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Yali Capkini Episode 57 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 57 New leaks

Yali Capkini 57 New leaks
Yali Capkini Episode 57 New leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 57 New leaks

📌 Very strong leaks, the return of the relationship between Ferit and Seyran in the next episode

📌 Ferit was injured by the bullets of Serter's men and hospitalized,

📌 Halis Aga asks Sehmuz to do tests for Pelin so that they know whose son he is?

But Sehmuz will falsify the tests, so that Pelin is from the Korhan family and take revenge on them.

📌 New actor is coming to Yali Capkini as Akin! Good competition to make it exciting. Ultimately, Seyran’s heart is with Ferit and Ferit’s heart is with Seyran. Don’t forget there are many boys or girls out there for everyone to meet or date, but we can’t control what our heart desires ❤️. No one can replace the woman or the man one loves and that is what they want to show. 

seyfer need to realize the value of each other and cherish their love properly with loyalty, honesty and trust. Some times a bit of competition make us realize what we are missing, and what we can’t replace.

📌 Suna’s personality is impressionable. Meaning that what other people say impact her a lot, being the fortune teller or Ifakat or Pelin. Deep down, Suna has not solved the issue of what if Seyran was not there, what if she had married Ferit instead of Seyran. She still thinks she should have been the Korhan’s bride, and that was her right. 

she is still prioritizing the lifestyle and wealth over what her heart truly desire. That delima that Ferit would be ever interested in her must be tested and ended somehow.  She needs to understand that she never had a chance with him and she needs to internally decide what she really wants in life. One needs to fall down first in order to be able to walk. 

Looks like Ferit’s bubbles are going to burst 🫧 💥 one by one starting 56: 

📌 Pelin was not loyal to him 

📌 Pelin lied to him about the baby’s paternity (hopefully the gender is a lie too)

📌 Pelin caused his marriage drama by putting a girl in his bed 

📌 Pelin ruined his marriage by coming to their first night, telling him all sorts of lies about Seyran… just playing him as a fool… causing him to loose Seyran eventually … 

📌 His grand father’s bubble is bursting too. Ferit is realizing Halis is the main reason why Korhans are alone and unhappy, bc they do everything just to gain his approval, but in return they get nothing from him (no love or support when needed), so their life is ruined either in a jail or in a loveless marriage …

Ferit’s facing the reality is going to be hard, he will be in denial as a first reaction. He needs to accept he was fooled and he was a pawn ♟️ , but he will eventually face it 🤞🏻 he also needs to take responsibility for his own actions regardless of Pelin or Halis.  

Ferit won’t be able to take it all in without help from Seyran, her compassion and love for him. 

There are leaks about the existence of a movie starring Mert Ramazan and Afra Seyran on the Disney Plus platform

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For those who complain about Seyran becoming soft etc: Seyran is not becoming soft, she is helping the person she loves the most. Don’t underestimate Seyran’s love for Ferit and vice versa. She saw how much he loves his dad, she saw how much he is suffering, she saw how he is begging Kazim, she saw how he saved her dad. Maybe even Abdin told her what is going on with brand and store etc. 

Helping a person we love is a good thing. That doesn’t mean she will get back with him. Ferit also loves Seyran otherwise why would he carry Kazim on his back and saved him after separation. Remember, If Pelin’s child is not from Ferit, Seyran’s main issue which was the child will be removed completely. Also let’s not forget that Seyran is a character who helped Pelin, she is strong and she has empathy and care. If she helped Pelin, she would definitely help Ferit . 

Serter claiming he “may” be the father is not a confirmation of the paternity in practice, it just casts doubts. Nothing other than a paternity test can confirm, unless Pelin confess.

If you think Ferit after everything will give up on the child in a second without confirmation I’m sorry but you are naive.

I need ep 19 clarified, a negative paternity test for Ferit may negate the paternity but still doesn’t take away the doubts of ep 19, I need it clarified.

Nothing happened in 19, it has to be.

I love this ending scene, and I love how composed and calm Seyran is. 

Her words and facial expressions conveying the feeling of disappointment, sadness, betrayal but no anger nor vengeance, still calling Orhan “Orhan bey”, not losing her manners but definitely drawing a line between them from “Orhan baba” to “bey” and she precisely make a focus on that by saying “you used to call me your daughter…” she came there for justice but she took the time to ask for accounts to give them a chance to apologise to maybe explain if they ever can explain or to do the right thing.

But it’s interesting how during this whole scene, neither Orhan nor Ferit, tried at least once to apologise from her.

Orhan was self absorbed, trying to justify himself, justify his escape, trying to make himself a victim, now that his hired men are threatening him but not showing any remorse or regret for his actions nor to Kazim, his only excuse was he never intended for things to go this far - but it was already too far.

And even then, despite knowing that they should never underestimate her, and despite her telling them I’m not letting you escape this time and despite their confrontation, they didn’t chose redemption, they still chose chose to go on with their plan and to escape in front of her eyes.

Seyran showed empathy and remorse in the whole scene when Orhan was getting caught.

She was in pain for how far things have come, for seeing Ferit broken and for Orhan. 

She never wanted to harm them, she was only trying to do the right thing with heavy heart.

I think she knows why he is there and for whom, she left him hours ago and she called only when he was at the hospital to check on him. 

She knows it’s about Seyran and her family and she went there to test him.

There is something about her attitude with Ferit, he is being extra gentleman to win her trust and fool her and she is being extra “dominant”.

She invited him to their mall, the mall she suspected Ferit wanted to go straight to the point, and he did, he told her it’s a bet with Halis.

She witnessed the scene with the ex mistress but he followed her and she understood the mistress is not the issue.

She needs answers about the wife, coming to the hospital where her father is hospitalised and she and her family are around, is the best opportunity to get answers.

She make him believe he is special and this is the first time a guy make her wait for him (like I don’t bring everyone to my house) giving him the impression that he has power over her, and then immediately suggests to go somewhere else (like she immediately started making out when she brought him to her place) while he made it clear he is busy and she still came uninvited.

I can’t get over her saying 

“Is this the price to hang out with you

And next day she said, it’s just money and do you actually know the price of the shop you want from me… 

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