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Yali Capkini Episode 55 Strong scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Strong scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Strong scenario
Yali Capkini Episode 55 Strong scenario

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Fictional scenario

After confirming the return of Serter's character

The character who had no value or benefit from the first season is the man who was associated with the character of Pelin for a few episodes and the event ended with Ferit protecting Pelin and shooting Kazim and Ferit and the same event repeats again I really don't like and don't care about Pelin's life either.

Psychological, emotional, familial, pudding 😡

And no one gets excited for nothing for the return of Serter's character and for Pelin to be exposed and the child to be his son and my words are not information and not frustration but my words are the reality of the series and from experience, the series reached 55 episodes This is a very large number to know how to manage the series and the way it is written, but let's chat and have fun and talk about all the scenarios that are likely to happen with the return of the character Serter.

πŸ“ First scenario

He's definitely coming to get Pelin pregnant, and he says this is my son, and after skirmishes, kidnappings, events, and a struggle over a worthless personality, the natural solution would be to do a DNA test and find out the result, and be his son.

The story closes and we say goodbye to Pelin and continue the story with Nevra.

πŸ“ Second scenario

A DNA analysis is performed and we know the result and the child is really Ferit son and here the writer says to everyone to decide the matter believe it or not this is your problem but the child is Ferit son and he brought the character of Serter

To stuff some episodes and tell you that the child is a unique son after the test.

πŸ“ Third scenario

It is a clichΓ© of Turkish drama clichΓ©s and very frequent analysis is made and the child is the son of Serter, but the results are played with and they say he is the son of Ferit and we continue in this scenario and the child without end.

πŸ“ Fourth scenario

The character of Serter comes to the series with two scenes like the character of Saceda the servant of Pelin and he will not serve anything and only comes to stuff events

and loops and it is parked on the shelf until needed.

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Summary

And he clarified and confirmed some points and scenes in the episode

πŸ“ I told you a few days ago there is no imprisonment for Ferit .

Theme (flashback or Ferit imagines)

But from the summary, he said, Ferit will remember the difficult times when Orhan helped him, and therefore it will be a flashback.

And that Orhan helped Ferit before, he will return the favor to him.

πŸ“ The event of taking the money from Nevra was justified because the controller of everything is Halis Aga and he doesn't know anything about the incident they hid it from him

So they will take the money from Nevra.

πŸ“ Of course everyone knows the story of Orhan's smuggling

It will not be completed and Seyran will inform the police.

πŸ“ The events of Pelin and Serter and the kidnapping will be in episode (56) and not the next episode and by 90% a DNA analysis will be performed and the result I told you yesterday in a post about all possible scenarios.

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