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Yali Capkini Episode 53 Is Ferit getting divorced from Seyran

Is Ferit getting divorced from Seyran?

Yali Capkini Episode 53 Is Ferit getting divorced from Seyran?
Yali Capkini Episode 53 Is Ferit getting divorced from Seyran?

Is Ferit getting divorced from Seyran?

Yali Capkini Episode 53 Is Ferit getting divorced from Seyran?

Ferit in 52 anger, despair, shock and awakening. 

Ferit reaction here after Halis demand is absolute shock, disappointment and repulsiveness.

Halis could’ve won that night but…

Seyran became Ferit’s number one instead of Halis long ago and it was interesting to witness the change in Ferit behaviour towards both of them since last season, Ferit became more concerned about Seyran’s reaction to what he believes his “imperfection” more than Halis.

He was able to face Halis with Pelin pregnancy and not Seyran. For a second he was ready to tell Halis about Sultan and the pills and was afraid to tell Seyran his dark secret.

But the moment he was completely convinced he lost her, he turned back to Halis again.

I translate his reaction after the interview, more as frustration and anger to accept a “truth” he was struggling to accept and fighting against for a long time - that he lost her - more than anything else, doubting her feelings for him and saying that she never loved him, makes it easy to cope with, better than admitting that he actually used and ruined that love, like she said.

(A bit like Seyran doubting his love for her in her anger to make it easy for her to cope with, it’s easier to validate “her leaving him” for lack of love than for mistakes that she can maybe one day forgive)

I loved Ferit reaction in that scene, he owned his mistakes, he is not denying anything, he blame her for dismissing the good parts, the parts he was desperately holding on to not lose this love.

He blamed her for going public and involving everyone in this, because he knows there won’t be a coming back from this, all his attempts to fix, can’t fix this level of damage and that’s where the frustration comes from.

Reaching the point of no return.

In his desperation and loss, he came back to the one he has left, the one who was there for him despite everything “in his mind” his grandpa, despite his enormous mistakes he managed to forgive him, and he is still here.

Fear of abandonment and loneliness - he reaches out to him begging, in a contrast to his “revolt” attempt in the previous episodes, in a scene that looks like he was selling his soul to the devil.

The similarities in his speech to what he used to do and tell Seyran “if something happens to you I can’t live” “you are everything to me” and the promises to “change” -I will work hard- to meet his Dede expectations.

The heavy breath and terrified look when he decides to give up on Seyran, against his heart convincing himself of doing the “right” thing. 

For against all reasons he still wants her, despite everything he can forgive her but he had nothing left to hold on to, she doesn’t love him or never did - like he is trying to convince himself.

And he finally gives up.

But Halis and his big ego, blinding his judgment and preventing him from admitting his mistakes, has set himself to fail again pushing Ferit after a vendetta mission, giving him an ultimatum and showing him how ruthless he is.

Halis, the one who Ferit accused of playing them like pawns, is at it again bending him to his will.

The one Ferit thinks has left, is threatening him with no mercy to either completely break himself and seek revenge from the love of his life, asking him to turn bitter and dark or he will abandon him as well.

The same woman he tortured him to divorce her, now he is forbidden him to, unless the takes his revenge first - the hypocrisy.

Without taking any responsibility for what happened putting all the blame on Ferit and Seyran, willing to destroy a girl of 20 that Ferit himself admit she was wronged and she is innocent and a victim in all this.

Again he is playing him like a string puppet.

And that was Ferit’s awakening moment.

Ferit replaying Seyran’s words in his head after his talk with Halis, and not any parts of her speech but these precise lines, 

“the great Halis Korhan he is the architect of this forced marriage, he choose girls in a Hamam, they didn’t even allow me to study, because they wants a bride that bow her head to everything they do and tell, a bride that leaves her free will outside before coming through the doorstep.”

A confirmation to what he just witnessed and to what he already knows, Seyran was never wrong about him, just like he plays his family like pawns he wanted to bend her to his will as well.

He put Ferit through this forced marriage and abused his power to shape this union to his will, and he continues.

