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Yali Capkini Episode 57 Does Suna really love Ferit

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Does Suna really love Ferit ?

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Does Suna really love Ferit
Yali Capkini Episode 57 Does Suna really love Ferit

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Does Suna really love Ferit ?

The controversial topic in the first trailer for episode 57.

I read many of the viewers' opinions and expectations regarding this topic, and unfortunately the majority of them were deceived and fell into the trap, except for a few who understood correctly✅✅.

🔻 First, it was very clear that this was not a dream but a hallucination, and it was also clear that Suna did not and would not want Ferit as her husband, even in her mind and she did not realize that she would actually seek it.

If you had noticed the emotions that dominated her in that scene, you would have seen the picture more clearly [horror, panic, fear, disgust, shock...] in your opinion these are feelings of love or desire??? If you remember with me her dream with Kaya, you will know the difference, because in her dream with Kaya the feelings were

Positivity is there and she was happy opposite with Ferit .

🔻 Second: Basically, Suna never wanted Ferit and still sees him only as her brother, so that she considers him more of a brother than her sister's husband. (Comment for convinced viewers that she was jealous of her sister on him🥱: 

If you remember that Suna had the most important role in getting Ferit and Seyran to understand their feelings towards each other and discover that they fell in love, so that she would always be quick to help them resolve their differences (if you also remember that she used to guide Seyran alert her when she was wrong and the same with Ferit .) I think this is enough as conclusive evidence.

🔻 Third: Suna did not want Ferit even when she was single, so what do you realize when she is married, and do not always forget the most important thing that she is Suna Shanli, that is, she raised the Sanli family, and it is illogical to make such a serious mistake (we all know that she made mistakes with Abidin and Kaya, but man is not infallible, whoever he is, but in this case this is not an ordinary mistake).

🛑 However, I ask the followers to stop prejudices and to understand anything, especially in our daily lives, and the most important thing is to look at topics from several angles and situations so that the judgment is fair👌😉.

What if Pelin died in childbirth and the baby survived and survived? 

What if he is really Ferit's son or Halis falsified the result of the analysis to ensure that Seyran does not return

I know the leaks are the opposite of this scenario, but what if there is a "mere assumption"

What will be the position of Seyran

Answers of my followers:

1 - If this happens, Pelin will not die at the time of birth, she will die after that, but she feels that she will die, she will ask for a walk and recommend her to her son, because she now saw that no one in the palace will take care of her son and not fear him, and the only one who is kind to her and helps her despite her harm to her is Seyran, and this may remain a reason for the return of Seyran for the child. 

2- An innocent child born on instinct who has no guilt and will be shaped according to the one who will raise him is the one who will make him good or evil

By the way, if they walk in this line, it will be very nice and Hibino is the difference between Seyran and Pelin, and that Seyran deals with her kindness and does not have any goal she wants to reach, except that she loves Ferit and has a sense of empathy with the child.

My second question: 

If we turn the assumption on the contrary since the leaks talk about slander

I mean Seyran is pregnant and Ferit has no doubt that he is the father of the child but Halis is asking for a parentage analysis because of the claims of a party and Kazim agrees and falsifies the result 

What will be Ferit's attitude, will he believe and will he accept the child regardless of everything. 

Leave your answers down in the comments I am waiting for you Oh the most beautiful people.

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