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Yali Capkini Episode 54 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 54 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini 54 English
Yali Capkini Episode 54 English Subtitles

Yalı Çapkını Episode 54 Summary and Photos 📸

While Seyran and Gülgün are shocked by the facts they have learned about Latif Bey, they try to decide what kind of move to make. Seyran, who wants to start somewhere to stand on his own feet, rolls up his sleeves. But he comes face to face with Gülgün, who sees this struggle as insignificant. 

While Ferit, who wants to create his own brand by making a new start, continues to try to convince Nevra, Pelin, who thinks that she does not get enough love and attention from Ferit, rebels against this situation. It is not easy for Seyran to witness all these events closely.

Confronting Latif Bey, Seyran says that he wants to make a bargain with him. Deciding to make Kazim pay a big price, Orhan prepares a dangerous and ruthless plan. While Ferit, who learns about the situation, enters into a great struggle to save Kazim, Kazim is on the thin line between life and death.

Yali Capkini Episode 54 English Subtitles

After rewatching 53, we were scratching our heads why Ferit needs a girl to restore his family name or launch his brand? why does he want her to fall in love with him? 🧐 It doesn’t even make sense in the real world⁉️

They spent +30 minutes of the show(53) for an unnecessary & unrealistic plot about Ferit wanting to meet a new girl at gym, bar and her home just to show that he still loves Seyran and can’t betray her or himself to have sex with others? Anyone can write 5 minute script for this. Apparently, Ferit continues on with his new quest into 54. As far as other reasons go:

1- Ferit doesn’t need a woman to promote his brand, he needs a good product design and proper marketing via PR firms. 

2- He doesn’t need to make a girl fall in love with him to find a store in a mall for his brand. “I want her to fall in love with me and in return she gets to spend time with Ferit Korhan ?!?!?!?! 🤡 What is the message after 53 episodes?  

He wants to find someone to replace Seyran’s love? They still have not resolved one pregnancy plot after 12 episodes btw 🙄🧐

3- Ferit doesn’t need a woman to restore Korhan’s name, quite the opposite, a 2nd mistress added on top of a wife and a pregnant mistress make Korhans look even more foolish in front of people. Is that the goal? To show Ferit as a clown 🤡 

At last, @OGMPictures @yalicapkinidizi  It doesn’t make us upset to see Ferit with other women (we know he has been a cheater, you told that story before and remind us every episode), but it makes us sad not to understand what story you want to tell us for the rest of the season, it makes us sad that we lost a good show where we could have enjoyed the lead couple’s chemistry on screen. hope you understand the difference 🩷 

Ferit didn’t go back to his old self,

He is “acting” like his old self, but not really.

There is a difference, for in the past his motives and convictions are different from now.

Ferit is the past was lost and struggling, reckless and self destructive now he is not, he more focus and tactical, he is not lost he has a goal, he is not reckless he is patient, he is not self destructive but managing his risks.

The common points between the old Ferit the now Ferit is his manipulative side, putting a mask to hide his real intentions and feelings.

The fact that he wakes up early every day to go to work and not drowning himself in alcohol is on its own enough proof. 

Think about it, this one is different from Ferit in the divorce era and different from Ferit before Seyran.

That’s what I’m afraid of, he own this game right now because he sees through them, he is in control and he is winning, and because of that he will be uncovering their truth but is he ready for it, I’m worried about the emotional breakdown. 

I think that will be SeyFer loss in this game, they will win revealing the truth of everyone else but the shock will big.

And maybe that’s how they find comfort in each other, they will lift each other up.

Orhan is using Kazim as a bait to lure Sehmuz or his men, to either get rid of both of them by harming them both or just one and hold the other for suspect.

Since these are Orhan hired gunmen and Ferit knows he will be able to walk out of the ambush.

But he knows Orhan true face now.

Suna heard Ifakat willing to give up on her and she knew about Orhan plan for Halis.

She told Kaya, and Kaya is willing to take his share in the company to start working and secure himself.

Orhan is not happy with it trying to intimidate Kaya with the fact that Kazim is hiding at Sehmuz and what Halis will think about that, Kaya is blackmailing him to tell that he is willing to take over his guardianship.

Kaya and Orhan are teaming up to get rid of Kazim and Sehmuz.Yali Capkini Episode 54

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