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Yali Capkini Episode 55 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 55 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 55
Yali Capkini Episode 55 English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 55 English Subtitles

I mean honesty before analysis, I must confess to you something apart from being an analyst, personally in the second season I did not come across any scene related to the Seyfer was enough to move my heart's feelings emotionally, This feeling I expected was only in the first season and probably will not be repeated in the current season, 

but the scene the girl accepted Ferit awakened this feeling inside me again, The scene was very beautiful and integrated, whether the direction, the song, the goal of the scene itself,

 to the extent that I was confused about choosing my favorite scene in the episode between the scene of Kaya with his mother, Or this scene, and I couldn't reach a conclusion, so I chose both of them as the best scene in the episode, now we come to the analysis, of course Ferit's relationship with Seyran is considered one of the strongest and most complicated relationships, 

The fact that several areas have met between them, (spiritual attachment / emotional attachment / existential message bonding), therefore, despite all the differences, conflicts and blows between them, Seyran is a person whose eradication from within Ferit can never be recognized, notice at first he went back when he felt she was really ready to accept him, but soon he entered an isolated world in which there is nothing but Seyran , And the directing clarified this point, 

I mean his looks at the beginning were for Seyran that he sees inside him, Seyran who closed the gate of Ferit heart and the entry of any woman after her, And this thing made the emotional connection wonder, how did they get to this stage in their relationship, I mean where is the main turning point, 

And when Seyran decided to separate from him and told him about it after he tried to evacuate Pelin to convince her and realized internally that he had officially lost Seyran at the time, Then anger accumulated inside him from everyone who had a hand by increasing the distances between him and Seyran in a point of view (his grandfather, Kazim, ifakat, Nukhet, Kaya). 

And planted inside him the seeds of revenge that reached him now to try to seduce a girl, to benefit from her in the field of establishing his new business Then he went out of the depth inside him in the sentence what am I thinking, which the director used on both sides (psychological / out of the sea of his thoughts, dramatic/ the formula of a question for her) the scene was literally not a mistake ❤️

Watch Yali Capkini Episode 55 English Subtitles

However, he decided to continue the game and continue to deceive the girl, but her kiss assured him that even under the principle of plans etc. he could never exceed this limit, And then I attacked him for a moment of inner realization, that his love for Seyran (his emotional selfishness) is the cause of most of the tragic accidents and losses from the beginning of their path, 

Because it is all because of his insistence on some actions based on his decisions stemming from his love for her, and that his current behavior also stems from an internal decision for him (the idea of establishing a brand in his name and exploiting a girl to achieve it) I mean the goal is noble but the way is lost, so the game will somewhat turn against him and he will lose at some point 

And remembering the scene of their conversation in the interview studio is very important and its purpose is to confront itself with the same dialogue (notice the direction reflecting its image in certain sentences of the dialogue, And these are the sentences that he was directing to himself), since they both got into the game of returning the blows, of course it is just a moment of internal realization that will not have a strong effect now, 

But it appeared only because the girl kissed him, and the conflicting feelings inside him made him decide to run away from the current situation, personally I was waiting impatiently for the episode that uses the song Vertinadim Because from the first season I consider it the basic song of Seyfer , and really there was no scene and events suitable to use it as much as these current events, because the lyrics of the song serve the principle painfully, 

And this episode was very special for me because her feeling was different, and they got out of the circle of repeating some dramatic events, and they went deep into the psychological aspects of new characters, And the feeling was similar to the beginning of a different era for the series, I mean literally I consider it an episode of the beginning of a season and not just a normal episode But its promotion was bad and this was often the reason for the decline in the ret, 

I hope the dramatic events attract more views, because I personally see them interesting and out of the ordinary, There will be additional analyses hopefully throughout the week because I skipped a large number of scenes, I hope you benefited and enjoyed,Yali Capkini Episode 55

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