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Yali Capkini Episode 55 Is Seyran coming back to Ferit

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Is Seyran coming back to Ferit?

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Is Seyran coming back to Ferit
Yali Capkini Episode 55 Is Seyran coming back to Ferit

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Is Seyran coming back to Ferit?

Is Seyran coming back to Ferit ?

To start with, I'd like to introduce you to disturbances before anything else. 

* Multiple personality disorder 

* Borderline personality disorder 

* Narcissism 

* Mental personality disorder 

* Codependent/avoidant personality disorder 

* Bipolar personality disorder 

And they are still standing at the point (Contains Ferit and Seyran is not going back) Merjosh group if I ask for the matter and if I ask they return normal .

I will tell you the conclusion in a point (Ferit and Seyran in order to get back to each other, they are required to finish all the negatives from the beginning of their marriage until she saw Pelin in her belly two inches / blinds to hurt each other and take revenge on each other They refuse to talk to each other, they are dragged by their families How? So they talk about revenge against each other. When they are finished, then they will be able to rule. What do they want? Everyone is walking in a path believing that his path is different from the other, but no matter how much they live and make a life, they will discover that their way is in one direction at the other and they will meet at some point) 

* Regarding the scenes of Ferit and Nevra, I have already explained to a friend here between me and her, and she understood what I wanted to convey. I will try to summarize. 

Fثقهف's life story is about girls, a bar and a sleep, right..? 

That's right, the first one was girls, just a night, and it ended with Pelin, it stayed for a night, then days, then months, then 3 years, so he refused to live her life away from him because he has a need called fear of (abandonment), which means that his personality has points (ownership, control, and non-abandonment) 

Seyran entered his life and blackmailed Pelin emotionally and convinced her to agree to marriage and it really happened with his belief that Seyran will fall like Pelin but I am shocked that it is a hard bite as Abidin said so he loved her strength and her way and she was able to change points from a person who lacks safety and containment And 

he used to bite in his hand when he became nervous for someone running to her and felt safe then and started to change points in his personality without feeling until he showed his fear of abandoning her an obsessive heart since he refused to leave until the time came and he did not notice that he was treated for not abandoning and left (Pelin stay away from him and told her about your uncle's house)

(Seyran let her work and live her life) 

But it is not treated 100% so it is normal that there is Nevra is his last session that proves who will win the disease or Ferit 

She kissed him in the car = he wiped his mouth, but he who focuses, why did he allow her to come close like that? 

Because the old Ferit didn't allow a girl to kiss him but he used to go home to her being from a kiss house he considers that he is gradually pulling himself out of the old life 

With Defne he went then and he is ready = Nevra went with her and he was not ready 

His way with Nevra is not love, his way is blackmail. He really traps her that she started to love him and wants to back down from hurting him, but his problem is that he chooses the easiest way with the biggest disaster 

He didn't learn to choose the pursuit correctly that's why I said Nevra is the biggest message that came in Ferit's life 

He will learn: 

Blackmail is what destroyed you, It's not masculinity.

* You expect the person to be a victim of your actions and interests, and you will know the meaning of your guilt in harming him

* If you want something, do it with your efforts, so don't steal anyone's heart in order to reach what you want 

You hurt the heart that needs you the most and keep it away from you because I can't see your mistakes 

The scene of Pelin and Seyran everyone is a fanatic 

The scene I will download a picture from episode 21 and episode 54 and see the difference to understand Parrish's message from the scene 

The scene shows the beginnings a trick Sir she thought that Ferit is the person she loves and she doesn't want to leave him destiny wants the characters change with the circumstances so all her anger and sadness and that love is not enough 

And Pelin was telling her that Ferit is everything and that I was his lover before she came And destiny wants to change and see the end by itself And that Ferit willingly left her not walking and that she and Seyran saw the same suffering and they both see themselves in Neifra as a start 

A beautiful beginning and the end of separation and painful love 

And Seyran understands that Pelin is not the link between them or her complex, and she can understand and understand what is the real reason that makes her and Ferit not understand and their enemy is lack of understanding 

Did you understand the message?  I mean it repeats the same scene of episode 21 parallel they talk to each other and are sad for each other what they used to say and what they became 

For me I feel that Seyran will be a psychological support for Pelin and make Pelin feel guilty and tell her what she did + Saceda from Nukhet's side I sent it and with time she will tell Seyran and Gulgun the truth about Pelin A preface from the writer that Pelin is saying goodbye to the series and it will end with her suicide or she will fail and travel to get treatment with her mother 

The scene of Seyran and Gulgun, you must understand something 

Seyran lived a hard life and the child he lives drinks it 

Meaning that some of Seyran's actions are aggressive because she lived these things so she deals with them in a way that prevents discussion 

Her mind every time stores everything she lives bad 

Because she is used to life sending her the sad thing and nothing else 

Her reaction with Gulgon made her remember Suna 

The first response she wanted to say to Suna was where? It doesn't exist so the closest one in front of it was Gulgun so I exploded and saw it 

As she said (I need to stop ignoring me at a certain point) 

* She tries to avoid feeling pain, but when someone thinks of her, she considers him threatening her mind, and on the contrary, she must talk and say so that she can coexist without anger and aggression 

Seyran refuses discussion within certain limits and prevents her mind from understanding that the other side has the right to express his own opinion as long as the need is attacking her mind her anger is caused by a step 

The important thing is that Orhan entered the mafia their lives again 

And the mafia were the reason for the loss of Kazim's people 

And with this, Orhan opened the door of hell for them again 

Meaning the old demon woke up again 

And the threads will bring each other 

ifakat, Halis and Amin 

By the way, it's true that I feel that Latif is hiding Amin and that Amin didn't die because there is a man walking behind a walk throughout the episode. I will download the picture for you (you will say that this is wearing a color and this is a color. I will tell you that Parish does not clarify anything directly. I mean, if Amin really made him change the jacket and cap, but we will notice that this person is always following her) And I feel that this is the secret that makes Latif stick to this is that Amin orders him to guard his father 

And that Amin has the secrets of ifakat and Orhan and he will be the support for Seyran because he is a good person and he sees it good because she is honest and honest I don't know if you are right or not but I want to tell you forget about the leaks Parrish is coming to very strong events 

The dream scene explained many things 

Suna will suffer from the house of Al Korhan but with time she will be able to fight alone and win her war

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