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Yali Capkini Episode 57 Seyran return to Ferit

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Seyran's return to Ferit

Yali Capkini 57 Seyran return to Ferit
Yali Capkini Episode 57 Seyran return to Ferit

Yal覺 apk覺n覺 57 Welcome to the flood of episodes

Yali Capkini Episode 57 english

Our roots are strong but withering, our various fruit-bearing arms are becoming weaker and weaker, our colorful leaves are turning yellow and falling off, and it is now more difficult than ever to find branches to hold onto. 

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- Seyran.. Seyran, who takes her anger from Kazim and her mercy from Esme. 48 was his feast. He did not leave his carpet, nor his excavation, nor his ferit, nor his orhan, nor his suna, nor his ferit, he saw all his calculations one by one. Afterwards, once again, the TV stage is a cry on behalf of all female viewers. He didn't give up on his schooling, it was nice to see him drawing, to see him applauded. On the other hand, the collapse of the Korhan surname and the destruction of the Halis Korhan empire. It was handled very well, with its ferit suit, designs, hanging on to work and right or wrong moves, it made us say that this boy was going to be a man. 

Then dark clouds began to gather over us. There was an account that was not closed: Fuat. You know, he hit me in the face, he said why did my brother die? There was a price to pay for the illustrious. Orhan is just the key that opens the cover for this. The Kazim Ferit scene was very meaningful. As Kazim said, the payoff with Kazim, who remained lame against Fuat, is over. Kazim didn't die, but the lines were strung like a rope 

"You have taken my life, Seyran is the Seyran I gave you?" 

After leaving the room, his shame fell from his tears. What was wrong with what my goose said? He took one last piece of the seyran, green: the color of purity, of mercy. Seyran's compassion cannot be ignored because he has accomplished a lot in his own way and has hurt a lot while doing so. Not only did he feel compassion for the crying in this episode, but also for the Ferit he had left in '48, exposed his family's disgraces on TV, and imprisoned his father the day before. Seyran replied to the bad experiences in his own way, but then he knew how to apologize with virtue or to reach out to the person he was right to offend. 

Of course, I wish many people were sad instead of angry. For example, when Kazim asked what you had put my daughter through, a flasbahck had come in front of Ferit's eyes and we had remembered the story of the viewer once again, if Ferit had remembered. Then her shame and tears would have been more meaningful. We used to say that Seyran's motivation was his grandfather's magnanimous heart.

Would you expect to see mercy from your grandfather and compassion from your grandfather, Ferit Korhan?

- One of the most important revelations throughout the episode was Halis' ruthlessness. Feritin has hurt a lot so far, but ferit beats and loves heo with his logic, he justified his grandfather in his mind. So much so that he didn't think for a minute about the possibility that his grandfather might harm his unborn child. However, the same grandfather destroyed his father. That's where the lights came on. 

"I always blamed my father, but my father was even more lonely than me, I had a grandfather and he didn't have a father"

We waited so long for Feritin to accept the facts he saw about Halis and put them into words. 

"Love doesn't always flow from top to bottom, if it were, children wouldn't have to father their fathers"

For the first time, I felt it grow up. The consolation he gave to Orhan was even heavier than risking death for his love. The lies he told his father were proof that he had seen the true face of halis. In fact, his grandfather did not care about his son at all and was the first to turn his back on him, but Ferit did not turn his back on his father. Orhan did not become a father again. She cried, she crawled, she felt her fear to the core. He didn't say we'll stand strong and get through this, or you'll find a way to upset yourself. On top of that, he said, "I thought my father might love me." This time, it was not the Ferit who begged for help, who waited to be rescued like a child, but the orhand. It fell to Farite to be a father. What a pain.

- The other important opening was the Suna-fortune teller scene. She may be a bad sister, a bad wife, or maybe a bad lover, but she's not a bad person at heart. His envy inside is his greatest bondage. Of course, there is no doubt that he loves Seyran, but there is a void in him from the very beginning of the story. Again, it wasn't the presenter's turn right now, and it might take a while to enter the spirit world of the offerer while p-n was present. 

She is not in love with Ferit or does not want to be with him. But he also has to face what remains in his mind somewhere. It was not the Ferit of their dreams, but to come out of that house with a wire veil and become a bride to the korhans. Ferit was, and still is, an intermediary. Suna realized that the change of the ferit put her in front of the rock, and on top of that, she was not loved by the rock as the Ferit loved the seyran. Abidin turned his back on him in time. After listening to him in secret, he realized that he could never do what he did in this house. 

