in situations where he's sure of the outcome. Normally, if someone is fighting next to us, we look back, right? The principal, on the other hand, did not even break his stride, because he already knew very well how this fight would turn out. ^^

I am very curious, why did the Principal choose Daghan to be the enforcer? Where did he learn so much about her? Why does he insist on it? He deliberately wasted Samet for this cause, he knew that he would jump into this business, that he would not be able to handle it, and he used it quite a lot. He officially forced Dağhan to become a hitman, and unfortunately, Dağhan cannot easily return from this path even if he wants to. In the first scene, we witnessed how the Principal burned the man with coins. No matter how good a fighter and weapon user Dağhan is, the Principal's strength is obvious.

I think the Principal deliberately named him after Yüksel in his first assignment. I think he was aware of the situation between her and Aydan. By doing so, he wanted to inflame Daghhan's anger, to make him exactly the kind of man he wanted.

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