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Yali Capkini Episode 57 Spoilers

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Spoilers

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Spoilers
Yali Capkini Episode 57 Spoilers

Yali Capkini Episode 57 Spoilers

- When you think on a TV series, it can be utopian for the audience to be involved in too many events and their compassion. That's what it seemed to me from time to time, for example on the Cafe scene. But here the situation is different. There's a kidnapped woman. If friends are my enemies, I will help. I'll go after it, I'll do what I can. We've seen his tricks, we've seen the sneakiness behind his smile, we've known his lies, but Seyran hasn't learned yet. 

In this respect, there is nothing utopian in the script. Especially if the character we are talking about is Seyran. I think what is wanted to be done is to show Seyran and Farite everything side by side. They will learn all the lies and games at the same time. This will make it easier for the viewer to forgive Farid in the future, because he will witness his first reactions and how he was shaken. 

If the compassion and prudence that the watcher shows to the wormwood also slips into the ferite, then it is trouble. But now ferite is helping her father and pelin is helping because she is a pregnant woman. When all this is over, if he does not hold the past to account once again, and this time by including N, the press game, then we will be angry. 

As for wormwood, I guess he won't end his story bloody. 

So much so that at first he realized that Seyran was not the only reason he was not with Farid, and now he will understand that he has wronged him with his regret. In other words, we will obviously see regret and desperation on his face, not anger and hatred, as he is thrown out of the mansion. So much so that he will pour his games out of his mouth one by one. She will leave the story exhausted, having wronged herself and her fellow man for the sake of a man, having taken an ah, having lost her baby, and having lost everything. 

It seems that this story will not end with the anger of the viewer and the hatred of the wormwood. Of course, it can also be the opposite. We'll watch and see. We were exhausted and this character shifted the story away from its focus a lot. That's why I'm glad you're leaving. It was already too late for their game to be revealed from the first episode and to lose at the end. What more can I say if a woman is in the worst situation she can get into and is in the worst pain she can experience? I sit back and watch. 

Feriti first with revenge, then with the baby, and finally with Orhanlan. So much so that we became more and more detached from the character because we couldn't see his feelings for the viewer. He hid it in the raid. He said that he would blow the baby first, and it would be time to rescue the patient from the cage he was in. Now Ferit has to save the viewer he lost for nothing from the whirlpool he has entered. 

Moreover, in this process, there was a Seyran who was with him, not against him. His regret and gratitude are greater now. In order to facilitate the forgiveness of the watcher, he also wrote the seyran in every scene where Pelin's lies were exposed. Our two sides are witnessing everything at the same time. 

I don’t know about angry fans but I know a bit about script writing ✍️ and the plots in this series are very good but the duration of execution is too long and the swing for Ferit characters from scene to scene is too much. It makes the audience to loose interest in the topic. For example Sadice, they could have used her in a timely manner and more effective and powerful with a bang but instead she came too late and didn’t do much yet. 

The duration and effectiveness of her entranced is washed out. It could have been much more effective if she comes at the right time, do her job which was revealing Pelin’s evil lies from episode 1, and then go. This is called dragging a plot to the point that audience won’t care about the outcome. Another example, is the pregnancy plot. 

The paternity tests was intentionally a bait to keep the audience but when it goes beyond 15 episodes and there is no hope in plain sight, it creates disinterest. If they keep the plots shorter a bit and give audience a pleasure that of winning then they could have maintained the interest. Another issue they need to fix is the story should be built around main characters development. Example: Ferit’s character swings are too much for normal audience: Ferit’s conversation with pelo had a big swing from clown 🤡 scene to hospital scene:

Ferit : even if Seyran is not in my life I will not be with you. 

Ferit : I will not leave or you and take care of you. She hugs her and tells her she is so special. 

We all get that he feels responsible as a dad towards them but his action and words swing is too much… ok which Ferit should we believe? Who is this guy? We are episode 57 and everyone has a different opinion about him 😳😏 

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