Ferit, still angry at Seyran and frustrated, he destroys her belongings, for she is again challenging him out of his comfort zone, facing him with the ugly truth. And he recalls Halis ultimatum and threats, realising how stony hearted he is how far he can go with his cruelty, facing the fact that even the person he returned to in his despair is the reason of his struggle in first place and he is all alone.

Everyone kept pushing him that night, they never changed, exposing their truth and proving him again how right Seyran was about everything.

Pelin and her forced presence in his life, invading his space, always trying to guilt trip him, refusing to admit her share in this whole mess and take responsibility of herself and her actions, hating on Seyran and trying turn him against her, and her threats as a contrast to Seyran who did everything to break free, she would use everything to tie him up even more.

And he is there suffocated again, so he looks to Seyran stuff -as looking at her- his salvation, a recognition she was right.

His father and Ifakat, still with no shame living in the same house under the eyes of everyone, how disturbing and disgusting is that and it’s basically what Seyran refused to live by leaving in that Yali and he knows.

This is the kind of life this Yali offer, this is the kind of life Halis and everyone are trying to cover up for - dirty.

The family they talk about - fake and broken.

And he is suffocated again, she was right.

Him saying “God give patience let me not lose my mind too” as let me not lose my temper too,  “too” as a reference to Seyran, he asked her after the interview why she involved them -his family- into this and he got the answer, they were always involved and she run out of patience.

And Ferit sees the light again.

Still at Seyran more for leaving him and reaching a dead end than for what she did, even though he admits his mistakes, he realised that night how all players who’ve been using him and Seyran in their games refuses to admit theirs, and decides to play everyone.

— Ferit the gamemaker 

His weakness is Seyran, everyone knows it and everyone is using it against him, he fought many battles, he won and lost and now he is taking over the game and changing the narrative, and before going through his initial plan -creating his own collection and brand to break free from Halis and the power he has over him- he needs to start with “faking” cutting his ties to Seyran.

First, no one can use her to hurt him nor to bend him anymore.

He used to see the flaws of the people around him but never gave importance to what extent they can be harmful for him, he trusted in their good will to never deliberately hurt him.

Second, he insures taking control over “the punishment” Halis is determined to impose on Seyran. And who would know better what will satisfy Halis without really “harming” Seyran other than Ferit.

So he is not showing mercy to the innocent deer in front of him, acting ruthless, sacrificing himself to save her.

And third he knows how big are Halis rewards once he is satisfied. And only then the hungry lion can seek his revenge.

Why this outfit and why this drawing?

I’m sure Ferit has many drawing of Seyran, but they used this one precisely and this outfit as a connection to the Efe meeting scene, more what she said during the meeting and what she told Ferit later that night.

Ferit knows Seyran -unlike Halis- she never cared about image or being famous, she never cared about attractive opportunities that may cross her path if they don’t feel right for her, she never tried to prove her worth to anyone but herself.

And that’s what makes her different and unstoppable - like he said - she cares only about how she sees herself not how the world see her.

She is stubborn and fierce, and he knows that obstacles push her further but never to give up.

She is constantly challenging herself, to write her own destiny, despite all odds and despite her circumstances, for she only cares about her self betterment.

Ferit knows that his “fake” interview will give Halis satisfaction but it will never break her.

Later that night, in ep 22, she told him “mercy can become a disease” and that’s what led many to abuse of Ferit’s good heart and forgiveness, what allowed them to cross his boundaries and play him and destroy his life.

So he is standing for himself, playing them like dice with no guilt.

Her disappointment in him is what he regrets, but he has to play his game to the end and it comes with sacrifices, her disappointment is what’s he is risking, but he already did disappoint her anyway, in every possible way, he lost her and he has nothing left to lose.

So he make sure to apologise and to confess beforehand that he tried his best, the way he knows best -and he still does- and immediately after signing the divorce papers he offers her their ring to keep, in a scene symbolic of an engagement scene, he even put it on her wedding ring finger left empty after she took off hers -an oath of commitment and eternal love- and after throwing his ring away he collects it back.

He is never letting go. ❤️‍🔥

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