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Safir Episode 23 Summary and Frames

Safir Episode 23 Summary and Frames

Safir 23 English
Safir Episode 23 English Subtitle

Safir Episode 23 Summary and Frames

Feraye and Ateş, who attend the dinner party for Ömer and Şermin hand in hand and look like a couple, leave their mark on the night. Yaman can't stand it and asks Feraye to account for all this.


Ateş, who owes an explanation to Güneş after the marriage game he forced Feraye to play, plays a double game against him. Feraye has no intention of completely submitting to Ateş and giving up on Yaman. He wants to find Yaman's confession video in Ateş's hand. For this, he gets help from an unexpected person.


When the Great Aunt Kamuran wants to know what happened to the Gülsoy family, there is a difficult confrontation between the family. Kamuran wants to take control. Ateş, who plays all his trump cards to take over the company, is frustrated by Yaman.

There are question marks in Gülfem's mind about the marriage of Ateş and Feraye. On the way to this situation, what happens to Gülfem shocks everyone.


Things get very complicated when Yaman, who blames Ateş for what happened to his mother, decides to use the secret information he has about Ateş.


Feraye reacts strongly to Ateş's blackmail. No matter how much he wants to tell Yaman about the blackmail, he is forced to remain silent. The foreclosure on the Gülsoys' mansion shakes everyone deeply. Although Ömer and Okan want to get help from Ateş, Yaman never agrees. How will the Gülsoys get rid of this big problem?

The fire increases the pressure on Feraye. He gives her until the next day to move in with him. Feraye is in a great predicament. Yaman, on the other hand, can never make sense of Feraye's erratic attitude. Feraye realizes that she has no other choice to protect Yaman. He moves in with Fire. When Yaman learns this, he is devastated. A new surprise awaits the Gülsoys. The great aunt Kamuran is now in Urgup. And it begins to change the balance of the host from the first moment it arrives. Ömer and Şermin's wedding celebration will be unforgettable for everyone...

The new episode of the Safir series, which came to the ATV screen with the slogan "A Hidden Love Story", will be with you on Monday, February 5 at 20.00.

Safir 23rd episode 2nd trailer released!

The trailer of the 23rd episode of Safir, starring Özge Yağız and İlhan Şen, has been released. Details about the Safir series, which continues to be broadcast on Monday evenings on ATV screens, are curious. So, what will happen in the 23rd episode of the Safir series? When is the new episode of Sapphire?

Attracting the attention of all series lovers with its successful cast as well as its impressive subject, the 23rd new episode trailer of Safir 'A Hidden Love Story' created excitement. Safir locks the audience in front of the screen with new episodes on Mondays every week, and the details of the new episode trailer are curious and Safir is investigating the topics of watch trailers. Here are the details...


Ateş's absence from the hearing causes tension between Yaman and Feraye. How will the news of Bora's death affect the duo's relationship? On the other hand, Ateş is in the hospital and next to Vural while Bora, whom he has just learned is his brother, dies, but he still does not feel like a Coppersmith. He is determined to sell Gülsoy Holding to foreigners in order to save Ömer, whom he sees as his grandfather, from going to prison. How will Yaman react to this situation? Which side will Okan choose between his two brothers' war?

Against Ateş's attempt to sell the company, Yaman's preference is to increase production. With his emotional speech in the factory, he convinces the workers to work hard in shifts for a while. Will Yaman be able to save his grandfather with this move?

He could not sell the fire company, but if he accepts Vural's offer, he will become the owner of a large fortune. Vural presents him with the entire Coppersmith dynasty. There is only one thing Ateş has to do to save Ömer: to take the first step to officially become a Coppersmith! Will Ateş be able to give up being Gülsoy in order to save the Gülsoy family?

Feraye, on the other hand, is angry with Ateş for not coming to the hearing. He wants to confront. How will Ateş's comments about Yaman affect Feraye?

When Yaman meets with Güneş and tells disturbing things under the title of "The real face of Fire", question marks arise in Güneş's mind. Will what Fire learns about their past relationships change Sun's feelings?

When the war between Yaman and Ateş becomes inextricable, Yaman tries to pull Feraye away from school. In this case, will Feraye choose love or her career?

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