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Yali Capkini Episode 56 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 56 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 56
Yali Capkini Episode 56 English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 56 English

While the first half reflected the true Kingfisher spirit with a completely different depth, the second half took on a mockery of the audience's nerve endings and reduced the value of the first half. This series has always been brave and not shy away from playing with the emotions of the audience. Which is why I loved this series. But at this point, the audience is so tired that playing with the audience in this way still causes the audience to feel disrespectful.

It was a terrific opening scene for the episode. In Kazim's dream, two bright young girls; smiling and spoiled to the fullest... Living their dreams, colorful... The details on stage, from the bracelets on Suna's arm (Svl's attention) to the emphasis on jealousy and loneliness, were very pleasant.

Later, the fear coming from Kazim's father's voice and the sudden freezing of the atmosphere. Unloved children turn into parents who can't love. Here's the fateful motif for you! It scares everyone, not just Kazim. I especially congratulate Diren and Burcu for this scene. They pulled a 6-year-old boy out of the big man, it was awesome. The fact that this scene upsets me doesn't mean that I feel sorry for Kazim, but...

(Admin question: Is Kazim dead? I don't know if Diren Polato─čullar─▒ is leaving the kingfisher, but if he decided to leave, we can't say why^^, right?

“The Ferit problem”

Ferit has now started to change with Seyran, he is trying to kill his side with the old Ferit, and everything he does is a move to kill Seyran's Ferit! Since Seyran left, Ferit has been committing suicide in slow motion. Ferit's confrontation with Pelin, good father and bad father, was a delicately written and very successful scene. Ferit openly said that no matter what happened, he would not give Pelin what he wanted, nor would he be able to become the father he dreamed of when he first found out. 

Ferit's reaction to the baby finally meets the expectations, and I think from the very beginning, Ferit identified his own abused childhood with that baby and exhibited a behavior of protecting and protecting him. I think she even dreamed of raising the baby with Seyran. But after what happened, Ferit, who wants to have everything at the same time, realizes that the child is not something he actually wants, and perhaps he does what suits his father and grandfather, with whom he is in a worse situation now.

This line is actually the summary of the series. Incompetent people who do not know how to love, into whom unloved children have become. Children who sooner or later turn into their mother/father? Or chainbreakers? I don't know.

It is very sad that Orhan saw the pit where Ferit fell and expressed it, but did nothing to get Ferit out of that pit. Even though his tongue says otherwise, Orhan doesn't like Ferit. Just because of this, Ferit would have burned that mansion down.

Ferit still doesn't accept that Halis is bad. We said that Halis was the god of Ferit. Could God be wrong, or is the sinful man responsible for everything when God is perfect? When will Ferit's god be destroyed?

Seyran Kazim's daughter, yes. They've made us feel this often since the first season. We saw that more clearly in this episode. His anger and pride are the qualities that bring him closest to Kazim. It is very unexpected that Seyran will fall into his net with his father's softening.

Seyran apparently couldn't break his chains that much. With the slightest soft face from his father, he immediately fell into his net. Reason? Because the problem lies with the father, and maybe the solution lies with him. We have always said the opposite, but do you think Seyran also needs Ferit to break the chain?

You look at it very superficially, I say it again, risking your criticism, that the shopping mall scenes were completely unnecessary in my opinion. A different way of handling the message could have been preferred. I never enjoyed watching it. I was especially infuriated by the Seyran Pelin commiseration.

Pelin manipulated Seyran, okay, we know, we get it. It is not possible for there to be a justification in this scene because Pelin considers herself superior to Seyran, who is the common-law wife and the person who tastes love. As he insults 'Antep' in the first episode. Nothing has changed in Pelin's view of Seyran: neither marriage nor love. 

Despite his own depravity and unlovedness, he has the face to humiliate Seyran. He both considers himself superior and crushes Seyran by trivializing what Seyran is experiencing. With his anger and broken heart, Seyran tells Pelin, "I was saved, you save yourself," and turns Ferit into a perpetrator. I was disturbed by this part. Not because Seyran considers herself saved, but because she puts Pelin as a victim like herself.

Because if Seyran is in this state, Pelin is the most responsible. It is wrong for him to ignore this and put all the burden on Ferit . The Seyran I knew was the one who saw the manipulation and said to Ferit , "You are both guilty." I attribute this to his weariness.

As a disgusting mixture of what he was before Ferit, Halis, Orhan and Seyran – and worse than that, he is the antichrist himself – is playing by ignoring all his values; "Neither marriage nor children are my wishes," he says, adding that he wants to hear what the other person wants to hear. As a matter of fact, it achieves its goal. The difficult woman is actually not that hard, oh I'm shocked right now. As soon as she leaves, he wipes the tears from her eyes and takes off her mask. I don't think you should waste your tears like this, Ferit , you will need it in the future, because failure is inevitable...

Finally, in my opinion, the episode was an episode in which the series gradually committed suicide due to both Ferit's moves and the character and the choices in the process. Just like Ferit , the audience sees the gem in the series, but the tolerance may have passed. Tikkat!!

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