That it can never be permanent. All this would not have happened if she had been loved like Seyran or if she had been the wife of Ferit instead of Kaya. The fear of losing that mansion brought that first possibility back to his mind 

"What if my first marriage had taken place?"  

Seyran loves but doesn't trust Suna. He thinks he will turn his back at any moment. So much so that even in the trailer, it says that there is no one to inform me. This pushes him more to say what it would be like if he was with Ferit. 


- On the one hand, Seyran is trying to stay with the ferit he dropped with his mercy, and on the other hand, he is a Ferit who needs to watch alone. In fact, these were the things we had always expected. Let Ferit fall and need Seyran to get up, then he should understand that his grandfather, whom he trusts very much, and his surname are not Seyran. And that's what happened. He is left all alone and the only way out is Seyran. But something is missing. The Orhan incident is important for Ferit, but there is a huge past. Why weren't there flasbahcks where the seyran hurt him or the seyran hurt him, like Ferit remembers his brother? Isn't our real story our resentments? 

The story of Seyfer seemed very artificial when it was asked over Orhan and Kazim. It was difficult to make sense of Seyrnain's compassion and his shame. If the lead character has not understood that the man is sincere to the woman for 60 more episodes, there is a problem there. In the midst of such a rich subject, it was necessary to take them back in time and to heal the wound while keeping it warm. 

When he realized that Seyran was the only way out, he needed a Ferit who stood with a fist in his throat instead of going back in time and remembering the times when he had wronged him and crying. Seyran's compassion could be linked to an incident in his childhood, for example, or the scene where Ferit calls Kazim for his sister and himself and gets angry. Because that movement was very valuable for Seyran. That way, we would understand both of them better. We thought it was enough for them to be next to each other, but it's not enough anymore... We need confrontation.

Our gangrene that we can't cut off: Wormwood 

I have argued that p should be treated as a pathological case, even though I have received repeated reactions. The tragicomic thing is that this is how the day worked for a long time. He was an obsessive, suicidal character who manipulated with tears, had an ambivalent mood as a sneaky underdog. But now he's at the center of the story. The biggest misinterpretation of this production is that it is said that it does not listen to its audience. On the contrary, he listened to us too much. 

As the people here said we didn't want to see it, the screen time was shortened, and the story was suspended. Some episodes appeared on the screen for 5 minutes. The same is being done to the nevra right now. For example, this episode did not exist at all, because the kassy-stricken scenes in the previous episodes brought the audience to their feet. But no one knows if he's gone or if he'll ever come back. And he doesn't. Whatever you wrote, you had to watch it. 

If you're worried about ratings, look what happened? If this episode had taken place in a clinic where the ferit-pelin scene had been written, if Pelin had been about to be treated, if ferit had encouraged her, if she had been shown to go hand in hand with the audience after leaving pelin's side, and if all the bubs had been from the last season, there would have been no problem on the stage. He spent 3 years with him, he was happy in one way or another, but if he was in love with the viewer and had mercy on the wormwood, it would have been a very good scene. We are 56. Who can empathize with wormwood after this time in the episode? Who can be upset? Who, as a woman, can get the right message from this story?  

If only he hadn't experienced the last option karma. Thinking that Seyran was the only obstacle between him and Ferit , p faced the truth with his own mouth. But then again, the victim and alone were written. However, behind him were his uncle, mother, sparkling, halis agha and ferit. His story fell apart again, starting with the Cafe scene. There were not two women at that table who had experienced the same pain, but two women who had been victimized by one of the other. 

In short, their lies are coming out one by one, they should be watched with pleasure, but unfortunately, late justice does not give pleasure. Still, it's nice that the first episode isn't forgotten and ends without a breach. It is also wise to include Seyran and Ferit at the same time. G羹nger never gives exactly what is desired, but he makes such good moves that he does not break away from the story. He owes us a collection section now. I'm sure he will. After turning the P.. 

In summary, the story of SeyFer is not over and will not end. There are more Ferit's karmas. There is a Seyran who should empathize, a Ferit who trembles with fear when he sees the shadow of what he has lived. Neither the flock nor the ox came in vain. Just as P unknowingly brought heo closer, the raid will do the same. This time, we need a stubborn Ferit to win back the ferit who has lost a little mature, a lot of regrets, and a viewer for nothing.

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