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Yali Capkini Episode 57 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Summary and Frames

Yali Capkini 57 English
Yali Capkini Episode 57 English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Summary and Frames:

📌 While the capture of Orhan at the last minute creates

Great destruction for father and son, Ferit , who is very sad

Angry, he rebels against Seyran for doing so. Knowing what happened, Halis Aga speaks harshly more harshly than ever before.

He tells Orhan that he must pay the price for his irresponsibility. Pelin, terrified by Serter's arrival, feels that 

Trapped even though she ignores her mother's constant questions.

Ferit, who is looking for a way to save his father from

prison, realizes that the only way is to convince Kazim

to withdraw his complaint. Seyran , unhappy with the events

And disturbed by the situation that Ferit is living in,

You are forced to accept Kazim's terms in exchange for withdrawing his complaint.

While attacking Serter, who believes the child

He's his child, Pelin gets injured Ferit and Seyran .

shocked when they learn of this development that

It can change everything.Yali Capkini Episode 57

I don't know how people still blame Kazim and say he hasn't changed..! 

This is the biggest proof that he has changed, that he did not think about bargaining over money or land..! 

On the contrary, he saw that these are a criminal family and his daughter would have been the second victim, so he must save her from their hands ..! 

He will literally be living now to defend them and take care of them, he is supposed to secure their future in the right way and look for the right people for them, I can't say that Kazim's way is correct, but right now his intention is really love and fear ..! 

Seyran this time is supposed to hear the words because she is aware that her father has a right, but the anger then ended, especially when she found Ferit in a place of weakness and crying, her feelings overcame her because she loves him very much, so she turned to a solution because she felt pain and remorse of conscience, so she tried to help him ..! 

The problem is that Sabran after her anger ended and took her right, then she remained able to return to Ferit and deal with him, and this remained what I said Seyran , not aware of her feelings, nor then with a mind with her actions and hysteria at the time of destructive anger, because when she calms down, she keeps a dove of peace like this, especially when someone begins to stand between them, in the text, she immediately realizes the size of her feelings ..! 

The problem is that Ferit has another problem which is Nevra who paid half a million dollars and his grandfather said I will not help if we are going to get rid of Pelin in two or three episodes and it is supposed that this story will be solved for us Despite all the complications that will happen until Ferit knows whether this is a hide or or,

Ferit will be grateful to Nevra and Nevra she told him I have another face if you remember  And Ferit was exploited Nevra and his likeness near her near emotional if she felt that it was for exploitation, and Ferit will return to his times and will not be silent (and this is what they said and you said Ferit professional in entering problems in his life literally and can easily at the time of anger brings misfortunes to his life as well)..! 

I mean they are now back calm down and realize their feelings and get close to each other But no this time the world is different this time and there are parties that will enter the text it will still mess up the love that they returned in these are good But as soon as the story of the child is revealed she will have a willingness to fight and she will feel that she is an idiot because of Pelin and she will look how to fix the situation And treat it with these parties so that they can return again because they will feel that they have overlooked everyone and people of them have been exposed a lot and they were victims of them and as I said this is the role of Seyran now ..! ❤️

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