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Yali Capkini Episode 55 Analysis and expectations

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Analysis and expectations

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Analysis and expectations
Yali Capkini Episode 55 Analysis and expectations

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Analysis and expectations

«Point of view»

Why did Seyran ignore the second marriage and why did Ferit say that marriage was never his choice?

Both of them had no dreams of marrying one of them at all.

And since both Ferit and Seyran  no longer have confidence in their love 

So the second marriage is now for them now that they believe they were being deceived.

For Seyran 

1. She was forced to give back to Ferit  who risked his life for her

2. She had no other choice, she would have returned to Gaziantep and a life of slavery.

For Ferit

He was subjected to a trick and a big lie, he married Siran to protect her and because he thought she loved him, otherwise he would not have married anyone

« Rage to suppress love »

Seyran leaves the palace after learning about pelin's pregnancy and Ferit lied to her

"Please leave me my dignity"

Ferit tries to clarify the truth and explain everything to it 

The result is that they take off their wedding ring as a first step towards separation, as she will never accept the child.

Seyran to suppress her feelings towards Ferit she unleashes to show her anger towards him 

She wants to keep Ferit away from her to make it easier for her to suppress love, but she always collides with Ferit's insistence 

And the more Ferit insists, the more angry Seyran becomes, because she has to hurt him more to force him away. 

Now in an attempt to convince Ferit that their love is a lie and that she hates him so she accepts him and says

"I don't feel anything, there's no difference between kissing you and anyone else."

Seyran finally succeeded in keeping Ferit away and Ferit stopped chasing her. 

Her anger subsides and her true feelings begin to show 

The scene of the conclusion does not have analysis because it was purely dramatic, but I have an important comment honestly I would like to share it with you, unfortunately it is the first time I see a successful series Its biggest enemies are the fans, the Kingfisher is a beautiful psychological drama series, but the vans and their discussions, wars and incorrect leaks that are based on not accepting reality from them, this is other than their strange analyses from the door of what the listeners want, all these things unfortunately started to affect the series in a way Negative and affected even on the entertaining viewers. 

In the series, and these negative categories between the Seyfer  party all the time indignant at the events, and the Kaison party their only interest in the cable, and the Epson party is ungrateful, no matter how strong the evidence is, and the situation is really absurd, and also between the categories of Vans parties the actors themselves, whether Mart, Afera, Beryl, Taro, Arsen,,, all the time they support their favorites and attack the favorites of others and link reality to the series and enter into the intentions of the actors And speaking their tongue and interfering in their personal lives and the subject has become an authority, and often the reason is that most of these parties are their age groups of adolescents, and they do not have enough interest in the psychological dimensions, but each party and its personal interest. 

Literally I wish the impossible that the fans start to expand their horizons and look at things deeper, so that we all enjoy and benefit, but unfortunately the situation got out of control, even this war has become infecting me with its effects by exaggerating attacks on me in private,

 although they have no strong high effect, but on the other hand I feel sad for them I swear, today and for the first time I finish the analysis early, the episode was very beautiful dramatically and as the previous episode mentioned it is the feeling It's like we've started a new different era, I'm glad that viewership has increased slightly. 

Especially with the entry of the series Geddar into the arena of the war of the series for Friday, and hopefully the next episode will be fun and beautiful, the door for additional analysis is open if the requests are repeated significantly, I hope you benefited even with something simple because the psychological analyzes were few this week, and in conclusion you have all the love and appreciation 🌹

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