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Yali capkini episode 54 expectations

Yali capkini episode 54 expectations

Yali capkini episode 54 expectations
Yali capkini episode 54 expectations

Yali capkini episode 54 expectations

FAV 4a & 4b 🎬: Seyran & Ferit  - contrasts in their approach πŸ’” any reconciliation in the horizon?

πŸ“ŒSeyran - One of the empowering scenes was when Seyran received support from her school mates ❤️ right after the bus ladies blamed her for leaving her luxury life without knowing what goes on in elite’s luxury lives. Receiving recognition from her fellow students was heart warming, giving her the courage she needed to continue on her path, doing the right thing. Drawing avocados πŸ₯‘ shows she is on the healthy path for education and building a life on her own feet from ground up. No name no money. 

πŸ“Œ Ferit - In contrast to Seyran, Ferit who is lost in the absence of Seyran’s love & support and is angry by what she has done publicly to his family name and brand, selected his grand father side for the time being. His aim is to use Halis resources to build his own brand, and restore Korhan’s name and public image. After all he is a Korhan too. 

Unfortunately for Ferit, the problem remains that he is trying to restore a fake brand and a corrupted family name by telling people a different story (fake story). He doesn’t know all the truth yet but when it comes out, he will be devastated. 

After what Seyran exposed about their family, how they acquire women or treat them in reality, he needs a woman to paint the opposite picture, plus use her fame for promoting his own brand. Just as the new girl guessed correctly. 

His goal is not to reconcile with Seyran or protect her at the moment, he is totally fine to replace her if he can. The problem is that he is a changed man because of Seyran and he still loves her no matter how hard he tries, he will only make himself miserable during this process & may alienate Seyran more. 

He will realize he wasted his time on protecting a corrupted father, grand father and family full of lies and dirty jobs with a fake brand, as opposed to protecting the real gems in his life, Seyran. 

We really hope Ferit wakes up soon. We need Ferit to learn some of the truths. We need the pregnancy plot to go bust after 12 episodes. 

Will seyfer heal and get back together? of course with a little bit of luck πŸ€ and big life events like death, hospitalization, pregnancy etc. and when they actually miss each other. Time heals a lot of wounds ❤️‍πŸ”₯

Analytical for SeyFer

I think that they explained everything to us in the lock Ferit tries to make Nevera love him for his work only and when he opens his company he will leave it And they also made it clear to us that he is not forgetting to walk and will not be able to love anyone but her and his standing between this flashback It means that he is the one who can hand - pass their relationship more or repair their relationship and we assured us more 

that it is a plan that he does against everyone and the first thing that succeeds his plan is the salvation of the role of Nevera is over and Hunt arise from Halis and resign with his company and thus he can return with seyran.

The upcoming episodes are all provocation on the part of Nevra and her scenes and Ferit , but this is all just a plan and it will end The most important thing is to be sure that Ferit will not love her.

The return of the SeyFer is a matter of time🀍.

You want to show off the strong Seyran, and show us how to build her new life from scratch with new people like anyone who resigns his life away from the ocean he rebelled against.

But to serve its independence with characters that have inherent roots and blood relations and motherhood and ten with Ferit and his family and put them all in the frame of unjustified and illogical betrayal

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